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Thread: Neighbours Spoilers 22nd - 26th July 2019

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    Neighbours Spoilers 22nd - 26th July 2019

    Neighbours spoilers from the TV Week soap diary:

    Monday 22 July

    - Will Paul's plan to derail Amy and Gary's relationship work?
    - Chloe works hard to prove herself to Pierce and he makes an admission
    - Bea and Finn decide to keep their reunion a secret, for now.

    Tuesday 23 July

    - Amy feels torn between Gary and Kyle.Will she act on her lingering feelings for Kyle?
    - Roxy struggles as she feels abandoned again.
    - Paul accepts he needs to be more open with Harlow

    Wednesday 24 July

    - Dee and Toadie prepare for the results of the DNA test? Is she really Dee Bliss after all?
    - Roxy wants revenge after hearing Terese's happy news.
    - Kyle and Sheila agree they need to tell Gary the truth.

    Thursday 25 July

    - When Roxy's plan against Terese backfires, she considers leaving town.
    - Paul is attacked and fingers are pointed at Gary.
    - Toadie and Dee are rattled by information about Heather.

    Friday 26 July

    - Sister Grace reveals all about Dee and Andrea's history.
    - Paul undergoes emergency surgery. Will he pull through?
    - Gary's rage increases when Roxy claims she saw him attack Paul. Did he really do it?

    TV Week
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    Gary’s too obvious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaz21 View Post
    Gary’s too obvious.

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    Digital Spy's expanded spoilers are also available now:

    Mon 22 July

    Kyle remains tortured by Gary and Amy's love. Paul and an increasingly uneasy Sheila ramp up their efforts to derail Gary and Amy. Paul reveals he has a plan to use the Bachelor Auction to show Amy what she's missing. Paul manages to convince Kyle to join the men on display, even secretly organizing for a pricey tuxedo to turn up on Kyle's doorstep. Still down about Amy, Kyle heads to the auction, uncertain whether he'll be a popular contender. But when Paul effusively talks up Kyle's appealing qualities, the crowd of women goes wild.

    Alarmed, Sheila insists Paul's plan has backfired – Amy doesn't look the least bit jealous, and now Kyle could end up falling for the beautiful girl who won him. But Paul reveals it's all a part of his plan – he paid the woman to bid on Kyle to make Amy realise what she's missing. Sheila's dubious, but surprisingly Paul's plan works like a charm. Reaching her limit, Amy reveals the truth to Kyle – she has feelings for him and they're not going away.

    Meanwhile, Chloe prepares herself to win Pierce's company at the Bachelor Auction, but she's dismayed to realise she's got stiff competition. Begging David and her other loved ones for loans, Chloe successfully manages to outbid the legions of other eager ladies for a night with Mr Greyson. But Pierce is hurt and assumes it's all a big joke.

    Chloe begs him to understand her intentions were pure – she just wants the chance to spend time together. Softening, Pierce finally admits that the reason it's so hard for him to be around Chloe is because Ebony was right: he's attracted to her. But he's confused by his own feelings because only last week he was planning to get married to someone else. It's all too much too soon. Optimistic, Chloe insists he take all the time he needs – but is she just setting herself up for disappointment?

    Elsewhere, having acknowledged their feelings and given in to a passionate kiss, Bea and Finn decide it's best to rip off the band-aid and tell Karl and Susan they're back together. But when Susan reveals her worries about Dee and Toadie reconnecting too fast, Bea can see the parallels in her relationship with Finn and wonders if they should hold off going public. Willing to do anything to make sure Bea is comfortable with their burgeoning relationship, Finn agrees. The pair begin to enjoy their illicit romance, but Bea knows it's going to be hard keeping secrets.

    Tue 23 July

    After finally telling Kyle she loves him, Amy knows she has a big decision to make. Admitting to Kyle that she has no idea what to do next, she hears advice from Terese about her decision to break up with Leo for Paul. She's further confronted when Gary pitches the idea of a pricey Bora Bora honeymoon for the two of them, but there's a catch – they have to bring the wedding forward in order to take up a cheaper deal.

