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Thread: Bex's interview with Davina

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    Bex's interview with Davina

    Good evening everyone, we are here in the studio here with Bex, to get her opinion on life in the Big Brother House, and what she thought of her fellow House mates.

    Who did you feel you bonded with the most in the house?

    Gavin definitely until I managed to screw that one up and just as I felt like I was getting somewhere again a certain person evicted him.
    And in the first few days Jen seemed really nice until she got evicted.
    After that um no one really I was just kind of there as an outsider

    What was your best moment in the house?

    Best moment um, I liked the first week when there were loads of Young people in the house, I kinda felt like I belonged and had something in common with people. I enjoyed getting close to Gav and if I forgot what happened afterwards id say that if it hadn't been for that stupid nurse But Probably running around the garden dancing singing in the rain, at that moment in time I felt invincible

    What did you Love and hate about the house?

    I absolutely hated the bitchiness, and the fact the house made you so tired all the time
    Thats one of the main reasons I decided It was time to walk out the bitchiness in the house was at such a high level and I just got fed up with it completely.I just got to the point where I wasn't sure why I was around when no one actually seemed to care if I was or not. And when I was they only had a go at me. I tried to involve myself more but all my attempts got thrown back in my face.
    I wish more younger people had stayed in the house for longer and those that had were around more.
    The couples in there drove me mad you'd always end up the third or 5th awake person in the house and so didn't want to interrupt what was going on... It just made the house seem really boring at times when everyone was coupled off

    What did I love, I met some great people, learnt that I shouldn't take things so seriously and should enjoy myself more, and that your first impressions of people although they arnt always right if you think someones fake they normally are.

    Narnina was great aswell....I loved that cupboard

    Who do you want to win Soapboards Big Brother this year?

    Stefan he seems like one of only two genuine people left in the house the other being Donna.
    He deserves to win just for that

    What if anything would you change about your time in the house?

    Id have been my confident self a bit more at the beginning. But other than that nothing, I took each day as it came. I know many people both in and outside of the house didn't like me but at the end of the day I was being me, I'm not changing for anyone and no one should have to just to be liked. So if someone doesn't like me then I don't care.

    What advice would you give to someone wishing to do it next year?

    Be yourself, ignore the bitchiness, live everyday in there as if its your last and enjoy every minute.

    Well I think that just about covers it, thanks for being such a great contestant,

    Bex Everybody
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    Well the time as come to reveal who Stefan actually was, but let’s do a few question’s with that person first.

    Did you enjoying taking part in the Soapboards Big Brother?

    YES most definitely. Although bex seemed to not enjoy her time in the house I really loved it. It was great fun. I kind of wish I'd allowed bex to stay in the house a bit longer but walking out felt like the right thing to do at the time.

    Which parts of it did you find the hardest?

    The amount of time it took, I seemed to be attached to my laptop constantly. I really don't think I could have spent anymore time on it if id have tried.
    Also not taking comments directed at bex was really hard. at times I was screaming at the computer 'how dare you say that about me' but then I remembered its only a game and they weren't directed at me.

    What did you think of the public's reactions to your character?

    No one seemed to really have any except for if bex really liked Gav. I cant believe they didn't believe it was really love

    What did you want to achieve by being in Big brother?

    To have fun and to get to know sb people a but more with the sense of community that occurs when sbbb happens. Both of which I achieved i think.

    Did you have a game plan to try and win?

    I went in with the plan that I needed a guy to flirt with, and Gav seemed to fit the bill but that was as far as my game plan went. I didn't try to win because from the start Lucipher and Beryl were on so much I couldn't possibly compete with that.

    If you could do it again would you?

    Probably If i knew I had more time and didn't have assessments to do yeh i would

    What advice would you give to someone wishing to do it next year?

    Make sure you have plenty of time, don't take the comments to personally and most of all enjoy it

    Id just like to say thanks for organising sbbb and thanks to all of those who took part both as contestants and behind the screens for making it enjoyable

    Well it's time for the reveal.

    Bex was CornishBabe
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    Oh i had a feeling it might be you. Congrats
    And you never know maybe Bex and gav might get it together in the big wide world

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