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    The Parata Family article on the new Parata family:

    Rob Kipa-Williams as Ari
    Ethan Browne as his brother Tane
    Kawakawa Fox-Reo as his nephew Nikau
    Bree Peters as Gemma Parata (mum of Nikau, sister-in-law to Ari and Tane)

    Stormin’ the Bay — a trio of Kiwis turn up the heat on Seven’s Home And Away in 2020.

    They are our sworn enemy on the footy field and cricket pitch – but Kiwi actors Ethan Browne, Kawakawa Fox-Reo and Rob Kipa-Williams are more friendly foe on Seven’s Home And Away.

    In the months before New Zealand actor, Rob Kipa-Williams won his role on Seven’s Home And Away, he was resigned to a new career altogether.

    Struggling with the fickle nature of an actor’s life, the some-time construction worker had spent six months retraining as an accredited insurance salesman, in readiness to quit show business.

    A year after finishing up on another Seven drama series, 800 Words, Kipa-Williams tells TV Guide/Watch he’d missed out on one audition too many and was ready to throw in the towel.

    “I went through this phase in my life where I’d had a few disappointments, where I’d got really close to big roles and a few promised that didn’t come through. I got to the point where I wasn’t sure if [acting] was for me anymore … I just needed to focus on creating a more stable life,” he says.

    But just as he finished his sales training, Summer Bay came calling.

    “I am actually still qualified,” Kipa-Williams joked, “so anyone feel free to reach out if you need any advice on your health or life insurance.”

    Instead, he inked a three-year deal to play Ari Parata, the fiercely protective head of a Maori family who will make the Seven series – which airs after Neighbours and before local, soap Shortland Street – home in 2020.

    Ari’s arrival was not low-key, playing the hero when the local hospital is locked down during a violent siege.

    But his character’s backstory hints at more drama and tension ahead for the Parata clan – which includes NIDA graduate, Ethan Browne as his brother Tane and another NZ newcomer, Kawakawa Fox-Reo as his nephew Nikau.

    “My character is working on a nearby construction site in Summer Bay and injures himself at work. That’s how he finds himself at the hospital and sitting next to Marilyn (Emily Symons), who is having a panic attack [during the siege]. I comfort her the way that I can, but for Ari, it’s not his first rodeo when it comes to having danger around him.”

    The more experienced of the three Maori actors has taken a fatherly role with his younger co-stars, but admits he was still star struck at meeting the Bay’s patriarch, ‘Alf’ (Ray Meagher).

    “The first scene I did with Ray I actually met him at the same time in real life. I got one of the make-up team to video the screen so I had it on record … it was a big deal.”

    For Browne, scoring his first TV role on Home And Away is a thrill for his family of fans.

    “My grandmother and mum would watch it quite a bit … still do and now even more so. Grandma Minna is a massive fan and she couldn’t believe I got the job,” Browne said.
    She may want to brace herself for what’s ahead, with his character’s brief a saucy one, with notes like “most likely to be drunk and disorderly” and “most likely to bring home a different partner every week.”

    Browne laughs: “he certainly is a mischief maker, the cheeky brother and quite free-spirited. But deep down he’s family-orientated and all he wants to do is take care of them and keep them all together.”

    Fox-Reo, 22, knows all about family love, a self-confessed mummy’s boy who has been suffering terrible home sickness since flying to Sydney to start filming.

    “I am a hard out mumma’s boy,” he says, of mum Sarah. “She’s always been so supportive, no matter what I do. I remember trying lots of things at school and she always tried her best to uplift me … you know … what mums do.”

    His job offer on the Channel 7 series proved a crossroads for the young star, who had to give up his place at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles.

    “I’d gone to a drama school in Wellington and finished up there, but I was talking to a friend of mine who had gone to drama school in LA and wouldn’t stop singing its praises. I applied and got in but three months later this role came up.”

    Seeking counsel from his parents, Fox-Reo made the decision to trek across the Tasman instead of head to Hollywood just yet.

    “[LA] is not going anywhere and an opportunity like this doesn’t come along every day.”

    All three proud Maoris have worked closely with Home And Away’s writing team to make sure they make the family authentic.

