Next week on Casualty, Marty's world is turned upside down by a worrying discovery, Dylan and Faith grow closer, and Ethan finally realises what he wants out of life.

Here's a roundup of all the biggest moments you should look out for:

1. Marty makes a worrying discovery

As his party antics continue to get out of hand, Marty's life will be turned upside down next week.

When Marty is called upon to treat Danny – who is high on drugs, hallucinating, and HIV+ – it quickly becomes clear that they know each other.

As Danny reveals that he's not taking his HIV medication, Marty is devastated, having had unprotected sex with him the night before.

2. Jade is left devastated over Marty

Jade proves that she's the friend everybody could do with next week as she steps up to support a struggling Marty.

With his health and future in jeopardy, Marty struggles to maintain professionalism as he treats Danny, who doesn’t remember him.

Unable to hold it together any longer, Marty breaks down and eventually opens up to Jade about the extent of his drug-taking and sexual experiences.

Heartbroken that her friend felt forced into this lifestyle through loneliness, Jade reassures Marty that he isn't alone and that she'll always be there for him.

3. Ethan fights for Fenisha

Spotting Will's good mood, but still oblivious as to what's caused it, Ethan is inspired to make changes in his personal life as well.

Seeking out Fenisha, Ethan (somewhat awkwardly!) tries to flirt with her, but to no avail. Putting his cards on the table, Ethan later approaches Fenisha and asks for a second date – insisting that he is happy for there to be no strings attached.

However, Ethan is left mortified when Fenisha turns him down – explaining that she's seeing someone else and wants to make that work instead.

4. Marty vows to change his ways

After Marty arranges a trip to the sexual health clinic, he accepts that this has been a much-needed wake-up call for him.

Realising that he doesn't want to prioritise partying over loved ones, Marty decides to change his ways and agrees to joins Jade at the pub. But will this be a permanent change for Marty?

5. Ethan learns the truth

Despite their awkward conversation earlier, Ethan attempts to clear the air with Fenisha and insists that he's genuinely happy for her.

Ethan has also realised that a fling with Fenisha would be compromising his own aspirations – which is ultimately to settle down. But just as the pair agree to let bygones be bygones, Will arrives and reveals himself as Fenisha's mystery man. How will Ethan react?

6. Dylan and Faith grow closer

Dylan will desperately try and fight his feelings for married nurse Faith next week, but fate just keeps bringing them back together.

When Faith and Dylan team up to treat an elderly patient called Eric, they can't help but feel moved by the poignancy of his relationship.

After witnessing a touching declaration of love between Eric and his partner Audrey, Dylan finds it increasingly difficult to hide his growing attraction to Faith – something which doesn't go unnoticed by his perceptive friend David.

7. Dylan is left devastated

Although Dylan immediately rebuffs David's suggestion that he has feelings for Faith, a later misunderstanding tells a slightly different story.

When Faith invites Dylan out for a drink to celebrate their successful day, he immediately accepts – secretly delighted.

However, when Dylan learns that Faith's husband Lev will also be joining them, he is visibly crushed and heads home alone. Was David right after all?

Casualty airs these scenes on Saturday, April 4 at 7.25pm on BBC One.

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