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Thread: Home and Away (Aus) Spoilers 14th - 17th October 2019

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    Home and Away (Aus) Spoilers 14th - 17th October 2019

    Monday 14 Oct

    Justin and Robbo reach breaking point when Justin makes a terrifying threat. Jasmine fears that Robbo will crash and burn. Ava's first meeting with her new cousin does not go as expected.

    Tuesday 15 Oct

    Tension remains between Justin and Robbo over Grace's welfare. Willow and Alex have a moment. Colby has second thoughts about ending his relationship with Mackenzie.

    Wednesday 16 Oct

    Great news for Ben means Dean's life will get more complicated. A confused Willow receives guidance from Irene. Colby underestimates Bella's reaction when he reignites his relationship with Mackenzie.

    Thursday 17 Oct (Triple Episode)

    Ben takes a gamble in re-opening the Board Shop. Mackenzie throws Dean a lifeline when he crumbles under work and life pressures. How long can Marilyn maintain her facade before her devastation

    Justin's feeling the strain of life without Tori. Marilyn struggles to describe her loneliness and anxiety. As Ben's work anxieties peak, he decides to start taking his medication again.

    Ben has a setback when he re-opens the Board Shop. Marilyn is feeling lost and forgotten. Robbo wrestles with admitting he needs help. Leah does her best to ease Justin's burden.


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    I haven't watch Home & Away in a while but I've caught up with some episodes today. So now we've got a Bella who likes photography, just like Belle with a super similar name. We've also got her having come in as the long lost sister of an existing character a la Billie. And then we've got Ziggy who could be a double for Bonnie Sveen / Ricky with someone who's got blood and sand tattooed across his back.

    Anyone else sensing a theme here lol

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