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Thread: Neighbours Spoilers 16th - 20th September 2019

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    Neighbours Spoilers 16th - 20th September 2019

    Neighbours TV Listings spoilers 16 -20 Sept:

    Monday 16 September

    Chloe is caught off guard when Hendrix starts flirting with her. Gail tells Harlow she was in the conspiracy against Paul. Roxy's erotic games leave Mark in an embarrassing position. Ned saves the day and promises to keep their liaison a secret, unaware that he is being followed.

    Tuesday 17 September

    Ned is surprised to see Scarlett in Harold's ordering a coffee. She later gets herself a job as a porter in Lassiters' - but why is she keeping a scrapbook about Ned?

    Wednesday 18 September

    Scarlett causes a serious rift between Ned and Yashvi, which appears to be according to plan. Mackenzie gets widespread support among the pupils, with one exception - the mean-spirited Ollie.

    Thursday 19 September

    Ollie's mother threatens to go to the police. Harlow is appalled at the prospect of Terese and Paul meeting her mother.

    Friday 20 September

    Hendrix causes more problems for Chloe when two private schools reject him, so she suggests enrolling at Erinsborough High. Harlow reveals the truth about her mother, who is under the influence of a group called the Restoration Order.

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    Digital Spy's expanded spoilers are now available:

    Monday 16th Sept

    Chloe is unsettled after her moment with Hendrix and wonders how long Pierce's son is sticking around. Pierce explains that Lisa is looking for a private boarding school that will accept Hendrix, so Chloe is left assured that his visit is only temporary.

    Seeing the need in Pierce to connect with his wayward son, Chloe suggests a BBQ to help cement the relationship. Pierce is grateful, but Chloe is caught off guard when Hendrix arrives early and appears to flirt with her.

    Chloe is not sure what to make of Hendrix's behaviour, especially when she learns that Pierce has offered to find a school for Hendrix locally, which means he'll be hanging around for the foreseeable future.

    Meanwhile, Gail begins to regret her involvement in the ex-wives conspiracy against Paul and she confesses the conspiracy to Harlow. Hurt Harlow encourages Gail to go and be with Elle in New York.

    Harlow vents to Ned – she thought her grandmother came to Erinsborough to get to know her, but it seems that was a cover. Ned convinces Harlow to come around, knowing she'll regret not saying goodbye properly.

    Elsewhere, Roxy coaxes Mark into letting her use his handcuffs as part of their playtime. After their session, Mark finds himself cuffed to the metal coffee table legs, but when he asks Roxy to unlock him so he can go to work, Roxy is alarmed to discover that the key is lost. Harlow turns up to help cut Mark free with bolt-cutters and he's shocked to find out Harlow has known about him and Roxy all along.

    Things get worse for Mark when an intrigued Ned appears, having followed Roxy and Harlow. Mark is mortified to be caught out in such a compromising scenario, but Ned promises to keep their liaison a secret. Later, Scarlett emerges from the darkness. She has followed Ned all the way from Sydney, but why?

    Tuesday 17th Sept

    Ned is shocked to see Scarlett in Harold's ordering a coffee. Scarlett 'admits' she came to Erinsborough as part of a country-wide tour because of Ned, but assures him that it's only because he spoke so warmly about his town. She hopes this will be a fresh start after her fiancé left, but confesses that she needs money and a job. Ned offers to ask around, but Scarlett doesn't hesitate to put a Lassiters Hotel porter in hospital and take his job in order to be close to Ned.

    It's all working out well for Scarlett until she discovers Ned has a girlfriend – Yashvi. The extent of Scarlett's instability is revealed as she opens a scrapbook she is making about Ned, which includes the selfie they took at the airport.

    Meanwhile, Mackenzie is relieved that no-one at school has said anything nasty to her face. However, Susan, Dipi and Shane are more than aware of the negative reactions from some parents about Mackenzie, especially when vocal conservative parent Angela ambushes Susan with a group of disgruntled parents to complain about Mackenzie using the girls' bathroom and changing rooms.

    Although Mackenzie is stung that they're protesting against her, she tries to stay unruffled. However, her fragile façade crumbles when Yashvi discovers hurtful graffiti on the girls' toilets directed at Mackenzie.

    Looking for comfort, Mackenzie finds Shane willing to be a confidant and feels safe speaking to him. But on her return to school she finds a threatening note in her locker warning her not to use the girls' bathrooms, or else. She shows the note to a horrified Susan – this situation has just escalated again.

    Wednesday 18th Sept

    Appalled by the awful note in Mackenzie's locker, Mark is on the case to investigate. Susan's concern for Mackenzie's safety pushes her to ask Mackenzie to use the disabled toilets until the culprit can be found. Although Mackenzie is resigned to this, Shane explodes when he finds out and heads to the school to confront Susan. His intense protectiveness of Mackenzie has Dipi, Elly and Susan concerned – and Susan warns him to back off.

    Yashvi is also outraged by the extreme measure and chooses to only use the disabled facilities in protest. Before long, a large line of students is forming at the disabled toilets. Susan is overwhelmingly proud of her students for highlighting injustice and Mackenzie is further buoyed when Richie joins the line, bringing with him a bunch of his male cronies.

    Despite the overwhelming support for Mackenzie, mean boy Ollie remains opposed to her presence. But he gets more than he bargained for when he calls Mackenzie a 'thing' and Shane goes ballistic and shirtfronts the teenager.

