Monday 25 May 2020 at 19:00 on E4 (First Look) and Tuesday 26 May at 18:30 on Channel 4 (Repeat)

Nancy asks Darren to look after Oscar for the day as she doesn't think Kyle is up to that. Kyle is crushed.

Charlie tells Darren that Kyle would relish being given a responsibility to prove himself. Trying to help his friend, Darren drops Oscar off with Kyle, just as he's about to meet Jordan. Jordan suggests to Peri that they should go to Chester for the day.

Meanwhile, Mercedes is suspicious of Sylver spending so much time with Warren and has had enough when she realises Joel's in on it as well. What will happen when she confronts him?

Elsewhere, Misbah opens up, and admits she's not ready to let go of being a mum.

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