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Thread: Hollyoaks Spoilers 16th - 20th December

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    Exclamation Hollyoaks Spoilers 16th - 20th December

    Scott tells Diane its time to move on from cheating Tony.

    Mitchell grows jealous of Scott's growing friendship with Azim

    Brody is on edge and wracked with guilt! What has he done?
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    Monday 16 December 2019 at 18:30 on Channel 4

    Mercedes thinks back to the night she was shot. She gets a fright when Bobby slams the door behind her.

    Mercedes refuses to let Bobby visit Sylver in prison for the family Christmas party. Bobby tells her that he hates her, so Mercedes thinks Bobby needs to see the 'real' Sylver.

    Meanwhile, Scott encourages Diane to move on from Tony, but she tells him that she doesn't just want a fling. She's surprised by what she does want.

    Elsewhere, Liam isn't taking the recruitment process for his and James's new business venture seriously and decides to have some fun with the applicants.

    Also today, Romeo and Juliet see Sid running away from Price Slice after shop-lifting.

    Tuesday 17 December 2019 at 18:30 on Channel 4

    Sylver leaves Mercedes a voicemail, telling her that he loves her and needs her to retract her statement.

    Liam and James decide that Mercedes should be their first client for their protection racket. Feeling vulnerable without Sylver, Mercedes considers it, but something Bobby says leads her to a different decision.

    Meanwhile, Mitchell is sneaking out of the flat to see Scott, but he's caught by Walter, Lisa and Martine who jump out and surprise him a family day out for Christmas. Mitchell says he can't go because he's meeting his new 'girlfriend', Sabrina, but they invite her too.

    Marnie gives Scott a trial at 'Salon De The' and the Deverauxs arrive. Lisa and Martine tell Scott that Mitchell is bringing a plus-one to their day out, leaving Scott hopeful but misguided that Mitchell might be ready to bring their relationship out into the open.

    Scott is fed up with being hidden, prompting Mitchell to show how much he means to him.

    Wednesday 18 December 2019 at 18:30 on Channel 4

    James is refusing to get his hands dirty when Liam suggests smashing up The Dog to scare Mercedes.

    Mercedes worries that she has no-one to keep her safe. Mercedes goes to find Liam for some fun, knowing that he's the only one who won't judge her.

    Meanwhile, Mitchell and Scott get in a taxi and go to the Christmas markets, where they enjoy being a proper couple. However, Mitchell instinctively friend-zones Scott when they bump into Azim.

    Mitchell promises Scott that when he can get his family together tomorrow, he's going to tell them the truth about them.

    Thursday 19 December 2019 at 18:30 on Channel 4

    Liam arrives at The Dog and Mercedes admits that she did love him, and maybe still does.

    Meanwhile, Mitchell prepares to tell his family about him and Scott and takes Martine for breakfast.

    Elsewhere, Jack wants to take Breda on holiday, but she's too preoccupied with her next mission.

    Also today, Brody is still jumpy after sleeping with Liberty, while Sienna wants Liberty to take a pregnancy test after being 'implanted'. Sienna is disappointed when Liberty doesn't feel ready but agrees to wait until she is.

    Friday 20 December 2019 at 18:30 on Channel 4

    Mitchell is jealous when he sees Azim and Scott hugging.

    Azim tries to explain to Scott how difficult it is for Mitchell to turn his back on his upbringing. He signs Scott up to help Walter with the food bank so he can get a better insight into Mitchell's family. Mitchell returns home and sees Scott and Walter together.

    Meanwhile, Maxine is grateful when Walter invites her to his festive sermon tomorrow after being shunned by the community.

    Elsewhere, Sienna is increasing Liberty and Brody's guilt by getting excited about the future. Brody thinks that the sooner Liberty takes a pregnancy test, the sooner they'll know what they're dealing with.

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