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Thread: Neighbours Spoilers 27th - 31st January 2020

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    Neighbours Spoilers 27th - 31st January 2020

    Neighbours TV listings spoilers:

    Monday 27th Jan

    Ned asks Paul's advice about how to deal with Zenin's threat. Harlow organises a fundraising party for Australia Day, with help from a reluctant Roxy. Roxy confesses to Harlow.

    Tuesday 28th Jan

    Shane is on tenterhooks about what Roxy might say. Dipi apologises to Kyle, but Sheila isn't mollified. When Pierce admits that he is tempted to accept Lisa's proposal, Chloe has a life-changing decision to make.

    Wednesday 29th Jan

    Dipi redoubles her efforts to get Roxy to open up. Toadie notices that Shane is on edge. Chloe confesses her misgivings to Pierce, but what will they decide?

    Thursday 30th Jan

    Ned cancels a date with Yashvi to visit Kane in prison. Will Dipi ever forgive Shane? Roxy tries to make up for her mistake.

    Friday 31st Jan

    Worried for Yashvi's safety, Ned confronts Zenin and threatens him with an enormous bluff. Finn and Bea see Kyle with a life-sized first aid training doll and get the wrong idea.
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    Monday & Friday spoilers have been added to complete the week.

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    Kyle with a life sized training doll lol

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    Digital Spy's expanded spoilers are also now available:

    Monday 27 Jan

    Ned is reeling from the threat but is still unsure what Zenin meant. With his fears piqued, Ned turns to Paul for advice.

    Paul reasons that Ned needs to make a power move against them they're not the kind to scare easily and clearly calling the police won't work. But Ned doesn't have any power, and Paul tells him he'll need to bluff. What will Ned do?

    Meanwhile, it's Harlow's first Australia Day public holiday. She's conflicted about the date but decides to have a gathering because lots of people have the day off. She ropes in a reluctant Roxy to help her organise the day.

    The neighbours gather, but they are consumed by their respective problems. Harlow tackles the complexity of the day by using it as an opportunity to fundraise, creating a new tradition that everyone can get behind.

    Elsewhere, Roxy is still deflated over ruining her friendship with Shane. She tries to resign from The Waterhole, which leaves Sheila, Terese and Harlow concerned. Roxy, feeling the need to confide, admits the truth to Harlow she kissed Shane.

    Harlow is horrified, but it's clear Roxy hates herself for what she has done, and Harlow softens. She steels Roxy to face Shane and Dipi at the BBQ. Roxy tries to put on a brave face but it's tough will the reminder of her guilt be too much?

    Tuesday 28 Jan

    Roxy's emotional outburst has created tension and confusion, but thankfully she hasn't spilled the beans. Shane learns Roxy was about to confess and is panicked, which Toadie notices suspiciously.

    Guilty Dipi apologises to Kyle, who accepts it though Sheila is still fuming and then seeks Roxy out and asks her on a spa day to apologise.

    Will Roxy be able to keep the secret during her one-on-one time with Dipi?

    Meanwhile, Pierce is no closer to making a decision about Lisa's proposition. It's enticing, but he remains on the fence, wary of how complicated the situation could be for his marriage.

    Chloe is certain Pierce wants to accept Lisa's proposal and impulsively demands to hear Pierce's truth: does he actually want to say yes? Pierce admits he does, but he definitely won't if it means losing Chloe. Knowing she holds the keys to Pierce and Lisa's happiness, Chloe has a big decision to make.

    Wednesday 29 Jan

    Dipi and Roxy's spa day gets off to an awkward start and Dipi notes how uncomfortable she seems. Toadie's concern about his brother grows when he clocks Shane's nervous behaviour.

    Following their spa date, Dipi invites Roxy out to dinner, and again, Roxy finds it impossible to say no. Shane tries to pull the pin but Dipi is determined to get Roxy to open up. Roxy and Shane's stress collectively mounts as Dipi puts more and more well-meaning pressure on their secret.

    Meanwhile, Chloe is unnerved at the idea of Pierce having a baby with his ex and eventually has to come clean about her conflicted feelings. Torn, Chloe admits she has never entertained the idea of having kids with Pierce, especially now given her HD, but the current situation is making her reassess.

    Though sad at the thought of missing out on Lisa's arrangement, Pierce is on Chloe's side, and they prepare to break the unfortunate news.

    Thursday 30 Jan

    Guilty, Shane begs Dipi for forgiveness, but even with Roxy taking the blame, Dipi can't let the kiss slide. Dipi takes refuge at the Cannings' for a night, and Roxy is in hiding at the Willis house when Yashvi comes over, ripping her to shreds for trying to drive a wedge between her parents.

    Ned leaps to Roxy's defence, warning Vi she's out of line and causing tension for them too. With her own relationship affected by his mistake, Yashvi urges Shane to make it up to Dipi, but can he?

    Meanwhile, under no illusions about her almighty screw up, Roxy offers Sheila her resignation from The Waterhole. Scornful Sheila thinks it's for the best, but Kyle reminds Sheila it was only days ago she was concerned about Roxy. While he knows Sheila is a loyal person, Kyle can't believe Sheila doesn't care how terrible Roxy feels. Will Sheila change her mind and let Roxy have her job back?

    Elsewhere, after the threats Zenin made against Yashvi, Ned is determined to get control of the situation. He sets up a mysterious meeting with a prisoner, cancelling a date with Yashvi to do so.

    Yashvi misreads Ned bailing as a sign he hasn't forgiven her for lashing out at Roxy. Little does Yashvi know, Ned's visiting an old acquaintance from the fight ring in prison Kane. Ned needs to know what Zenin thinks he saw. Will Kane reveal the truth?

    Friday 31 Jan

    Ned is on high alert to protect Yashvi from the threat of Zenin. However, she's focusing on her parents' marriage and her police academy entrance exam tomorrow. Ned helps Yashvi, but when he sees Zenin lurking around the complex, he fears for her safety.

    Fronting up to Zenin, Ned claims he remembered the illicit activity at the fight ring and has given a statement to his lawyer if anything happens to Yashvi, it'll go to the cops. Will Ned's bluff play off?

    Meanwhile, Kyle continues kicking goals with the Buddy Club by planning an archery trip for the kids. Diligent, Kyle enlists Karl to give him a first aid refresher course, which Kyle aces. Karl allows Kyle to borrow Bianca the life sized, inanimate training doll and take her home to continue practising.

    Later, Finn and Bea see Kyle storing the doll out of sight and get exactly the wrong idea about the doll. How will this misunderstanding play out?

    Digital Spy

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