    Paul is stepping his efforts up yet another notch, planting fudged evidence that Gary has been double-invoicing Jemima for supplies at the tram project, and pocketing the difference. When Amy gets wind of the discrepancy, she can't help a moment of doubt in Gary – it's the kind of thing he's done before.

    The moment of doubt passes, but it's enough to make Amy realise this relationship cannot survive. She prepares to break up with Gary – just as Kyle overhears a clandestine conversation between Sheila and Paul and discovers what they've been up to. Will he risk losing his chance with Amy again by telling her about Sheila and Paul's machinations?

    Meanwhile, Roxy is consumed by her desperate need to contact Vance and is putting all her energy into thirst-trapping him on social media. At the bar, Leo becomes more and more frustrated with her – admitting to Terese that he's had enough of her shenanigans and is thinking of ousting her from the business.

    Worried about her niece, Terese calls Gemma, hoping that by spending time with her parents, Roxy might come to her senses. However, Roxy is dealt another blow when Gemma and Adam cancel their trip, and Terese is forced to tell Roxy that they're not coming because they're separating. Roxy brazenly claims to be fine but when she has a moment alone, her vulnerability and hurt surface.

    Elsewhere, Harlow and Paul are slowly connecting, but the topic of Rob remains the proverbial elephant in the room. Paul's thrown when Harlow reveals she's been calling the prison, hoping to get visitation access to her father. Concerned that this may have a negative effect on her, Terese stresses to Paul that he needs to think about Harlow's emotional needs over his own.

    Despite feeling uncomfortable about it, Paul must find a way to talk about Rob with his granddaughter. Harlow is curious and touched when Paul gives her a letter he wrote to Rob years ago, when he thought he had cancer, but never sent. It contains everything she needs to know about his relationship with Rob. Will this be enough to finally begin a bond between Paul and his granddaughter?

    Wed 24 July

    With the results of their DNA test looming, Dee and Andrea are plagued by the what-ifs of their family history. Toadie and Dee visit Andrea in prison again, where she shares a new theory about a red headed woman, whom she has only a vague memory of. Andrea speculates she might be their mother, and they were separately adopted out to Heather and the Bliss family. But Toadie and Andrea aren't sure how seriously to take the theory.

    The possibility rattles Dee, who hates to think that she might not be a Bliss after all. Wary of Andrea's deceitful tactics, Dee doesn't place stock in her theory just yet, instead focused on the DNA test results when they arrive. With the results in her hand, Dee and Toadie are about to learn the truth.

    Meanwhile, after reading Paul's letter, Harlow's faith in her grandfather solidifies enough that she asks if she can stay with him long term. Delighted, Paul accepts. As his joy sets in, Paul realises it's Terese he has to thank. If not for her, Paul wouldn't have been able to face his angst over Rob enough to give Harlow a chance. With this partnership rock solid, Paul and Terese finally get officially engaged. Their families celebrate the happy couple. Even Leo congratulates them on the big step, in his own, quiet way.

    But the news isn't welcomed by all. Still railing against her aunt, Roxy is angered to hear that Terese has everything she wants. Determined to serve Terese some level of payback, Roxy sets her sights on Paul. Having heard about his brief relationship with Courtney, and assuming this means he has a secret penchant for much younger hotties, Roxy throws herself at Paul.

    Elsewhere, finding the moment to break up with Gary proves difficult for Amy, and Kyle is holding onto a truth that could change everything. With his dilemma weighing heavily on him, Kyle reprimands Sheila. She's plagued with guilt for her meddling but that doesn't help Kyle's problem. Ultimately, Kyle knows he has to tell Amy the truth, but dreads the chance he'll lose her.

    When Clive learns what Sheila has done and sees the anguish she feels, he encourages her to level with Gary. Despite the backlash she'll face from her son, Sheila admits it wouldn't be right for him to find out from anyone else. But once the truth is finally exposed, what will it mean for the Kyle-Amy-Gary love triangle?

