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Thread: Neighbours Spoilers 22nd - 26th June 2020

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    Neighbours Spoilers 22nd - 26th June 2020

    Neighbours TV Listings spoilers:


    Monday 22 June

    - With Levi moved into No. 26, Sheila goes about setting him up with one of the girls she's found for Kyle.
    - Holidaying in Tasmania, Karl and Susan are forced to lay everything on the table.
    - Thinking that Hendrix has deliberately sabotaged their chances at fostering, Chloe realises there's another venture they could follow.

    Tuesday 23 June

    - Heather convinces Toadie that Dee does still love him, even though he did blame her for Hugo's kidnapping.
    - Having shared a kiss, Levi and Roxy decide not to take things further.
    - Old sparks start to fly between Elly and Shaun when he steps in to stop a journalist harassing her.

    Wednesday 24 June

    - Struggling during his first day at Erinsborough High, Shaun offers to tutor Emmett.
    - Toadie learns that Dee's biological father is dying, but is unsure whether he should tell Dee, who still doesn't know who he is.
    - Levi helps Yashvi to move on from her role in Hugo's kidnapping.

    Thursday 25 June

    - Chloe and Pierce dive into their new island project.
    - Elly's dreams of returning to teaching are in the dumps because of her guilty plea, so she shoves the blame onto Toadie..
    - Learning about her father, Dee decides to go to Alaska to see him and Toadie offers to go with her.

    Friday 26 June

    - Torn about his split from Dee, Elly comes up with a plan to help cheer Toadie up.
    - Learning he may have to repeat Year 8, David and Aaron arrange for Shaun to tutor Emmett over the holidays.
    - Kyle decides to return to the island, but it raises concerns about whether he's ready.

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    So either there is gonna be a Levi/Roxy/Kyle love triangle or Levi/yashvi/ned love triangle

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    is shaun back again

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    Yep, I’m guessing Ellie’s gonna leave with him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaz21 View Post
    Yep, I’m guessing Ellie’s gonna leave with him.
    happy family ending off into the sunset for aster

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