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Thread: Hollyoaks Spoilers 13th - 17th January

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    Exclamation Hollyoaks Spoilers 13th - 17th January

    Scott struggles with his breakup but is there new love ahead?

    Sienna comes face to face wit Warren. What does he want

    Courtney is stressed as her wedding day approaches
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    I really hope the wedding goes ahead!

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    azim and scott?

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    Tony Hutchinson makes an emotional return to Chester but his wife Diane is left feeling terrible about her secret relationship with his father!

    It’s a hugely emotional moment when Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard) finally returns home to his family after months of being held captive by serial killer Breda McQueen (Moya Brady).

    In tonight’s episode of Hollyoaks at 6.30pm (See our TV Guide for full listings) his wife Diane (Alex Fletcher) is busy preparing for his return. Diane, who thought Tony had left her for another woman, had given up all hope of ever seeing her other half again and has since formed a close relationship with Tony’s father Edward (Joe McGann).

    With Tony due to return any minute, a conflicted Diane tells Edward they need to act as if nothing has gone on between them and Tony must never find out they’ve slept together!

    Emotions run high when Tony finally walks through the door and comes face to face with Diane, but Edward can’t help feeling a pang of jealousy when he sees the two of them embracing.

    Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) is worried after her other half Brody Hudson (Adam Woodward) failed to come home the previous night. What has happened to Brody?

    Sienna later gets an anonymous message asking her to meet in the village.

    She’s shell-shocked to find her destructive ex Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) who did a vanishing act with their twin children, Sophie and Sebastian, waiting for her!

    A raging Sienna flies at Warren, accusing him of ruining her life however he quickly stops her in her tracks when he reveals that something has happened to Sebastian. Is their son in danger?

    Scott Drinkwell (Ross Adams) and Mitchell Deveraux (Imran Adams) bump into eachother following their emotional break up. Doctor Mitchell wants to go back to them being friends again but Scott gives him the brush off and tells him he’s not interested. Later Scott is seen getting on well with Sami’s brother, Azim Desai (Nav Sidhu) and the pair are soon kissing.

    Courtney Campbell (Amy Conachan) is disappointed when she finds out her wedding to Jesse Donovan (Luke Jerdy) is now going to be held in The Loft because there was a fire at their original chosen venue. Can wedding planner Azim come to the rescue?

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    Exclamation Hollyoaks Spoilers 13th - 17th January 2020

    Monday 13 January 2020 at 19:00 on E4 (First Look) and Tuesday 14 January 2020 at 18:30 on Channel 4 (Repeat)

    When Warren slips up and calls their son Sean, Sienna realises that the twins she tried to abduct from Maxine's wedding hotel were her children, despite being persuaded otherwise.

    Sienna threatens to call the police, but Warren promises that if she helps him, he'll move back to the village with the twins.

    Damon and Liberty are getting really worried until Sienna walks through the door. They're shocked to hear about Warren's return but are concerned that Sienna is falling into a trap.

    Meanwhile, Diane overhears Edward's kind words to Tony. Later, Edward and Marnie are getting close and go on a date to The Dog quiz. He's enjoying Diane's obvious jealousy.

    Elsewhere, Scott tells Azim that he's still not over Mitchell, but they go on a date to The Hutch and Azim tells Scott that he thinks he's amazing and hot. They kiss again.

    Also today, Courtney is stressed that she's not going to get her perfect wedding, so Grace urges Jesse to make sure he gives his fiancé what she wants.

    Tuesday 14 January 2020 at 19:00 on E4 (First Look) and Wednesday 15 January 2020 at 18:30 on Channel 4 (Repeat)

    Sienna feels like she has been double-crossed by Warren. Liberty urges her to think what cold, calculating Sienna would do.

    Meanwhile, Jesse fires Azim so he can plan a more personal wedding for him and Courtney, with a Scottish theme.

    Elsewhere, Ollie gives Sid some relationship advice when things with Juliet cool down.

    Wednesday 15 January 2020 at 19:00 on E4 (First Look) and Thursday 16 January 2020 at 18:30 on Channel 4 (Repeat)

    James returns from his skiing trip. Liam asks him to be his plus one to Courtney and Jesse's wedding, and reveals that Breda was the one who killed Harry.

    James realises that he had no justification for shooting Mercedes after all and is struggling to deal with the guilt.

    Meanwhile, Sid is planning to take Juliet to a hotel tonight, but Juliet tells Brooke that she's nervous about spending the night with him. Jordan gives Sid the money for his romantic trip but wants to find out more about Sid's new life in Hollyoaks and asks to meet Leela.

    Elsewhere, Jesse and Courtney are working their way through their wedding to-do list.

    Thursday 16 January 2020 at 19:00 on E4 (First Look) and Friday 17 January 2020 at 18:30 on Channel 4 (Repeat)

    Marnie is James's shoulder to cry on, but she's worried when he says that he has hurt an innocent woman and he's going to the police to confess.

    Meanwhile, Jordan is winding Sid up about Juliet and we see the power that Jordan has over his cousin.

    Elsewhere, Jesse and Courtney are hoping they've got everything ready for their wedding in less than 24 hours. They count down to midnight and celebrate the start of their wedding day, but Jesse gets rid of Courtney quick – it's bad luck to see each other before the ceremony…

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