    As Fox-Reo says: “My desire and my wish is that when people watch it back home, they see a world that’s real familiar to them – how we treat each other as a family, our sense of humour. I’ve tried my best to integrate as much of my upbringing into this character and hopefully people back home like it.”

    * Home And Away returns 7pm, Monday, January 27 on Seven


    Meet the new hunks coming to Home And Away: Ethan Browne, Rob Kipa-Williams and Kawakawa Fox-Reo set to arrive in Summer Bay in 2020

    And some earlier articles:
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    Following on from the previous post, there is now the Digital Spy article:

    Home and Away announces full casting details for the show's new family
    Meet the 2020 Summer Bay newbies.

    Not too long ago, Home and Away released a teaser trailer, revealing a new family is heading to Summer Bay in 2020.

    While we already knew actor Rob Kipa-Williams had joined as newbie Ari Parata, the soap has now announced additional castings for the Parata family.

    Alongside Kipa-Williams, actors Ethan Browne and Kawakawa Fox-Reo are set to make their Home and Away debut next year, starring as Ari’s brother Tane and nephew Nikau, respectively.

    Having first made an appearance in the 2019 season finale, Kipa-Williams told The Daily Telegraph that his character will be shown working on a construction site in Summer Bay when he injures himself.

    “That’s how he finds himself at the hospital and sitting next to Marilyn, played by Emily Symons, who is having a panic attack,” he explained.

    “I comfort her the way that I can, but for Ari, it’s not his first rodeo when it comes to having danger around him.”

    Meanwhile, Ethan described his character as a “mischief maker, the cheeky brother and quite free-spirited”, adding that he is “family-orientated” and wants to make sure his relatives stick close together.

    However, this might prove harder than expected, as the trailer suggests that there is something in the past the Paratas are keen to bury.

    But as we know well by now, nothing in Summer Bay stays secret for too long…

    Home and Away returns to Channel 5 on Monday, January 6 at 1.15pm and 6pm

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    Meet Home And Away's newest cast members for 2020
    The Parata family are bringing their proud Maori culture to Summer Bay.

    When Home And Away returns to our screens this year fans can expect a few new faces – and a whole lot of drama!

    Summer Bay's newest residents, the Parata family, are set to cause quite a stir when they arrive in town.
    Before they do, get to know the proud Maori family and the talented actors who play them.

    Nikau Parata

    Played by: Kawakawa Fox-Reo

    Family relation: son of Gemma, nephew of Ari and Tane

    Tell us a bit about your character

    Nikau is impulsive at times. He's not shy with the girls at all and has a close relationship with his mum [Gemma]. Ultimately, as with any new environment, he's trying to find his place in Summer Bay.

    Did you always want to be an actor?

    No, I wasn't introduced to it properly until my last year of high school. My speech-and-drama teacher approached me to be a part of a musical. I ended up doing that and liking it, so I went to drama school.

    Ari Parata

    Played by: Rob Kipa-Williams

    Family relation: uncle of Nikau, older brother of Tane, brother-in-law of Gemma

    Ari has quite the introduction to Summer Bay – he's caught in the horrific siege at the hospital!

    He'd [accidentally] cut himself at work, goes to hospital and there he is, in the middle of the siege, sitting next to Marilyn [Emily Symons]! With the past Ari's had, the situation doesn't scare him too much.

    How do you think fans will like the family?

    I suspect we're going to grow on them; people might liken us to the Braxtons. We're a bit different; we bring a part of our [Maori] culture to the show – in a small way, but hopefully enough to give a glimpse of what we're like behind closed doors.

    Tane Parata

    Played by: Ethan Browne

    Family relation: uncle of Nikau, younger brother of Ari, brother-in-law of Gemma

    Before acting, you were a civil engineer – how did you end up in Home And Away?

    I'd wanted to be an actor since I was a kid, but didn't have the guts to pursue it. When I left New Zealand to work in Brisbane, I thought, "No-one knows me here, I can do what I want." I started taking night classes and fell in love with it [acting], then got into NIDA and now I'm here.

