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    Episode 6 - Accidental Hero

    Penhale decides to have a Police Open day to raise community awareness. The only genuine visitor he has though, is an angry farmer, Hannah Butler (Yolanda Kettle). Another three of her sheep have been stolen and Penhale seems to be doing nothing about it.

    Louisa has arranged to get a lift with Tina (Samantha Spiro) a classmate on her course. Louisa is questioning her decision to go back to studying – can she fit it all in as Tina does?

    Morwenna is taking Al away for the weekend to try out Hannah’s new glamping site, leaving Emily helping out at the surgery. Al is nervous to leave Bert running the pub but agrees. The trip doesn’t go well when Hannah is distracted by the loss of her sheep, and then her alpaca. Also, as Hannah has Orf ( a viral skin disease which can spread to humans by handling infected sheep and goats) she cannot serve Al and Morwenna any food. Al decides to take matters into his own hands, which doesn’t end well when he accidently burns the yurt down.

    After Emily quits, Martin is left on his own in the surgery, when he manages to injure himself, tripping over Buddy. Now with Martin in an inflatable cast, Mrs Tishell insists she help out as receptionist.

    Trevor Dodds the local butcher comes to see Martin for his diabetes check up, but he seems to have developed Orf too. Could there be a connection between the two cases?

    James has started biting not only Louisa but other children at the nursery. Louisa is worried but Martin puts it down to his age. Louisa speaks to Tina about it but is surprised to find out Tina has spoken to their lecturer about it too. Martin is not impressed and Louisa takes it personally when Martin says there is something wrong with Tina. But Martin is proved correct, when Tina collapses from taking Modanifil, a smart drug, used for treating sleep disorders.

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    Episode 7 - Blade on the Feather

    Martin wakes up to an empty bed. When he goes looking for Louisa he discovers she is trying to write her resignation letter.

    It is the annual Portwenn versus Port Carran gig race and school gig festival. Penhale is the umpire, and Morwenna is the Portwenn team captain. Penhale notices that the Port Carran team captain, Alice (Pippa Nixon) has something wrong with her leg and sends her up to see Martin. Morwenna needs to find a replacement rower when Eric dislocates his finger.

    Since Bert has gout, Al tries to get out of the race as he’ll need to look after the pub. But Bert lands him in it, as the pub will be closed during the race, and Bert has plans of his own.
    Martin diagnoses Alice with a Baker’s Cyst; he needs to drain the fluid from the cyst in case it bursts. Alice has a fear of needles and passes out, knocking her head on the medical tray as she falls. Martin rushes to her assistance but passes out himself when he sees the amount of blood on her head.

    Mel Hendy (Rosie Ede) goes to see Martin at the surgery about a rash that could be infectious, but she opens up about her concerns over her husband’s drinking. Martin encourages Mel to get Graham (Richard Lumsden) to come and see him.

    Louisa wants to buy a car from Mel’s husband Graham, the local garage owner. Graham promises to drive down to the school play later on. After Mel and Graham drop off the car at the school they watch the performance and the race.

    Graham seems to be very drunk, though he claims he hasn’t touched a drop. When an embarrassed Mel reprimands, him he decides to leave. Graham accidently reverses the car, and hits Bert’s trestle table. Despite Penhale’s positive breathalyser test on Graham, Martin thinks Graham is telling the truth and he could have ‘auto-brewery syndrome’.

    Before Penhale can make any arrests they hear from the gig race that Alice has collapsed. Martin rushes down to help, but Alice makes it very clear she wants nothing more to do with him. As Martin and Louisa arrive back at the surgery, Chris Parsons is waiting for them: Alice has made a formal complaint about Martin’s blood phobia and his passing out during her procedures.

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    Episode 8 - All My Trials

    Following the complaint to the medical authorities by a patient the Doc was treating he has been advised by Chris Parsons (Vincent Franklin) not to practice for a week before his hearing.

    However this does not stop patients asking for his help. Bill Potter (Tom Mothersdale), a local potter, approaches Martin with a suspected ganglion. Martin sends him to a surgery in Wadebridge, but Bill decides against it – he has too much work on.

    With no patients to deal with, Louisa encourages Martin to get out of the house and go for a walk, as she really needs to focus on her end of module essay.

    Ruth tells Martin she has done some research into who is going to be on the panel at the hearing, which doesn’t fill him with confidence.

    Penhale has commissioned a bust from Bill but it is not finished when he goes to collect it. Bill blames the ganglion and asks Penhale to use the technique of smacking it with a book to help speed things along. Penhale smacks the ganglion, which doesn’t go according to plan.

    American tourist Beth Traywick (Sigourney Weaver) returns to Portwenn to do some research into her family tree. She manages to flatter Mrs Tishell into sharing her local knowledge.

    Mrs Tishell’s opinion of Beth quickly changes though, when she finds out Beth has a medical issue she wants to see Martin about, which could jeopardise his position with regards to the hearing.

    Louisa goes to see Chris Parsons to find out how serious the hearing is. Chris opens up to Louisa about his marital problems, after having a few too many glasses of Bert’s “special” blend of Large Whisky. Chris tries to kiss Louisa, but then has a ‘grand mal seizure’. The following morning Chris makes a clumsy apology and manages to spill water all over Louisa’s computer: how will she get her essay in on time?

    Martin, on his way to the hearing, is forced to take a detour when Mrs Tishell calls with an emergency: Beth has collapsed. Now late for the hearing, Martin rushes in, only for the hearing to be interrupted again by Penhale and Bill. Bill’s ganglion was a radial artery aneurysm, which has now burst and needs an emergency procedure to save his hand...

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