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    Exclamation Paul (Reece Dinsdale)

    Emmerdale has announced that Mark Womack and Reece Dinsdale will be joining the cast.

    Dinsdale will be familiar to soaps fans having played Tina McIntyre's father Joe in Coronation Street between 2008 and 2010 while Womack has appeared in shows such as Murphy's Law and Liverpool 1.

    Dinsdale is playing Paul, a blast from the past in Mandy Dingle's (Lisa Riley) life who will be stirring things up for Mandy and Vinny.

    Womack has been cast as DI Malone, a police officer "with a dark history".

    Both characters will make their first appearances in the spring.

    "It's always a lot of fun to play the bad guy, and Malone definitely falls into that category," Womack said. "I'm looking forward to the audience seeing his twisted tale unfold on screen."

    Meanwhile, Dinsdale said: "I'm absolutely delighted to be joining the cast of Emmerdale.

    "Having recently directed a couple of episodes and seen at close quarters the superb work the cast, crews, and creatives produce, I can't wait to become part of the team once again albeit in a different capacity.

    "Time to get my acting boots back on!"

    Producer Laura Shaw said that the ITV soap was "absolutely thrilled" to welcome Womack and Dinsdale to the cast.

    "Although playing very different characters, both come with huge stories that will see lives changed and big explosions in 2020," she teased.

    "We're all very excited to see these two hugely talented and experienced actors grace our screens."

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    vinny's father or brother?

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    I think he has directed some episodes of Emmerdale also

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    Mandy Dingle will get a shocking blast from her past in Emmerdale's upcoming wedding episodes.

    Next week will see the village getting ready for Lydia Hart (Karen Blick) and Sam Dingle's (James Hooton) nuptials, as Mandy is plotting to surprise Lydia with a wild hen do.

    Nothing goes to plan when the stag do is mistakenly disturbed by a male masseur, while Mandy's attempt to take Lydia out for a night on the town actually leaves them stranded on a country road instead.

    After an argument with a taxi driver, the two lose track of each other, and Mandy ends up accidentally tumbling into the bushes along the side of the road. Luckily, Mandy ends up okay and receives word that Lydia made it back to the village safely.

    Mandy eventually flags down a car to drive her home but is stunned when the driver reveals that he is actually Vinny's long-lost father Paul (Reece Dinsdale).

    Paul tells Mandy that his arrival is no coincidence, as he is planning on coming to the village to finally meet his son. Panicked, Mandy desperately attempts to throw him off by telling Paul that Vinny recently left.

    Though Paul eventually drives off, Mandy feels guilty at the wedding when Lydia and Vinny officially join the Dingle family by drinking from The Welly.

    As the family cheer and Vinny takes his place among the Dingles in the line for a group photo outside the pub, Mandy is secretly doubting running off Paul.

    However, in the distance, it is revealed that Paul hasn't actually left the village after all he's been watching from his car and now knows Vinny never left. Will he cause trouble for Mandy?

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