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Thread: Eastenders Spoilers 25th -29th May

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    Exclamation Eastenders Spoilers 25th -29th May

    Phil is floored when a familiar face returns to Walford

    Tiffany has a gift for Keegan - Will the couple make amends?

    Jean grows more determined to bring home her daughter
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    Exclamation EastEnders Spoilers 25th - 29th May 2020

    Monday 25 May 2020 at 20:40 on BBC One

    Sharon makes an unexpected return to Albert Square, much to the surprise of Phil. Although it's difficult for Sharon to be back, she confides in Linda about how she wants to give her marriage another chance.

    Linda gives her blessing for Sharon and Phil to buy The Vic. Sharon helps Linda with some packing, but they find some of Dennis's belongings and Sharon starts to question whether giving up baby Kayden is really the right move.

    Meanwhile, Tiffany presents Keegan with Shakil's trainers and the couple make amends after the recent dramas. Soon afterwards, Tiffany defends Keegan when a customer at the food truck assumes that he's a drug dealer. Keegan is unhappy that Tiffany didn't let him speak up for himself, so he storms off.

    Later, the troublesome customer makes a reappearance this time with back-up to destroy the food van.

    Elsewhere, Max learns that Ruby is thinking of buying Number 43 but hasn't told him. He's also unhappy when he discovers that Martin will be working as security at the club.

    Also today, Tina is furious when she discovers that the Carters have sold some of her belongings, while Mo makes a worrying new discovery about Jean and orders Kush to do something.

    Tuesday 26 May 2020 at 19:30 on BBC One

    Sharon drops off some leftover baby items for the Taylors, but is wrong-footed when Karen asks her to keep an eye on Kayden while she gets ready for her leaving party. Sharon falls asleep with Kayden, so Karen reminds her that it's not too late to change her mind about who raises the baby. Sharon can't talk about it and rushes off.

    Later, Sharon and Phil start to look to the future, knowing that it will just be the two of them. But deep down, is this really what Sharon wants?

    Meanwhile, Phil urges Ben not to mess up their planned job. Ben decides to do his own thing, carrying out a secret deal and hiding a package from Phil. Callum spots how evasive his boyfriend is, prompting Ben to crumble.

    Elsewhere, Jean wants Stacey back home and plans to speak to Phil, hoping that he'll forget what Stacey did. Shirley tries to stop Jean from speaking to Phil, but she refuses to listen and dresses up to win Phil over. Shirley urges Kush to put a stop to this situation and call Stacey.

    Also today, Keegan breaks down after admitting that he didn't have insurance on the vandalised food truck, while Max throws out Vinny and Dotty for getting up to no good at the club.

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    Am I the only one sick to the back teeth of all this nonsense with Phil and Ben and somehow making them out to be the latter day Krays?

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    Quote Originally Posted by parkerman View Post
    Am I the only one sick to the back teeth of all this nonsense with Phil and Ben and somehow making them out to be the latter day Krays?
    I really do not understand why Callum now in the police force stays with Ben

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