Next week on Casualty, ED couple Lev and Faith get devastating news, Ruby faces a new setback and Charlie is forced to turn to his enemy for help.

Here's a collection of seven of the biggest stories you can look forward to:

1. Faith and Lev are thrown into crisis…

Newcomer Faith will have her life turned upside down in next week's tragic episode, when an innocent accident at home leads to a devastating discovery.

Last week, new ED recruit Faith was revealed to be the wife of paramedic Lev, and she will be hitting the ground running with one of the show's biggest stories of the year.

When the pair's son Luka falls from his sister's bunk bed, Faith brings him into the ED, initially believing he has a minor head injury and a fractured wrist.

However, the more time Dylan spends more time with Luka, the more worries that there could be more to his series of clumsy episodes than they thought.

2. And they later get devastating news

Concerned about Luka, Dylan does a basic eye exam, which adds weight to his growing suspicions.

A CT scan later confirms that there is a tumour present at the back of Luka's brain, leaving Dylan to discuss the next stages with a devastated Faith.

Faith is then left with the harrowing task of breaking the news to Lev, who is unknowingly reading to Luka in one of the cubicles.

3. Charlie is struggling

Fans should have their tissues at the ready as Duffy and Charlie's poignant story is about to enter into its final chapter.

The episode will open with an exhausted Charlie attempting to placate a distressed Duffy, who is trying to phone Bill in the early hours of the morning.

When Charlie attempts to guide her upstairs, Duffy becomes even more agitated as she frantically searches for tickets to a concert that doesn't exist.

Despite his admirable attempt to hold everything together, it's clear that Charlie is desperately struggling. So much so, that he turns to the man he hates...

4. Charlie turns to the enemy

At breaking point over Duffy's rapidly deteriorating health, Charlie decides to contact Bill – the ex-flame she cheated on him with back in 2018.

Charlie is hoping that Bill will be able to shed light on any of the events that Duffy has been talking about recently, but first needs to break the news that his wife has been diagnosed with dementia.

As they chat in the pub, Bill reveals that he and Duffy went to concert when they were dating many decades ago and offers to visit her if it would help.

Although Charlie initially declines, he eventually swallows his pride and relents – but deliberately holds back some crucial details about the stage of Duffy's diagnosis.

5. Bill shows his true colours

Following his meeting with Charlie, Bill arrives at their house to find Duffy dressed for a date.

Shocked by deteriorated state, Bill makes his excuses and leaves – accusing Charlie of not being straight with him over how advanced her dementia was.

Unable to cope, Bill feebly walks off into the night, leaving Charlie to pick up the pieces once again.

6. Ruby suffers another setback

As she continues to care for her baby niece Harmony solo, Ruby faces a brand new setback when the childminder suddenly quits.

Already struggling with her work-home life balance, a panic-stricken Ruby is at a loss over what to do next and turns to Robyn for support.

Despite some useful tips from Robyn, Ruby feels demoted in her efforts at caring for Harmony and later confides in Lev about her ongoing struggles.

7. Robyn comes to the rescue

Wanting to help Ruby much as she can, Robyn has a brainwave over her living arrangements and enthusiastically offers up her spare room.

When Ruby's new childminder won't commute to her neck of the woods, Robyn suggests she move out of Marty and Jade's and in with her instead,

Delighted over the idea, Ruby gratefully accepts Robyn's offer and heads off to sort out the finer details. Are things finally looking up for her?

Casualty airs these scenes on Saturday, January 18 on BBC One.

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