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Thread: Stefan's interview with Davina

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    Stefan's interview with Davina

    Good evening everyone, we are here in the studio here with Stefan, to get his opinion on life in the Big Brother House, and what he thought of his fellow House mates.

    Who did you feel you bonded with the most in the house?

    Well i bonded with Beryl, V and sometimes luci but mainly my sweetheart Jenny

    What was your best moment in the house?

    Meeting Jenny then getting to know the V and B a bit better towards the end, the mud fights and the night sitting on the roof watching the fireworks

    What did you Love and hate about the house?

    I loved meeting new people,and getting tasks/parties, I hated Ananya and having no luggage

    Who do you want to win Soapboards Big Brother this year?

    No contest beryl she was a rock

    What if anything would you change about your time in the house?

    I wouldnt get the boot 2 days before the final day cruel people you lot

    What advice would you give to someone wishing to do it next year?

    Always be prepared you can get kicked out first night or win the show or both like Beryl did just watch your step

    Well I think that just about covers it, thanks for being such a great contestant,

    Stefan Everybody
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    Well the time as come to reveal who Stefan actually was, but let’s do a few question’s with that person first.

    Did you enjoying taking part in the Soapboards Big Brother?

    Yeah i loved it, didnt really understand it at start but im an addict now

    Which parts of it did you find the hardest?

    Trying to keep entertained

    What did you want to achieve by being in Big brother?

    Nothing really i just wanted to have fun

    Did you have a game plan to try and win?

    No game plan i made my life story up as i went along

    If you could do it again would you?

    Definately obviously if i had the time

    What advice would you give to someone wishing to do it next year?

    Make sure you are available its very time consuming

    Well it's time for the reveal.

    Stefan was Shaza

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    awww my ickle stefan

    Well done shaza you were great.

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    SHAZZA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well done you did realy well in there to stay the distance. Hope you enjoyed it

    Thanks to Vicky for my great new banner xxx
    "Maddest Member again How come I've been taking my meds"

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    Well done Shaza - you did really well, keeping up with us guys...

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    Shaza I thought you were in there but then again I didn't!! Was stuck on you.. well done, you played well.. never guessed Stefan so yup!!..

    Well done

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