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Thread: Casualty Spoilers 1st February 2020

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    Exclamation Casualty Spoilers 1st February 2020

    An anxious Charlie (Derek Thompson) fears the worst when he wakes up to an open front door and no sign of Duffy (Cathy Shipton). Despite hostile conditions he heads out searching, determined to find his defenceless wife.

    Faith (Kirsty Mitchell) realises Lev (Uriel Emil) is in denial of Luka’s (Tom Mulheron) diagnosis and its severity, and is avoiding her attempts to discuss their next step.

    Ruby (Maddy Hill) receives a call from Violette (Kelly Gough), claiming to be clean and asking to see her daughter - leaving Ruby to decide what is best for baby Harmony.


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    It's time to say goodbye to Duffy on Casualty next week, but not before Charlie faces a devastating ordeal.

    Also coming up, Lev and Faith get more tragic news and popular paramedic Ruby is faced with another dilemma. Here is a full collection of the seven biggest stories for next week:

    1. Charlie wakes up to a nightmare

    He's spent the last few weeks in an unrelenting bad dream, but Charlie is about to wake up to his worst nightmare in next Saturday's harrowing episode.

    When Charlie realises Duffy isn't asleep beside him in the middle of the night, his fears grow when he realises the front door is open.

    To make matters worse, there has been substantial snowfall overnight and the weather conditions are perilous. And when an initial search of the local area proves fruitless, Charlie reports Duffy as missing to the police.

    2. Duffy is in danger

    While Charlie frantically searches for his vulnerable wife, his fears are sadly a reality as Duffy is indeed in serious danger.

    As a disorientated Duffy walks purposefully through snow, she comes across a young woman unconscious under the bridge and tries to help her.

    Sadly, the harsh reality of Duffy's predicament starts to sink in, and by the time Charlie has had an epiphany over her whereabouts, Duffy is hypothermic and in a high-stakes situation.

    3. Duffy's exit

    While we are not going to give away the exact details of what happens to Duffy, it's no secret that next Saturday marks the end of the road, one way or another.

    Last year, bosses confirmed that Cathy Shipton was bowing out of her role as Duffy after 30 years, and there won't be a dry eye in the house as her final scenes air.

    4. Lev remains in denial

    Following the tragic news about their son Luka, Faith grows frustrated when it becomes clear that Lev is in complete denial over what's happening.

    With the couple awaiting a more accurate prognosis regarding Luka's brain tumour, Faith attempts to reach out to her husband on the morning of the appointment – but to no avail.

    With Lev keen to avoid discussing the next course of action with Luka, Faith is left feeling more isolated than ever. And sadly, her day is only going to get worse.

    5. Faith and Lev get more devastating news

    Lev and Faith later have their fears confirmed when the doctor informs them that Luka's brain tumour is highly likely to be malignant.

    Devastated, Faith understandably breaks down after the appointment – unable to hide her fears for Luka's future.

    However, Lev still has his head in the sand and refuses to accept the gravity of his son's illness. Will Faith force him to face up to reality?

    6. Ruby makes a decision about Harmony

    Ruby's predicament also continues next week, when she contemplates reuniting Harmony with her troubled sister Violette.

    Ruby is left in a new dilemma when she receives a call from Violette – who claims to be clean – asking if she can see Harmony.

    Wanting to think the best of her sister, Ruby tentatively reunites mother and daughter but is shocked to learn that Violette is staying in a hostel. As Violette insists she is ready to be a proper mum to Harmony now, what will Ruby do?

    7. Robyn helps Ruby again

    Unsure what to do, Ruby discusses the situation with her new housemate Robyn, admitting that Violette's bond with Harmony is undeniable.

    Despite her uncertainty, Robyn can't help but reflect on the support and care Duffy has always provided for her and Charlotte – and tells Ruby that Violette can stay with them for the time being.

    Casualty airs these scenes on Saturday, February 1 on BBC One.

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