    Meanwhile, when Scarlett 'confesses' how lonely she is following her relocation to Erinsborough, Ned offers to give her a tour of the area, resulting in the pair booking in a three-person dinner at The 82. Scarlett does her best to drive a wedge between Ned and Yashvi by constantly bringing up their age gap. When Yashvi arrives, Scarlett causes serious trouble by revealing that she met Ned in Sydney.

    Hurt that Ned actively lied to her about his association with Scarlett, Yashvi refuses to see his point of view and explodes in a paranoid rage. Ned is guilt-ridden, but Scarlett works hard to convince him that Yashvi was being immature and overly dramatic. Relieved to have her support, Ned spends the rest of the night with Scarlett, completely unaware he's being manipulated by a master.

    Thursday 19th Sept

    Shock sets in after Shane's outburst at Ollie. Although Dipi appreciates emotions are running high, she points out that Shane assaulted a minor and with a criminal record, the threat of prison time is real. She asks Shane for an explanation and he eventually reveals the secret of why he feels so responsible for Mackenzie. Reeling from what she has learned, Dipi now understands his behaviour a little better.

    Ollie's mum accosts Shane for manhandling her teenage son and threatens going to the police. But when Ollie's mum learns the truth of her son's actions, she decides not to take the matter any further, allowing Shane to avoid a criminal charge.

    To Shane, the most important thing is Mackenzie. He fears how his aggressive display has affected her. Mackenzie admits it was confronting, but ultimately, Shane's protective instincts mean the world to her. Shane's efforts have proved to Mackenzie that he has her back – which is more than she can say for her own father. While Shane's chuffed to be making headway with Mackenzie, Dipi becomes concerned by their growing connection, especially after Susan points out Shane is taking things too far.

    Meanwhile, newlyweds Paul and Terese arrive in London, ready to enjoy their honeymoon, but Paul's mood dampens when he learns that Leo has left Erinsborough. Despite Paul's frustration that Leo helped his exes conspire against him, Paul knows he'll miss his son's presence in his life.

    Thinking on the relationship between children and their parents cause the pair to turn their thoughts to Harlow's mother Prudence. Considering they're all in London together, they decide to meet her in person. They send Harlow a message to let them know of their plans, but Harlow freaks out at the prospect. She's desperate for the meeting not to go ahead, but why?

    Elsewhere, eager to show Elly his intentions are good, Finn plans to buy and restore a baby crib as a gift and Bea is touched by his thoughtfulness. Elly calls David, wanting advice on a water birth and David gives her a virtual Skype tour of the hospital's facilities. Aaron notes that being involved with the baby has cheered David out of his funk after Leo's departure and has the same idea to build a crib.

    When Aaron learns about Finn's crib, he urges David to bow out. Finding that focus he needs, David refuses, which needles Finn. Then Finn discovers Elly has been in contact with David and is involving him with decisions regarding the baby's birth, once again shutting Shaun out. With his frustrations boiling over, Finn confronts David and he calls him out about his over-attachment to the baby. Finn suggests he should have a child of his own, leaving David hurt.

    Friday 20th Sept

    Pierce is struggling to find a private school that'll accept his wayward son Hendrix – their interview with Eden Hills Grammar bombs after Hendrix makes inappropriate comments. Pierce decides it's better to attend the next interview on his own, leaving his brash teen in the care of an inwardly reluctant Chloe. When Pierce returns, we learn Hendrix's troublesome reputation has preceded him – a second private school have now rejected him.

    Chloe brings the smug teen down a peg by suggesting Erinsborough High. Hendrix is appalled by the idea, but Chloe and Pierce have fun assuring him it's the perfect solution. While Chloe wants to express her reservations about Hendrix, Pierce shares his excitement about his second shot at fatherhood, and she instead decides to keep quiet. But when Hendrix gets too close for comfort, Chloe realises her troubles with Pierce's over-confident son have only just begun.

    Meanwhile, Amy is curious as to why Harlow doesn't want Paul and Terese meet her mother. Harlow is reluctant but eventually reveals her mum, Prue, is part of a group called the Restoration Order. Harlow explains her mum is prone to going through phases, and the Order has made her even more odd than usual. She's worried Prue will embarrass herself – and worried about not warning Paul and Terese earlier.

    When Paul and Terese meet Prue in London, they find she's an amiable but somewhat flighty free spirit. Prue is keen to hear about Harlow but, oddly, doesn't seem in any rush to have her daughter back. Paul and Terese are left hanging when Prue abruptly ends their catch-up. She flees to meet a mysterious man from the Order. To Prue's private anguish, he commands that she now end all contact with her daughter. Harlow is relieved to learn Paul and Terese had a lovely time with Prue, but is soon confronted by a worrying text from her mum telling her that their relationship is over.

    Elsewhere, rattled by Finn, David abandons his crib project. The sudden change of heart piques Aaron's curiosity, as he can't understand why David has suddenly lost the enthusiasm. David reveals his altercation with Finn – and Aaron is livid. Finn already feels awful about the confrontation, but believes it was justified when a furious Aaron confronts him, leaving Bea and Karl shocked.

    Still fuming about Finn's attitude, Aaron admits to David that he confronted him and is surprised when David agrees Finn was out of line and isn't upset with Aaron for calling him out. David is determined to take his cue from Elly once she's back regarding their involvement with the baby, no matter what Finn thinks.

    Despite Bea's frustration at his actions, Finn remains adamant he did the right thing for the sake of the baby's father, his brother. But when it's clear both Bea and Karl disagree, Finn calls the only person who would understand, Shaun.

    Digital Spy

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