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Thread: Emmerdale Spoilers 8th - 12th June

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    Cool Emmerdale Spoilers 8th - 12th June

    What will life be like in a locked down Emmerdale

    Scars reopen for some residents and wounds bleed for others....

    ....but which scenario will it be for Cain and Aaron?
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    Thank you.

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    Exclamation Emmerdale Spoilers 8th - 12th June 2020

    Monday 08 June 2020 at 19:00 on ITV

    With Samson stuck on his school trip, Sam and Lydia are in lockdown together, having turfed Mandy and Vinny out.

    Sam seemingly won't let Lydia leave the house and it's clear that he's concerned about something. However, fed up with only sausages and mash for tea, Lydia does a 'click and collect'. When Sam finds out, he is furious.

    Sam continues to behave out of character, snapping at Lydia and the couple go to bed on bad terms.

    The real truth behind Sam's over-protectiveness soon comes to light, but can he make Lydia see his way of thinking?

    Wednesday 10 June 2020 at 19:00 on ITV

    Cain and Aaron are trying to adjust to life in lockdown. However, Cain is adamant that he won't be opening up about his feelings to Aaron.

    When a letter arrives with a prison stamp on it, Cain doesn't want Aaron to slip back into his hole of despair over Robert. He hides the letter in a magazine.

    As the days pass by, Cain and Aaron get drunk, but Cain lets slip about the letter and leaves Aaron furious. Cain can't remember where he has put it and a frantic Aaron rails at him, giving him some home truths about him and Moira.

    Later, Cain attempts an apology but struggles to open up. How will Aaron cope with the letter and will it set him back? Plus, will lockdown get Cain to come to terms with his true feelings?

    The next episode of Emmerdale airs on Monday, June 15.

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    Is Corona Virus getting mentioned?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tammyy2j View Post
    Is Corona Virus getting mentioned?
    i don't think coronavirus or covid was mentioned but virus and lockdown was

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