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Thread: Corrie Spoilers 13th - 17th APRIL

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    Exclamation Corrie Spoilers 13th - 17th APRIL

    Steve takes Oliver to the hospital , but will the youngster recover?

    Ken and Claudia try to win over their Stillwater neighbours

    While Amy's party starts well will it get out of control?
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    Quote Originally Posted by alan45 View Post

    While Amy's party starts well will it get out of control?
    No, of course not. It will be a normal party with nothing untoward happening at all.

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    Looks like Gemma will give up quads. Corrie need an excuse to stop having quads long term as its not a long term story they want to run. I am bored of it already! Maybe she will keep Aled

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    Exclamation Corrie Spoilers 13th - 17th April 2020

    Coming up on Coronation Street: Asha faces the ultimate betrayal of trust. Also: Oliver is rushed to hospital and Ken challenges Charles to a duel!

    Asha's Nightmare Begins

    Corey, Amy, Kelly and Asha - Coronation Street - ITV
    At Amy's house party, Asha confides in her best friend that she sent Corey a risky video of herself...

    Corey, Kelly, Asha, Amy and Summer - Coronation Street - ITV
    When the house gets swamped by gatecrashers, a furious Amy points the finger at new girl Kelly.

    Kelly - Coronation Street - ITV
    Later, she sends pictures of Asha's video around the group chat.

    Asha - Coronation Street - ITV
    When Asha returns home, she is horrified to see that naked pictures of herself have been shared.

    Asha - Coronation Street - ITV
    What will she do?

    Say Hello To Scott

    Liz and Scott - Coronation Street - ITV
    Scott arrives at the Rovers and is keen to take a room at at their B&B long term.

    Liz and Scott - Coronation Street - ITV
    Of course, Liz is immediately smitten..!

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    Taking The Piste

    Ken and Claudia - Coronation Street - ITV
    Ken and Charles take to the fencing piste. Whilst the battle commences, Norris rummages through Charles’ bag and finds the Stillwaters rule book!

    Ken, Claudia and Norris - Coronation Street - ITV
    What shocking truth will they discover?

    Poorly Oliver

    Leanne, Nick, Steve and Oliver - Coronation Street - ITV
    Oliver falls ill and Steve rushes him to hospital. Leanne arrives and immediately blames Steve because he was supposed to be looking after him. Will Oliver be okay?

    A Blossoming Romance

    Evelyn and Arthur - Coronation Street - ITV
    Elsewhere, Evelyn and Arthur meet up for another date. Will things continue to go smoothly between the pair?

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    Monday 13 April 2020 at 19:30 on ITV

    Steve races into the medical centre carrying Oliver. Dr Gaddas assures Steve, but tells him he should take Oliver to A&E as a precaution.

    A panicky Leanne arrives at the hospital, where she's horrified to discover Steve left Oliver with Summer.

    Meanwhile, Dr Gaddas tells Gemma that she's suffering from post-natal depression. Back home, Gemma breaks down and Chesney holds her tenderly. When Bernie reveals that she's covering Chesney's shifts at the kebab shop so he can help with the quads, Gemma is deeply touched.

    Elsewhere, Ken and Claudia throw a drinks party at Stillwaters, hoping to win over the residents. However they're disappointed when nobody shows up. Ken, Claudia and Norris are put out to find Charles entertaining the residents in the bar.

    Also today, in the cafe, Kelly encourages Asha to get back with Corey. Amy disagrees and Kelly suspects she might be jealous. When Amy reveals she has fallen out with Asha over Corey, Tracy suggests she should invite them round for pizza and a movie. Amy invites Corey over for pizza and they share a laugh. Having clocked the exchange from a distance, Kelly tells Asha that it's obvious Amy fancies Corey.

    Finally, Imran warns Toyah that by flouting the law she could jeopardise their plans.

    Wednesday 15 April 2020 at 19:30 on ITV

    Asha, Aadi, Kelly, Corey and Summer gather at Number 1 for Amy's party. Asha confides in Amy that she stripped for Corey on Facetime. Suddenly the house is swamped by a load of gatecrashers and Amy reckons Kelly's to blame.

    Corey scrolls through the pictures of Asha on his phone. Corey accidentally smashes one of Tracy's new lamps and Amy is furious, assuming that Kelly is to blame. The naked pictures of Asha are sent from Corey's phone to the 'party people' group chat.

    Meanwhile, Steve asks Imran for some legal advice concerning access rights, but due to Toyah's connection, Imran gives Steve another solicitor's card. In a bid to build bridges, Steve invites Nick and Leanne to join him and Tracy at Speed Daal. Over dinner, Steve accidentally drops the business card given to him by Imran.

    Elsewhere, Jenny excitedly tells Sean that a businessman called Scott has expressed an interest in taking the room at The Rovers on a long let. Johnny's shocked to realise he recognises Scott, their new guest.

    Also today, Ed and Aggie sit down to a romantic dinner at Number 3 but find they can't hear themselves think over the noise coming from Amy's party.

    Finally, at Norris's instigation, Charles challenges Ken to a fencing match, while Evelyn meets up with Arthur in The Rovers.

    Friday 17 April 2020 at 19:30 on ITV

    Asha becomes aware of Pastel-Blue and her cronies staring at her. Dev calls at Number 1, grabs Asha and a clearly drunk Aadi and drags them home. Asha then looks in horror at the messages on her phone.

    As Steve and Tracy head home, a police car pulls up. Tracy and Steve throw the revellers out of the house and order Amy to start clearing up. Asha is sickened to realise somebody posted her naked pictures and they've gone viral. Asha lies on her bed, devastated.

    Meanwhile, in Speed Daal, Steve and Leanne row over Oliver. Leanne is furious to realise Steve is seriously considering taking legal advice.

    Elsewhere, masking his concern about Scott, Johnny suggests they should visit Eva in France. Jenny worries that it's too short notice to find cover and recommends Johnny goes on his own.

    Also today, having trounced Ken in the fencing match, smug Charles suggests they do it again next week. Ken is fuming, but Norris reveals that whilst they were jousting, he rifled through Charles's sports bag and found the Stillwaters' Rule Book. Ken, Claudia and Norris peruse the Rule Book and discover Charles has been ripping off the residents left, right and centre.

    Finally, when Arthur reveals that he once joined a protest against the second runway, Evelyn's impressed.

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