    What do you think fans will think of the Parata family's introduction to Summer Bay?

    I think they'll enjoy it. There's a lot of drama, but it's something different. We're bringing a whole new culture to the show – something that hasn't really been seen before on an Australian show.

    Gemma Parata

    Played by: Bree Peters

    Family relation: mum of Nikau, sister-in-law to Ari and Tane

    What's it been like joining the cast?

    Good! It's like anything new, you get a bit nervous, but everyone's been really lovely and welcoming. Being a new family on a show like Home And Away is great. New people to play and act with comes with a lot of excitement.

    What is Gemma like?

    I've modelled her on a lot of my friends back home – she's a matriarch surrounded by boys. She's the kind of mum on the sidelines of a rugby game, but also the one who will look after the girls. I literally just stole from all my friends' personalities – I took all the best bits!

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    EXCLUSIVE: Meet Home and Away's newest hunk Ethan Browne who's joining the cast as Tane Parata
    Welcome to Summer Bay!

    Halfway through chatting with Home And Away newcomer Ethan Browne, a question leaves him stumped.

    TV WEEK has been catching up with the actor on set about his exciting arrival in Summer Bay. Audiences have seen his character, Tane Parata, briefly over the past few weeks. Now, he's about how to come crashing into town – in more ways than one.

    When asked how similar he is to his alter ego, Ethan takes a moment to reflect. Then, the answer rolls off his tongue, catching even him by surprise.

    "You know what? We're actually very similar! I'm quite cheeky like him, but more responsible," he says with a wide smile. "We're both family-orientated guys, though, and enjoy the company of our siblings."

    Growing up in a small town on the east coast of New Zealand, the actor honed his craft alongside his brother and four sisters. At the time, he was simply playing in the backyard, but it became a first step towards acting professionally.

    "My siblings and I used to make little short films, whether it was something we saw on TV or pretend fight scenes, and I'd always loved it," he recalls of his childhood. "We're all best mates. We have our bad times, of course, but we love to have a laugh and hang out."

    Life, however, got in the way of his childhood dreams and Ethan chose to embark on a different path after finishing high school. He studied civil engineering and made the move to Brisbane. Yet, something niggled at the back of his mind.

    The "unattainable dream" could be a reality, if he wanted it to be.

    "I didn't pursue acting for a long time, but it stuck in my head," he says. "I needed to just take a chance and do it. I decided to take some acting classes which led me to NIDA."

    His change of course not only brought him to NIDA in Sydney, but to the Channel Seven studios where he auditioned for the role of Tane. He soon got the job and graduated shortly after.

    The first taste of fame came when Ethan started filming on Palm Beach in Sydney's north.

    "When I first stepped onto the beach, the tour buses came past and didn't know who I was, but I saw how they reacted to the other cast members," he says. "But after filming for a few months, people started calling out to me and asking for photos. It's a nice feeling, but it's hard to get used to.

    "The other day a guy was wearing a 'Blood And Sand' [the tattoo sported by the River Boys in Home And Away] shirt, who instantly knew who I was. There are some big fans out there."

    While it's hard not to compare the men in the Parata family – played by Ethan, Rob Kipa-Williams and Kawakawa Fox-Reo – to the famous Braxton brothers, Ethan is just thankful to have his countrymen beside him to navigate new territory.

    "I'm grateful I'm coming in with the other guys; we feel like family," he says. "There's a natural bond. Culturally, we all come from the same upbringing and we understand each other's humour too.

    "We try to keep our character authentic and make it real for viewers back in New Zealand, because they're watching their [Maori] culture on screen – especially the humour. We have our own brand of it, so we try to bring that into the script."

    Being a hunky character, it's par for the course to get his shirt off now and then. Ethan says he found shirtless scenes easy to film – despite the attention he receives from female fans.

    "It makes sense when I'm on the beach," he says. "If I can justify why I have my shirt off, it's fine," he says.

    "My partner and I have been together for 10 years and we've talked about it quite a bit. She's fine with it [the female attention] and we know nothing will change, so it's good.

    "At the end of the day, I'll just be me; that's all I can do."

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    ari and tane are very easy on the eyes

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