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    Hollyoaks is going to introduce viewers to Sami Maalik's half-brother next week.

    Although he's not technically a Maalik, Azim will be surprising the family after Sami (Rishi Nair) announces his engagement to Sinead O'Connor (Stephanie Davis).

    Former Silent Witness star Nav Sidhu has been cast as Azim, who shares a mother but not the same father with Sami. He's an event planner who arrives promising to throw his half-brother an engagement party.

    Sidhu chatted with Yaz actress Haiesha Mistry about the character, promising that he'll be the life of the party when he arrives in the village.

    "He's kind, he's energetic, he's a fixer, he's smart and he is fun," the actor teased.

    The Maaliks first referenced Azim last month when he called to wish the family a happy Eid, before their celebration was broken up by Ste's far-right group.

    Azim's arrival will coincide with a huge conflict between the Maaliks and the far-right gang, which is set to finally open Ste's eyes to his comrades' destructive motives.

    "Coming out of the summer we have a huge week in mid-September, by which time Jonny and Stuart have a radicalised Ste where they want him and start to explain they have bigger plans," producer Bryan Kirkwood recently promised.

    "That's when the scales finally fall from Ste's eyes as he realises he's in the company of monsters. It's a week that changes the lives of the Maaliks and Ste forever, and alters the course of the story."

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    Hollyoaks newcomer Nav Sidhu has hinted that his character Azim Desai could be Ste Hay's saviour as the latter tries to extract himself from a far-right extremist group.

    Following shocking scenes in September that saw the group's bomb plot put Yasmine Maalik's life in danger, Ste has been trying to find a way out of Stuart Sumner and Jonny Baxter's grasp, with the pair using violence and intimidation to keep Ste in the fold.

    However, in new scenes Ste will make a secret attempt to reach out to the Maaliks, throwing a letter over the fence, which Azim picks up.

    "When Azim reads a note from Ste, his initial thought is, 'What are they up to now?' But when he actually sees what's written on it, he realises it's a cry for help," Nav told Inside Soap.

    "Azim had a friend who went through something similar to Ste, and he wasn't able to help his friend. So all the signs are there for Azim.

    "He realises this isn't another attack it's a young man offering an olive branch, needing a way out. And Azim knows a thing or two about that."

    While Azim knows what the group is capable of, he still takes the risk, with Nav explaining: "What these guys have been doing to his family does play on his mind. However, he thinks it's worth a chance to have one less extremist in the mix."

    While the rest of the family, as well as Ste's sister Leela, remain unconvinced, Azim perseveres.

    "Azim and Ste meet for the first time when Ste's taking out the bins," Nav added.

    "And when Azim speaks to him, that's his confirmation that Ste is being honest. However, there's something else he realises when he meets Ste let's just say it's an interesting cocktail!"

    Nav also spoke about being part of the storyline, admitting: "This is my first bit of meaty plot. But I've been enjoying the wedding planning too.

    "Everyone has welcomed me it was great to come into an established family when I joined. The Maaliks have all looked after me brilliantly."

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