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Thread: Holby City Spoilers 4th February 2020

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    Holby City Spoilers 4th February 2020

    It’s the day of Sacha's groundbreaking transplant operation. As he is still overcoming a bereavement, Max wonders whether Sacha is fit to carry out the procedure. Meanwhile, Nicky’s woes escalate when Max finds out that she’s been moonlighting, and Donna has stars in her eyes when she meets a patient who happens to be a casting director.

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    Sacha (Bob Barrett) shows no sign of depression, despite his outpouring of grief after the death of Great Aunt Maria (Susan Engel).

    Today’s the day of his groundbreaking bowel transplant operation, but Max (Jo Martin) is concerned, aware that Sacha has struggled with his mental health in the past. She wonders whether he’s the right man for the job, or if it might tip him over the edge.

    Nicky (Belinda Owusu) is trying to fight her way out of her spiralling debt, and things go from bad to worse when her mother is admitted as a patient, having had yet another accident. She tells Nicky that the debt now owed has increased. To compound matters, Nicky feels at the end of her tether when Max tears strips off her for moonlighting at another hospital.

    Donna’s (Jaye Jacobs) head is turned by her patient who happens to be a casting director in showbusiness. She tries to get on the books - much to Xav’s (Marcus Griffiths) disapproval.


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    Holby City Spoilers 4th February 2020

    Next week's episode of Holby City sees Sacha face two big dilemmas in his personal and professional life, while Nicky reaches breaking point and Donna has her head turned.

    Here's a full collection of the seven biggest stories you can look forward to:

    1. Sacha prepares for his groundbreaking operation...

    In the wake of his great aunt Maria dying, a grieving Sacha shows no sign of a depression relapse – despite concerns from those around him.

    With the day of his groundbreaking Bowel Transplant Operation upon him, Sacha is full of optimism as he rallies his team ahead of the operation. But a unexpected development is about to throw everything on its head.

    2. But Max poses a threat to his big moment

    Aware of Sacha's mental health struggle in the past, Max grows concerned about his eligibility for such monumental task – and wonders whether he's the right man for the job.

    As Max worries that Sacha may not be in the right frame of mind following Maria's death, she is left further unsure when she receives an official complaint about him from a patient.

    Max then devastates Sacha by pulling him off the operation, but will he fight his case or has his hard work been in vain?

    3. Nicky's woes escalate

    Poor Nicky is trying to fight her way out of spiralling debt, when her mother Tracey is admitted onto the ward with an injury.

    Having had yet another accident, Tracey tells Nicky that the money she owes has now increased. Worried, Nicky vows to sort the situation and takes the debt on herself, but unfortunately, that's not the only problem she has to contend with.

    4. Max discovers Nicky's secret

    To compound matters for Nicky, she is left in a very awkward situation when Ben unwittingly drops her in it over her recent moonlighting shifts.

    Fans know that Nicky has been taking sick days in order to work at another hospital, but no-nonsense Max will be dragging her over the coals when she finds out.

    As Max tears strips off Nicky, she also insists that she pays her sick absence money back – leaving the doctor at the end of her tether. How much more can Nicky handle?

    5. Donna has her head turned

    Donna is left thinking all her Christmases have come at once when she believes she's been headhunted for a big opportunity next week.

    Donna's head is immediately turned by her patient, who happens to be a casting director in showbusiness, and she's soon dreaming about a glamorous life away from the hospital.

    However, as Donna tries to worm her way into the director's books, it quickly becomes clear that there may have been a misunderstanding. And her boyfriend Xav doesn't approve of any of it, either.

    6. Sacha makes a decision over Essie

    It's not just professional matters that plague Sacha next week, as he's got a personal crisis as well.

    At the end of the most important day of his career, Sacha reflects on matters of the heart – ultimately realising that it could be time to let Essie go once and for all.

    Deciding to be honest, Sacha tells Essie that everything he does is to impress her, but that he's finally ready to move on for good.

    After cutting ties with with the nurse, Sacha has a touching heart-to-heart with Ric on the roof, but there are some telltale signs that Essie may not actually be happy about his decision after all...

    7. Nicky jeopardises her friendship with Cameron

    At the end of her tether, Nicky takes unthinkable action that could ruin her friendship with Cameron forever.

    Nicky is touched when Cameron lends her his late mum Bernie's necklace to wear to a work function, but ends up betraying his generosity when her financial crisis mounts.

    Holby City airs these scenes on Tuesday, February 4 at 8pm on BBC One.

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