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Thread: Hollyoaks Spoilers 22nd - 26th July 2019

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    Exclamation Hollyoaks Spoilers 22nd - 26th July 2019

    Over on Hollyoaks, sparks will fly between Prince McQueen and Peri Lomax as they embrace Tom's new business venture.

    The pair had a brief fling a few years ago, but Prince's strong feelings for Peri's best friend Lily meant it never went any further.

    Upcoming scenes will see the teen's former connection revisited as they bond while working at Tom's summer camp.

    As Tom proudly launches 'Tom's Turtles' – a children’s wonderland in The Folly – Peri, Prince and Romeo enjoy stepping in as camp leaders.

    When the group decide to split into teams and launch a water gun fight, the spark is palpable between Prince and Peri as they enjoy the summer fun.

    Unfortunately, when Prince grows unhappy with Tom’s new rule enforcement, he quits his duties at the camp – hurting Peri’s feelings in the process.

    But as Prince enjoys his freedom elsewhere, his feelings for Peri haven't gone unnoticed – with both Walter and Lisa encouraging him to ask her on a date.

    When Prince's attempts at asking Peri out don't go to plan, Walter steps in and tells Peri that Prince likes her. But does she feel the same?

    Hollyoaks airs these scenes on Thursday, July 25 and Friday, July 26 at 6.30pm on Channel 4.

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    Monday 22 July 2019 at 18:30 on Channel 4

    Sienna meets with the au pair, Nina, to return her phone, but she steals the twins' passports.

    Sienna tells the twins that on Maxine's wedding day, she's going to take them back.

    Meanwhile, it's the start of summer in Hollyoaks village and Mercedes and Nana ogle Sylver as he emerges topless from The Dog to start the BBQ. Later, Mercedes tries to get Liam to leave, but later they end up passionately kissing. Will Sylver find them?

    Elsewhere, Tom's Turtles is officially open and Tom has set up a children's wonderland in The Folly. The teens are ready for 'the easiest summer of their lives' as they play camp leaders in the great outdoors.

    Tuesday 23 July 2019 at 18:30 on Channel 4

    While Sylver is getting ready for day two of The Dog BBQ, half-dressed Mercedes and Liam are hiding in the bathroom.

    Breda is surprised when she finds Tony crying. He tells her that he should stand by Harry, even if he's guilty. Breda is pleased and encourages Tony to find Harry and bring him home.

    Later, Harry overhears Mercedes and Liam talking about the hit and run and knows Mercedes was driving that night. He begs her to go to the police and tell the truth.

    Marnie tells James to fight for Harry if he loves him.

    Meanwhile, Peri, Prince and Romeo have fun with the kids at Tom's Turtles while Tom is distracted. They split into teams and launch a 'capture the flag' game in the village, armed with water guns. Back at camp, there's a spark of summer love between Prince and Peri.

    Elsewhere, bridezilla Maxine thwarts Sienna's plan to see the twins when she orders her to the salon for a wedding hair trial. While Sienna's there, she tries on wigs and finds one that matches Nina's hair.

    Wednesday 24 July 2019 at 18:30 on Channel 4

    James keeps refreshing the tracking app on his phone. He throws the phone across the room and Marnie warns him not to become like Mac.

    Mercedes is also frantic, asking Liam what they're going to do about Harry.

    Meanwhile, Sienna tries on the blonde wig to make herself look like Nina's passport photo. Brody catches Sienna holding a teddy and knows that she's still pining after the twins. Sienna later confides in Liberty that she can't give Brody the life he deserves and asks her to help get her twins back.

    Elsewhere, Diane tells Breda that Laurie has decided to plead guilty, meaning there won't be a trial.

    Also today, Tom is laying down the law at Tom's Turtles and allocating jobs for Romeo, Prince and Peri. Prince quits when Tom's rule enforcement gets too much, but hurts Peri's feelings in the process.

    Thursday 25 July 2019 at 18:30 on Channel 4

    Scott invites Levi to be his plus one to Maxine and Damon's wedding. He accepts but still has his suspicions about Maxine.

    Maxine is annoyed when Levi tells her about a new treatment that might help. She goes to Levi's office and he gives her two pills to take that will help with her 'constant pain'. He's shocked when she actually takes them, without knowing what they are. Maxine is caught and rushes out, leaving her crutches behind.

    Meanwhile, Prince is enjoying his freedom and sunbathing in the glorious sunshine on The Dog jetty. However, Walter forces Prince to spend the summer in Price Slice to repay his debt now that he's not working for Tom. Walter and Lisa encourage Prince to ask Peri on a date, but it doesn't go well.

    Elsewhere, Liberty suggests that Sienna should get some counselling.

    Friday 26 July 2019 at 18:30 on Channel 4

    It's Damon's 'hula luau' stag do and the boys are topless dressed in grass skirts, but the fun theme doesn't help Damon to keep his emotions at bay.

    Maxine heads to her 'super exciting' hen do. However, by the time she gets there, the girls are all in tears.

    Meanwhile, Walter tells Peri that Prince likes her.

    Elsewhere, Breda picks up Oscar and Ant from Tom's Turtles and hears that Darren has been neglecting his fatherly duties all week. She catches him on the way back from Damon's stag do and decides to keep a close eye on him.

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