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Thread: Casualty Spoilers July 2020

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    Exclamation Casualty Spoilers July 2020

    Casualty fans, it's nearly time. Although the show is not on again tonight (June 27), the good news is that it will be making its much-anticipated comeback very soon. And this time, it's here to stay (for the foreseeable future, at least).

    So without further ado, here are the seven biggest stories to watch out for on Casualty's comeback:

    1. Jade meets her birth mum

    Jade Lovall will be taking centre stage when the show returns, as she finally prepares to meet her birth mother.

    A big episode for Jade will explore her hearing impairment and the daily challenges she faces as a result of that, in a ground-breaking episode that was co-written by two deaf writers.

    2. Charlie returns and makes a decision

    Show stalwart Charlie Fairhead will be back where he belongs when Casualty returns next month as he makes his long-awaited return to the ED.

    Charlie had a change of heart over his earlier decision to quit when we saw him last, and sure enough, he's back in his old stomping ground when we catch up with him again.

    But as Charlie tries to reacquaint himself with his old job and his new life without Duffy, he makes another big decision about his future. And this one he is really serious about.

    3. Dylan and Faith grow closer

    Following his somewhat cumbersome declaration of love for married nurse Faith, Dylan has to face the music when he returns to work.

    As Dylan arrives back in the ED with a wounded shoulder and wounded pride, he is forced to face up to the inevitable awkwardness with Faith.

    While it seems that their friendship has changed forever, that is far from the end for Dylan and Faith, whose complex story is one to watch throughout the summer.

    4. Meet Ffion

    Fans have been waiting patiently for this ever since the news was announced earlier this year, and we can reveal that Ffion will indeed be making her debut later next month.

    Coronation Street star Stirling Gallacher has been cast in the role as Jan's police officer wife Ffion, who will be showing us a whole new side to the fearsome paramedic.

    Announcing her casting, Casualty and Holby boss Simon Harper said: "Jan has a huge and terrifying story coming up in the next series where Ross comes into her life again and given that Ross is pretty dodgy and Ffion is a police officer, it's all going to get pretty turbulent!"

    5. Jacob's new dilemma

    Jacob has a big, new story on the way when his friendship with a patient threatens to have a problematic impact on his job.

    If we cast our minds back to earlier last month, Jacob befriended marine veteran Nate, when he was brought into the ED after an accident at home.

    Upcoming scenes will see Jacob continue to play with the boundaries between personal and professional through his determination to be there for Nate. But could he land himself in trouble as a result?

    6. Lev's got a secret

    Lev is another character taking centre stage this summer, when the show begins to delve into his backstory.

    We are not going to give too much away at this stage, but fans should be prepared to make some big discoveries about the elusive paramedic over the coming months.

    Last year, show boss Loretta Preece singled Lev out as someone to keep an eye on throughout the series, suggesting that his ongoing journey would bring us one of the biggest stories of the year. And she wasn't wrong.

    7. Ethan's Huntington's revisited

    With new paramedic Fenisha pregnant with his baby, it will come as no surprise that the show is planning to revisit Ethan's Huntington's story.

    Olivia D'Lima who plays Fenisha has already confirmed that this will play a crucial role in Fenisha's pregnancy plot, which will be gathering some much-needed momentum when the show returns in July.

    That's not all, though, as Ethan will face another new challenge in the coming weeks as well.

    Casualty airs on Saturday nights on BBC One and is due to return in July.

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    Casualty's return date has been announced.

    Sharing the news on the show's official Twitter account, the BBC confirmed that new episodes will begin airing from next week on Saturday, July 11.

    May 30 was the last time Casualty aired on TV.

    There will be plenty of drama when the show makes its return later this month. Upcoming storylines that fans can expect include Jade Lovall meeting her birth mother, Charlie Fairhead returning to the ED, and Lev Malinovsky harbouring a secret.

    Plus, Coronation Street star Stirling Gallacher will be joining as police officer Ffion Morgan, who is also Jan Jenning's wife.

    "Jan has a huge and terrifying story coming up in the next series where Ross comes into her life again and given that Ross is pretty dodgy and Ffion is a police officer, it's all going to get pretty turbulent!" executive producer Simon Harper teased back in February.

    Filming on Casualty was suspended earlier this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

    Meanwhile, star Gabriella Leon has suggested that the show could consider referencing COVID-19 in future storylines.

    "I think it is a chance to pay homage to our wonderful frontline workers and the NHS in this terrible and tough time," she recently told Digital Spy.

    "The NHS is something we so deeply care about and are eternally grateful to them for being the incredible heroes they are."

    Digital Spy

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