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Thread: Corrie spoilers 6th - 10th april

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    Cool Corrie spoilers 6th - 10th april

    Ken, Tracy Steve and Amy make a sad discovery at the vets.

    Gemma's struggle with her mental health continues

    Yasmeen has a secret meeting but who is it with.
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    Exclamation Corrie Spoilers 6th - 10th April 2020

    Coming up: Nina, Mary, Evelyn and Toyah cause trouble at a protest, will Imran be able to help? Also: Gemma’s anxiety increases and there’s heartbreak in store for Emma.

    Rallying Up Trouble

    Evelyn, Toyah, Mary, Nina, Roy and Imran - Coronation Street - ITV
    Nina, Mary, Evelyn and Toyah rally together to take part in a zero carbon protest. But when things don’t quite end up to plan, they end up at the police station!

    Roy and Imran - Coronation Street - ITV
    Will Imran and Roy be able to save the day?

    Things Get Worse For Gemma

    Gemma and Chesney - Coronation Street - ITV
    Gemma’s anxiety reaches its peak as she accidentally leaves the quads on a bus!

    Gemma and Chesney - Coronation Street - ITV
    Chesney rushes to the rescue but worried about Gemma’s state of mind, will he be able to get her help?

    Rita, Gemma, Chesney and Bernie - Coronation Street - ITV
    With the support from her loved ones, Gemma admits that she feels like a terrible mother and doesn’t feel in control.

    Gemma, Chesney and Rita - Coronation Street - ITV
    Can they offer her the support she needs?

    Gary's Past Catches Up With Him

    Kelly, Summer and Asha - Coronation Street - ITV
    Kelly (Rick's daughter) approaches Asha and Summer and explains that she’s just started at Weatherfield High.

    Summer, Asha, Kelly and Gary - Coronation Street - ITV
    But when Gary spies her, how will he react?

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    Heartbreak For Emma

    Emma and Seb - Coronation Street - ITV
    Emma tells Seb he needs to move out, but when he refuses, the atmosphere takes a turn and Emma starts to thrown Seb’s things out of the window.

    Emma, Seb and Steve - Coronation Street - ITV
    Steve clocks the commotion and heads on over.

    Steve - Coronation Street - ITV
    Will he be able to offer a solution?

    Yasmeen Takes A Stand

    Yasmeen - Coronation Street - ITV
    Yasmeen agrees to meet with two police officers who reveal Geoff’s criminal past. But just how much danger is Yasmeen in?

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    Monday 06 April 2020 at 19:30 on ITV

    Yasmeen picks up her suitcase and strides out of the house. In the builder's flat, Yasmeen tells Alya that she's coming to the wedding and she was right all along. But Yasmeen is horrified to see messages on her phone from Geoff, suggesting he might take his own life. Yasmeen insists she must check on Geoff and Alya offers to go with her.

    In Number 6, Yasmeen is horrified to find a smashed photo frame on the table, together with drops of blood and no sign of Geoff. What has happened to Geoff?

    When Yasmeen asserts that she now can't go to the wedding, Alya is furious. Yasmeen calls the police and asks them how she should go about accessing information under Clare's law.

    Meanwhile, Chesney returns home and is bemused to find Bernie moving out. Bernie implores Chesney to keep an eye on Gemma. Chesney does his best to get Gemma to open up, but she insists everything is fine.

    Elsewhere, Emma watches, heartbroken, as Seb helps Alina carry some coffees to the factory. In the factory, Michael waits to be called for his telesales interview and babbles away nervously to Alina, telling her all about his little girl. Alina warms to him.

    Also today, David heads out for a walk. When Gail quizzes him, he refuses to tell her where he's going.

    Wednesday 08 April 2020 at 19:30 on ITV

    Gemma boards the bus with the quads, but suddenly she's overcome by a wave of anxiety and hurries off the bus, leaving her babies behind.

    Having watched in horror, Chesney sprints after the bus and rescues the quads. Worried sick about Gemma's state of mind, Chesney calls Bernie.

    Meanwhile, Emma takes Eccles and Rover for a walk, but it's clear Eccles isn't herself and Dev suggests she needs to see a vet. The vet confirms that Eccles has an inoperable tumour and the kindest thing to do is put her to sleep. Ken, Tracy, Steve and Amy arrive at the vets. They're devastated to discover Eccles is dead.

    Elsewhere, Yasmeen secretly meets up with two police officers in the community centre. The officers inform Yasmeen about Geoff's criminal past. How much danger is Yasmeen in?

    Also, Kelly approaches Asha and Summer in the cafe and explains that she has just started at Weatherfield High. Gary clocks Kelly in her new school uniform and later phones her old school in a bid to find out why Kelly has changed schools.

    Friday 10 April 2020 at 19:30 on ITV

    Leanne leaves Oliver with Steve for the day. Feeling awful over Eccles, Emma returns to the salon flat and tells Seb she's moving back in, so he will have to move out. Seb refuses and riles Emma.

    Clocking the fracas in the salon flat, Steve persuades Summer to mind Oliver and heads over. After calming Emma down, Steve returns home to be met by a panicky Summer, who explains how Oliver suddenly started fitting. Steve scoops up his son and dashes out.

    Meanwhile, Chesney and Bernie try to talk to Gemma about the bus incident, but Gemma storms out. Rita finds Gemma alone in Victoria Garden and she explains to Rita that she can't cope and she's consumed with dark thoughts.

    Gemma returns home and finally tells Chesney that she thinks she's a terrible mother and no longer feels in control. Chesney steers Gemma to the medical centre.

    Elsewhere, when Norris lets slip to Ken how Charles made some disparaging remarks about Eccles, Ken is galvanised into action and tells Norris he's going to stand against Charles in the election.

    Also today, when Nina reveals that she, Mary and Evelyn are off to a zero carbon protest at the Town Hall, Toyah's ears prick up. Later, Leanne breaks the news to Imran that Toyah, Nina, Mary and Evelyn have been arrested.

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