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Thread: Neighbours Spoilers 4th - 8th May 2020

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    Neighbours Spoilers 4th - 8th May 2020

    Neighbours TV listings/TV Week spoilers:


    Monday 4 May

    Sheila takes drastic measures to keep tabs on Gary the pigeon.
    Ned's theme of body positivity for the rooftop pool launch is welcomed by everyone, except Paul.
    Roxy stumbles upon Kyle and Jess on a date, going against the advice given to her by Harlow and Hendrix.

    Tuesday 5 May

    Kyle grows more confused about how to help Sheila with her grief, especially after the near-death of Gary the pigeon (after it passes-out drunk on fermented fruit from the garden).
    Ned realises his dream is to be an artist, and decides to finally pursue it.
    Elly convinces Chloe to let Claudia buy the island so they can keep tabs on Aster.

    Wednesday 6 May

    Dipi has reservations about Dee and Toadie getting close again.
    When an angry Andrea confronts Elly, she realises the danger she's put herself in & just how much power Andrea has in prison.
    At The Waterhole, Karl happens across former fling Oliva Bell, and fails to return home that night.

    Thursday 7 May

    Sheila is surprised when daughter Naomi returns to Erinsborough, but doesn't appreciate the reason she's there.
    A spiteful Andrea's torture of Elly has only just begun.
    Dee moving into No. 28 helps Karl and Susan find some common ground, but it's short-lived.

    Friday 8 May

    Chloe breaks into the penthouse to snoop on Claudia, finding some incriminating evidence.
    Locked in No. 22, Susan and Sheila are forced to finally open up to each other.
    Naomi decides to stick around and get a job at the hotel, but is surprised to find a blast from her wild past.

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    Looks like claudia’s secrets of how she got elly into jail or gonna come out

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    Think it's too early. Another 2 weeks I reckon. Could be related to something else. Ellie is on screens until mid June. Reckon she gets out mid May and has a few weeks of recovering.

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    I wish Dipi would mind her own business, Toadie and Dee know what they're doing

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    We want to see Toadie and Dee back together, were pleased that Mark and Paige are having a baby, Shun must come back from the dead and save Elly, it's sad that when we needed neighbours so much in lock down that it went to 3 times a week, was the only thing keeping my daughter going while she is being
    Furloughed from work, the days all roll in to one with out the show on every day, did you see there is a town in Northern Ireland that have been singing the theme tune in streets every day since lock down.

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