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Thread: EastEnders Spoilers 2020 (35th Anniversary)

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    Next week's EastEnders episodes see the show pull out all the stops for its 35th anniversary, with a boat party along the Thames, the return of Peter Beale, Sharon's labour scenes, and a shock death.

    Here's a full collection of 12 storylines coming up.

    1. Mick has made a big decision

    EastEnders' big week kicks off on a heartbreaking note for the Carters, as it looks like Mick and Linda really will go their separate ways. Mick has finally signed the divorce papers that Linda gave to him a few days earlier, much to her delight.

    Shirley is far from impressed by Linda's antics, causing more tension between them. Despite this, Shirl later changes tactics by urging her daughter-in-law to realise that she still loves Mick.

    2. Linda gets jealous – and trouble follows

    Sadly, Shirley's intervention is soon followed by another big Carter drama, as Linda spots Mick and Whitney together. With Linda drunk and paranoid, all of her old insecurities over Whitney come rising to the surface again.

    Later, Linda continues to drink heavily at the Queen Vic's boat party along the Thames, embarrassing Mick and her family in the process. When Linda grabs a mic in front of the gathered guests, surely it's a recipe for disaster?

    3. Patrick wants to tell the truth

    Patrick is starting to get fed up with the way Isaac treats him, so thinks it might be time to come clean about how they're father and son. Sheree urges him not to, still insisting on secrecy.

    During the boat party, Patrick prepares to ignore Sheree's warnings and reveal all to Isaac anyway, but before he gets a chance to, the gathering descends into complete chaos.

    4. Sonia faces the police

    Sonia returns home to a nasty shock, as the police arrive to speak to her.

    Although we can't give away the exact details just yet, the officers have some worrying news to share with Sonia. Could it relate to her recent criminal activity, or might someone close to her be in trouble?

    5. Bobby gets beaten up

    Just as Ian is considering making his peace with Bobby, the troubled teen finds himself in a terrifying situation. Bobby has been targeted with online bullying, so when he, Iqra and Habiba cross paths with a gang, they recognise him from the internet.

    Bobby tries to defend himself and his housemates when the gang use racial insults, but the troublemakers get nastier by brutally beating him up. Ian and Kathy are later told that Bobby has severe injuries and will need emergency surgery.

    6. Ian goes out for revenge

    Bobby's situation sends shockwaves through Walford, especially when Dotty tells Bex who was responsible for the online bullying in the first place. Bex decides to send a text to Ian, exposing the culprit.

    Ian is horrified when he reads the message, rushing off to the Queen Vic's boat party in search of revenge. As Ian boards the boat, the big question is how far he'll go to protect his son…

    7. Peter Beale returns

    With Ian going off on his mission, Kathy has her own distraction when she receives a strange call from Ben. She calls Peter and begs him to come to the hospital and keep an eye on Bobby while the rest of the family are busy. Kathy then rushes to Ben and is horrified to make another discovery.

    Peter was last seen on Albert Square in 2015 and is now played by show newcomer Dayle Hudson.

    8. Jack and Max fight

    The Brannings are also on board the Queen Vic's party boat and have some drama of their own ahead. Jack is keeping quiet about how he has been helping Lauren, who has just split from Peter.

    Denise suggests that Jack should be honest with Max, but the revelation doesn't go down well with Lauren's dad. As things turn heated, Jack loses his temper by punching Max.

    9. Callum is in serious danger

    Callum is still at Keanu's mercy in the 35th anniversary week, with Ben now at breaking point as he tries to get his beloved boyfriend back. After returning to Walford, Phil tries to take matters into his own hands – starting off by threatening Karen in an effort to find Keanu. (Or as he's bound to pronounce it, Keano.)

    Ben also goes to extreme lengths to stop Keanu from killing Callum. With two Mitchells after him – and no Linda to save his bacon this time – is Keanu in trouble?

    10. Keanu faces the final showdown

    Ben and Phil's revenge plans ultimately lead them to – you guessed it – the Queen Vic boat party.

    The Mitchells come face-to-face with Keanu for the ultimate final showdown, with tensions at an all-time high. Before long, the trio's actions lead to disastrous consequences.

    11. Sharon goes into labour

    Following their recent reconciliation, Sharon breaks the news to Dennis that they'll be leaving Walford for good. She also lets Kathy know about her intentions, although her plan is soon thwarted by an angry Ben.

    Later, Sharon's day takes a dramatic turn when she goes into labour.

    12. Someone dies

    The boat party is building up to a worrying incident on board, which causes chaos and panic all round.

    As the troubling situation goes from bad to worse, several lives hang in the balance and one person meets a tragic end. But who?
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