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Thread: Eastenders Spoilers 10th - 14th February

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    Exclamation Eastenders Spoilers 10th - 14th February

    Someone isn't prepared for a surprise visitor

    Linda continues to lose control over her drinking

    One resident unexpectedly finds herself in grave danger
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    Quote Originally Posted by alan45 View Post
    Someone isn't prepared for a surprise visitor
    Tautology at its finest!

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    Monday 10 February 2020 at 20:00 on BBC One

    Callum is preparing for his assessment, but he's unaware that he's being watched by someone.

    Following some prompting from Stuart, Ben gives Callum the reassurance he needs. Once Ben has left, the buzzer rings and Callum is shocked to see who arrives.

    Meanwhile, the Carters try to put on a united front when social worker Loretta arrives. Linda sneaks gin into her tea, hoping it will help her to get through the stressful situation. Linda later gets angry when she sees Loretta and Mick talking in private.

    Elsewhere, Leo continues to spy on Whitney from the attic.

    Also today, Bex decides to move in with Iqra, Habiba and Bobby, there's an unwelcome surprise for Kat when Whitney doesn't show up for Kush's plea hearing, while Daniel starts to make plans for his real funeral.

    Tuesday 11 February 2020 at 19:30 on BBC One

    Linda confronts Mick for talking to Loretta about her. She decides to have her own say, so drunkenly catches up with Loretta.

    Later, Mick is upset when he realises what Linda has done. Linda is devastated when she realises she has messed things up for them.

    Meanwhile, Kat is annoyed with Whitney, but Kush shows his support. When Whitney reveals that she kept a letter from Tony, she's unaware that Leo is listening in from the attic.

    Elsewhere, Jean struggles after tension with Daniel, and Suki probing her about her treatment makes matters worse.

    Also today, Sharon and Dennis finally reconcile.

    Finally, Sonia gets upset over Bex moving out, leading to an argument.

    Thursday 13 February 2020 at 19:30 on BBC One

    Mick is feeling regretful after telling Linda that Ollie might be better off without her, but she storms out before he gets a chance to apologise.

    Sharon is concerned for Linda, who soon throws her efforts into protecting herself and makes a shocking announcement.

    Meanwhile, as Whitney apologises to Kat, Leo gets to work on searching Dot's place for the letter. Whitney arrives home to a scene of chaos and calls the police, but Kat knows who's behind it.

    Elsewhere, Bex, Dotty, Iqra, Tiffany and Keegan plan a night out, but they're shocked to see a post on social media badmouthing Bobby.

    Friday 14 February 2020 at 20:00 on BBC One

    Whitney tells the police that her letter from Tony is missing. As Whitney prepares to leave, she's horrified to find Leo in her room.

    Whitney finds herself in terrible danger, with Leo wanting to take 'revenge' for his father. One of them will be left with blood on their hands, but who?

    Meanwhile, Ian tries to talk to Bobby about the social media posts, but Bobby is upset that Ian is only concerned about his reputation.

    Elsewhere, Mick is left with food for thought after hearing Jean speak about Daniel, so he tries to fix his marriage.

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