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Thread: Neighbours Spoilers 10th - 14th February 2020

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    Neighbours Spoilers 10th - 14th February 2020

    Neighbours TV listings spoilers:

    Monday 10th Feb

    Jane Harris is back. Ned and Kyle put themselves in danger. Bea makes a rash decision. Finn tells Bea and Susan about his issues with his father.

    Tuesday 11th Feb

    Ned's dangerous choices impact on Yashvi. Chloe suggests holding a wedding expo at Lassiter's, but Paul is against it. Terese's bonding session with Jane takes an unexpected turn.

    Wednesday 12th Feb

    Paul finds Jane in her hotel room clearly upset and berating Chloe. Determined to get the truth out of her, he enlists Dipi's help. Karl witnesses a shocking event.

    Thursday 13th Feb

    Bea and Elly secretly visit Finn's father Trent and learn something that could devastate Finn. Shane confronts Dipi and Gary after Karl tells him about their kiss.

    Friday 14th Feb

    Bea and Finn's relationship hits a bump after her revelations about Trent. Shane plans a romantic gesture, but it could be derailed. Dipi investigates Jane's dodgy online lover.
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    Friday's spoilers have now been added to complete the week.

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    Digital Spy's expanded spoilers:

    Monday 10 Feb

    Paul and Terese are surprised to see Jane Harris turn up unexpectedly in Erinsborough. Paul is delighted to see his old friend, but Jane is vague about her reasons for being back in town, which piques Terese's curiosity.

    Paul is indifferent but admits Jane is not her usual self – she's bright, perky, with a definite spring in her step. What's going on with Jane?

    Meanwhile, Finn explains his difficult relationship with his father to Bea and Susan. Finn's dad was a loving man but an alcoholic and a bit of a mess. Finn drifted away from his father, especially when he went to university, and doesn't know much about what happened to him after that. Accepting these are his own issues to deal with, Finn is nonetheless unsure whether to continue his study sessions with Harlow.

    Elsewhere, Ned and Kyle suspect the break-in at Toadie's was Zenin or one of his cronies. Knowing they need solid proof of this, Ned hatches a plan but he can't do it alone and reluctant Kyle agrees to help.

    Yashvi plans a celebratory dinner for her and Ned, oblivious to the dangerous game of cat and mouse Ned is playing. Will Ned's plans pay off, or is Yashvi going to end up in even greater danger?

    Tuesday 11 Feb

    Yashvi fumes at Ned for not telling her she was in danger and for taking the huge risk of buying an illegal gun, behind her back. They all give statements, but the cops are very tight lipped about whether Zenin will be immediately arrested or not.

    Ned is fearful that Zenin will remain a threat, but Yashvi is sure the police will keep them safe. The couple are at crossroads and things are tense.

    Meanwhile, Chloe has the idea of holding a wedding expo that will make brides feel like a princess at Lassiters on their big day… with the help of a real Australian Princess, Princess Mary of Denmark. Chloe has Royal contacts and hopes to get Princess Mary's dress to display, giving her expo the X-factor. Despite Pierce and Elly's support, Paul is quick to voice his disdain. Can Chloe pull it off in spite of his opposition?

    Elsewhere, Terese's curiosity about Jane's newfound zest for life are laid to rest when Jane invites her for a coffee, with Jane's genuine and thoughtful observations convincing Terese she has no ulterior motives. Since both women are now in a good place with Paul, they begin to deepen their friendship, but the mystery remains – why is Jane back?

    Wednesday 12 Feb

    A confused Terese relays Jane's outburst to Paul and suggests he check in and see if anything has happened. Curious, Paul turns up to Jane's hotel room to find a stressed Jane berating a flustered Chloe, claiming Chloe is a poor manager.

    Jane tries to cover her upset but Paul suspects there's more to the story and he enlists the help of Dipi to get Jane to talk. Will Dipi find out the truth?

    Meanwhile, Karl thinks he's doing Shane a favour by giving him daily updates about Dipi and Gary's movements next door, but when Karl happens to catch Gary and Dipi in an overly cosy moment and tells Shane, Shane has had enough.

    Frustrated, Shane puts his foot down, as he he doesn't want any more torturous updates! Will Karl heed Shane's request, or will he continue to spy… and what will he see between Gary and Dipi?

    Thursday 13 Feb

    Elly is alarmed when she discovers Bea has contacted Finn's dad, Trent, even though Finn didn't want to open that door. Bea is certain Finn is just scared, so she wants to suss his dad out herself first.

    Understanding, Elly comes with her as support and meets Trent, who is a sweet, humble man. However, after further discussion, the girls uncover a secret about Trent's past that could devastate Finn.

    Meanwhile, stunned Gary pulls away from Dipi's kiss - and Dipi is embarrassed and horrified. Gary promises to forget it ever happened, but Dipi resolves to tell Shane. However, before she can confess, nosey Karl spills the beans.

    Incensed, Shane confronts Dipi and Gary, and Dipi admits the truth and confirms Shane's worst fears. Will this finally end their marriage?

    Friday 14 Feb

    Finn is reeling from the revelation of Trent's past actions. Bea and Elly feel terrible for delivering the news as Finn breaks down.

    Despite her resolve to keep her distance, Elly's compelled to support him. Finn does his best to pull himself together and resolves to move on, while Bea can only hope he's not mad at her for bringing Trent back into his life.

    Meanwhile, in the spirit of Valentine's Day, Dipi and Shane come together to confront their issues. They realise that despite their transgressions, neither of them wanted to hurt the other.

    Shane wants to reconcile and plans a romantic gesture for Dipi, not knowing that Terese has something planned at the same location that could derail their reunion. Luckily, help is about to come from an unlikely place.

    Elsewhere, Jane is still in denial about her online lover, Richard, being dodgy, despite Dipi's concerns. In the meantime Jane needs money, so she asks Susan for a job at the school. Susan can only offer a junior position and is surprised Jane's eager to take it.

    Dipi can't stand Jane's denial any longer and has to put her friend out of her misery, looking 'Richard' up on the internet and making a shocking discovery…

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    I think Trent, isn’t Finns biological father.

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