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Thread: Eastenders Spoilers 30th March - 3rd April

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    Exclamation Eastenders Spoilers 30th March - 3rd April

    A party quickly descends into chaos - but who is involved?

    Tiffany becomes the bearer of bad news for Keegan

    Whitney grows more concerned for her disappearing future
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    Exclamation EastEnders Spoilers 30th - 31st March 2020

    Monday 30 March 2020 at 20:00 on BBC One

    Sharon insists that none of the Mitchells will be welcome at Dennis's funeral today, even though Ben and Lola have sent flowers. Dotty urges Ian to finally come clean about everything, but he ignores her and heads to the service with Sharon.

    Later, Sharon becomes overwhelmed by her grief at the funeral. Things get worse when Ben turns up at the wake, defying Sharon's ban. Soon afterwards, Sharon leaves the pub following a clash with Linda but is surprised to come face-to-face with Phil.

    Meanwhile, Linda seems ready to succumb to temptation when she finds Shirley's vodka and pours some out for herself.

    Elsewhere, Vinny strikes up a friendship with Dotty.

    Also today, Habiba is touched when she thinks that Jags is opening up to her about a friend dying.

    Tuesday 31 March 2020 at 19:30 on BBC One

    Sharon launches herself at Phil following his surprise return, so Ian and Kathy try to stop things from getting out of hand. Phil still wants to speak to Sharon and kicks Ian's door down in order to have his say. Ian is forced to call the police as the former couple clash bitterly, although Phil has already left by the time the officers arrive.

    Later, Phil considers drinking at the Mitchell house, until Jay encourages him not to. He also quickly hides when the police arrive to speak to him.

    As the eventful day in Walford continues, Sharon comes to see Phil at The Arches and he finally realises what he has to do. Ian is shocked when Phil reveals what he's planning.

    Meanwhile, Dotty is chased by a man after stealing his wallet, which leads to Peter intervening. Ian takes advantage of the commotion by looking through Dotty's bag and finding the keys to The Arches.

    Elsewhere, Shirley catches out Linda after she gave into temptation again. Linda is forced to come clean to Mick about what happened. After some reflection on recent events, Mick and Linda make a big decision.

    Also today, Ben declares his love for Callum, who's continuing to support him.

    Finally, what's next for Jags and Habiba after their night together?

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