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Thread: Roy Hudd as Archie Shuttleworth

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    I thought John Sullivan was a writer himself?
    Happy New Year SoapBoards!

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    Aha! i was just testing you, I don't know the actor's name sorry. im useless but loveable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meicclebabe
    fred dies on his wedding day i think i heard of a heart attack
    When is the wedding then? The timing of it could give us some clues as to whose funeral it will be that Archie returns for.

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    I hope these rumours of Fred dying aren't true! Fred being killed off on his wedding day to Bev would be awful! It would be a fitting ending for the character of Fred if he tied the knot with Bev and they both drove into the sunset together with a happy future ahead of them.

    I am not sure when the wedding will be but your right Kim, it may give an indication of when Archie will return again.

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    I read that charlie is to be murdered and there will be a who done it line up! like JR Ewing in Dallas and Phil Mitchell story line

    My bets on Amy Barlow to be the one that does it!
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    Coronation Street has confirmed the off-screen death of a former character in the run-up to Christmas.

    In an episode that will be broadcast on Friday, December 14, Audrey Roberts will tell Rita Sullivan that Archie Shuttleworth has died.

    'Archie who?', we hear you ask. Well, let us take you on a trip down memory lane street.

    Archie was the local undertaker who first appeared on the soap in 2002, hanging around for a year before leaving and popping back briefly in both 2006 and 2010.

    He was a mischievous friend of Rita and Audrey, having flirted with both of them and telling them both they should work with dead people. He last appeared at Blanche's funeral.

    Audrey is going to have quite the dramatic Christmas this year, as she will receive a large surprise windfall. Unfortunately for her, devious Lewis Archer is still hanging around, and he's got his eyes on that money.

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    Maybe they may be bringing in his family or a new undertaker which makes sense since we have lots of deaths murders

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    does he leave audrey the win fall?

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