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Thread: Holby City Spoilers 11th February 2020

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    Holby City Spoilers 11th February 2020

    Series 22 Episode 6 airs on Tuesday 11th February at 8pm on BBC One.

    It’s Valentine’s Day and, as a token of his love, Cameron plans to give Chloe his mother’s necklace. He just needs Nicky to give it back first…

    Despite pawning Bernie’s necklace, to pay off her mum’s debt, Nicky is being harassed for more money. Will she risk life and career in order to earn a quick buck?

    A troubled Sacha struggles with a personal decision, but guidance arrives on Keller Ward in the form of a faithful old friend.

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    It's Valentine's Day in Holby City next week, but not everyone is feeling the love. While
    Cameron the stars will align for him and Chloe, his flatmate Nicky makes a shocking move as her problems spiral out of control.

    Also coming up, Sacha battles with a tough decision and Xav proves his commitment to Donna. Here is a full collection of the seven biggest stories:

    1. Nicky hits rock bottom...

    Despite pawning Bernie's necklace to pay off her mum's debt, Nicky is being harassed for more money when we catch up with her next week.

    At rock bottom, Nicky is horrified when blackmailer Steve turns up her flat – arousing the suspicions of her friend Cameron in the process. With Steve upping the stakes, Nicky is at a loss over what to do, but her latest patient could have a solution...

    2. …And makes a shocking move

    At the end of her tether, Nicky's moral compass will be put to the test when her patient Harry proposes a way out of her problems.

    After becoming aware of Nicky's financial strain, Harry offers her a lump sum of money... if she helps him jump the queue for heart surgery.

    Despite initially turning down Harry's illegal idea, Nicky is later forced to agree but her controversial actions could cost her two lives – and her career. Has Nicky made a monumental mistake?

    3. Sacha struggles with a personal decision

    As a troubled Sacha muses with a personal decision, the timing couldn't be better when guidance arrives on Keller Ward in the form of a faithful old friend, Rabbi.

    Rabbi is quick to pick up on Sacha's distant mood, and urges him to open up about what's been going on.

    As Sacha confides in Rabbi, he is left revitalised by much-needed life advice from his pal and makes a big decision. Are things looking up for Sacha?

    4. Nicky confesses everything to Cameron

    With Cameron on her case over Bernie's necklace, Nicky makes repeated attempts to avoid him and the difficult conversation that will follow.

    Fed up with the spiralling lies, Nicky decides that honesty is the best policy when he finally catches up with her – and tells Cameron that she pawned the necklace because she's in debt.

    Extending the honesty branch, Nicky confides in Cameron about her blackmailer Steve and admits that her job is on the line as a result. Will Cameron provide an answer to Nicky's nightmare? Possibly...

    5. Cameron's dark side remerges

    We already knew he wasn't one to be messed with, but Cameron will unleash his dark side again next week after learning of Nicky's recent woos.

    Promising to sort it, Cameron has a violent confrontation with Steve – threatening his life if he goes near Nicky again.

    Pumped with adrenaline, Cameron is on a high as he heads home to Chloe and raves about his successful day. Is this becoming an all-too-familiar habit for the shady medic?

    6. Chloe is left devastated

    It's Valentine's Day and Cameron is hoping that Cupid's arrow will hit the target for him and and Chloe.

    After presenting Chloe with a romantic gesture, Cameron is delighted when things start to progress – but ruins the evening with a heedless comment.

    Still traumatised over her ordeal with Evan, Chloe accuses Cameron of having a time limit on his patience with her and rushes off distraught. Can they find a way through this or are Chloe and Cameron over already?

    7. Xav makes a touching gesture

    Donna is less than impressed with Xav's Valentine's present, which is, wait for it, a garden bench. Yep, really.

    But when Xav reveals the real reason behind the unconventional romantic gesture, Donna is left feeling guilty about her earlier reaction. Looks like love might be in the air in Holby after all.

    Holby City airs these scenes on Tuesday, February 11 at 8pm on BBC One.

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