    Thurs 25 July

    Shock sets in as the DNA test results confirm that Andrea and Dee are identical twins and Heather is Dee's mother. Though they knew it was a possibility, Toadie and Dee are stunned as to how this came to be. They need answers, but that means a visit to Heather to learn about the pregnancy. Dee is too confronted for that, so selfless Toadie visits Heather on his own, demanding that he tell her the truth.

    Heather details the story of Andrea's birth, recounting a seemingly unremarkable labour in a hospital in Perth. Frustrated, Toadie can't understand why Heather would lie, but knows her story can't be true as something isn't adding up. Toadie decides to request a check of the records at the hospital Heather named… only to be further baffled when there are no records whatsoever that Heather was ever a patient.

    Dee begins to wonder whether the red headed woman from Andrea's memories may have something to do with everything. She recalls a red headed woman being at her birthday parties when she was younger. Increasingly baffled, Toadie suggests putting Heather under hypnosis may be their only course of action.

    Meanwhile, Roxy's attempted seduction of Paul ends in rejection for Roxy and turmoil for Paul. Embarrassed and fed up with everything in Erinsborough, Roxy decides to leave town. Dismayed by the news, Terese intends to go out and stop her but Paul reveals Roxy's attempted kiss, explaining that it was an attempt to hurt Terese. Aware of Roxy's anger at Terese, Paul goes out to look for her instead.

    Elsewhere, having found out about Sheila and Paul's meddling, Gary is on the war path. Furious that Paul has attempted to sabotage his relationship again, Gary shirtfronts Paul at his engagement party. It's not just Paul that Gary's raging at, he's also bitterly disappointed in his mum for placing Kyle's happiness above his own. With Gary convinced external forces have caused his relationship woes, Amy delays breaking up with him. If she did it now, Gary would blame it all on Paul and Sheila, but Amy wants the decision to be clearly her own and decides to bide her time until the storm passes.

    When Paul offers a brutal, but truthful explanation of why he believes Kyle is better for Amy than Gary, Gary's fury rises. Kyle bears witness to Gary's seething anger at Paul. Later that night, Paul is viciously attacked. Has Gary's rage pushed him over the edge?

    Fri 26 July

    Armed with the DNA proof that Dee, Heather and Andrea are related, Toadie organises for Heather to be hypnotised to see if she can remember the truth about the birth. With both Toadie and Karl present, Dr Robinson puts Heather under and helps her to recall what really happened. Contrary to her constructed memory of a pleasant birth in hospital, Heather actually gave birth under traumatic circumstances in a shelter known as Gartside Grove. She also recalls a red-headed nun, which prompts Dee to wonder if this is the nun both she and Andrea recall from their childhood.

    This information is enough for Mark's colleagues in Perth to track down the nun in question. Everyone is amazed when a guilt-ridden Sister Grace catches an overnight flight and turns up in Erinsborough first thing in the morning. Dee, Heather and Andrea finally hear the grisly tale of what really happened all those years ago – Heather gave birth to twins, and the nuns gave one of her babies to the young Bliss couple who wanted a child.

    Meanwhile, Roxy discovers Paul lying unconscious by the lake after being struck from behind with a heavy object. Everyone rushes to the hospital, where Paul undergoes surgery to stop internal bleeding. Throughout the tense overnight wait, Roxy is subdued, something Harlow notices.

    The next morning, a lucid Paul accuses Gary of being the person who attacked him, something Sheila also worries might be true. However, Amy remains loyal to Gary. Later, a furious Gary turns up at the hospital. Aaron stops him from confronting Paul and making matters worse. Roxy witnesses his fury and subsequently shocks everyone by claiming that she saw Gary at the scene of the attack, something she curiously neglected to mention earlier.

    Digital Spy

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaz21 View Post
    Gary’s too obvious.
    Way too obvious. I'm thinking perhaps Vance - he loves Terese so could have a motive. Either way it's karma for all of his meddling in Amy's relationship.

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    Probably a contact of Robert's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aussieguy View Post
    Way too obvious. I'm thinking perhaps Vance - he loves Terese so could have a motive. Either way it's karma for all of his meddling in Amy's relationship.
    Probably a lost child of his returning to town or another one of Terese's ex lovers..

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