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Thread: Neighbours Spoilers 15th - 19th July 2019

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    Neighbours Spoilers 15th - 19th July 2019

    The Digital Spy expanded spoilers are now available:

    Mon 15 July

    Eager to keep his visit to Robert a secret from Paul, David plays along when Roxy claims that he and Aaron are fostering a child. However, Leo finally caves and tells his dad the truth. Horrified, a highly-strung Paul rushes off to intercept David at the prison, desperate to stop his worlds colliding. Terese also frets, and her tension finally gives her the courage to tell Roxy what she thinks of her.

    Paul finally arrives at the prison just as Robert and David are about to speak, but Robert is so angered to see his dad that he retreats again, refusing to see any more visitors.

    David is frustrated – and he's not the only one. Someone else is in the visitors' room and is disappointed that her chance to meet Robert for the first time has been derailed: Harlow, his teenage daughter.

    Meanwhile, with the deadline approaching for her school business project, Yashvi decides to steal Ned's idea and run a graffiti tour of Erinsborough. Bemused Ned agrees to help out, unaware Bea has decided to come along in the hope that spending time with the new couple will help her to get used to things. Finn is unsure the immersion method is really Bea's best way through this, but he agrees to come along for support.

    Watching Bea's efforts to be 'cool' with the new pairing proves difficult for heartsick Finn. He tries to quit the tour early, but not before a creepy tour participant, Luka, realises who he is and starts taking selfies. Seeing Finn upset, Bea rushes to comfort him. When he has his chance to share what's really upsetting him, Finn holds back.

    Elsewhere, Yashvi is embarrassed that Ned held back from PDAs during the tour out of respect for Bea. When she questions him about it, Ned thinks the pair should be careful with each other in front of Bea. Yashvi accepts, coming to understand the situation she's in is much more complicated than she first thought it was.

    Tue 16 July

    Paul, Aaron and David are shocked to learn that Rob had a daughter. Harlow explains that her mum met Rob while she was backpacking through Tasmania. She has never met her dad but has written to him. That was the point of Harlow's trip, but it has now been ruined thanks to Paul.

    Aaron and David invite Harlow back to Erinsborough to stay with them until she can arrange another meeting with Rob, but Paul has reservations about his granddaughter, privately concerned by what she might think of him from Rob's letters.

    As Harlow gets acquainted with her long-lost family, she impresses with her grace and maturity. Having come from a chaotic home, Harlow is particularly taken with the neat, orderly Willis house and builds an instant rapport with Terese.

    Harlow's admission that she doesn’t take Rob's word as gospel and wants to get to know Paul for herself wins Paul over. He welcomes Harlow to stay with them, but it remains to be seen just how this grandfather-granddaughter relationship will play out.

    Meanwhile, Heather is desperate to see Dee. Still bewildered by the similarities between Dee and Andrea, Heather is aching for answers and begs to see anyone who can help her. But Dipi can't stomach the idea of Heather never getting the telling off she deserves. Peacemaker Susan accompanies Dipi, intending to help keep things calm, but when Heather shows no remorse, Susan is the one who loses her cool and cuts her down. Susan delivers a scathing review of Heather's crimes against Sonya, rattling Heather to her core.

    Elsewhere, Toadie has invited Dee to come back and spend some time with him after having read her diaries. As Toadie waits for Dee to arrive, he becomes nervous with anticipation, realising he has no idea what to expect from this new chapter in their relationship. When Dee finally arrives, Toadie's reservations melt away, but the question remains - what's next for these two?

    Also today, fired up after the dressing down Terese gave her, Roxy's frustration with her Aunty T is simmering away, but advice from Leo and Ned challenges Roxy to let go of the grudge. But by the time Roxy is prepared to make amends, Harlow has arrived in the Willis house and Terese has a new focus.

    When Roxy tries to extend an olive branch of her own, Terese pre-emptively expects animosity and cuts Roxy off before she has a chance to apologise. Roxy is increasingly convinced that Terese doesn't really care about her. With Harlow coming to stay, Roxy feels like Terese has everything she wants, and that doesn't include her.

    Wed 17 July

    Toadie and Dee's long awaited reunion takes an unexpected turn for Toadie when Dee reveals she wants to visit Andrea. Toadie warns Dee how manipulative and dangerous Andrea is, but she is adamant – she can't think about her future with these huge questions lingering around her past.

    When Andrea tells Dee that her mum was certain they're not twins, Dee wants to prove it for herself and asks Andrea to give a sample for a DNA test. Andrea obliges, but Toadie again warns Dee this could lead to more harm than good.

    Does Dee want to find out she's related to Andrea – and possibly Heather? But Dee is adamant she has to know the truth about her family. Someone has lied to her and she needs to know who.

    As Dee and Toadie have to wait for the DNA results, they decide to embark on a trip down memory lane. Toadie is thrown when Dee suggests they begin with a visit to the scene of their wedding in the gardens of the Werribee Mansion.

    Feeling guilty, Toadie hides the fact he previously went there with Andrea. Later, Yashvi unwittingly mentions how Andrea tricked Toadie into going, leaving Dee shocked that the man she trusted implicitly has lied to her.

    Meanwhile, finding a groove with his new granddaughter becomes difficult for Paul due to Harlow's interest in Rob. Eager to avoid conversation about his troubled son, Paul becomes evasive and Terese fears his relationship with Harlow could be over before it begins. Some surprising advice from Leo inspires Paul to open up with Harlow, but by the time he does, Roxy has been in her ear, telling Harlow that Paul and Terese aren't as wholesome as they seem.

    Elsewhere, Roxy's social media is flush with hot pics of her living it up. To the outside eye it would seem Roxy is enjoying her best life, but it's all a show designed to gain one man’s attention – Vance. Sadly for Roxy, Vance isn't responding. When Terese comes to confront Roxy over her remarks to Harlow, she sees the deep insecurity that's driving her attention-seeking behaviour and can't help feeling for her wayward niece.

    Thurs 18 July

    Upset to learn that Toadie has already visited Werribee with Andrea, Dee feels robbed of her chance to heal. Toadie is still committed to finding some way to revisit the past. He organises a slide show of their wedding photos and it is a cathartic reminiscence for them both.

    Having reconnected, Dee broaches the subject of how exactly Andrea convinced Toadie she was Dee. Toadie admits his shame and regret. He realises now Dee would never have manipulated or threatened his marriage and the two vow to find some way forward without the spectre of Andrea hanging over their heads. Feeling the warmth of Toadie's care again, Dee begins to wonder – are her feelings for him being reawakened?

    Meanwhile, a contentious opportunity comes Yashvi's way when Chloe sparks an idea to take her neighbourhood tours into a profitable niche territory. Punters online are interested in visiting the significant locations in the story of famous criminal Finn Kelly. Yashvi can make it happen but knows there would be serious backlash. Lured by the money, Yashvi takes the risk, hoping to provide punters a "dark tourism" experience without anyone in the community realising what she's up to.

    An intense tour guest Alfie is desperate to get a picture with Finn himself – or at least get a glimpse inside the Kennedy house where he now resides. Yashvi firmly shuts down the request, but Alfie won't take no for an answer and wanders off from the tour group. He breaks into the Kennedy house, desperate to get a glimpse of Finn. But Bea comes home from a gig and is terrified to meet an intruder in the house.

    Fri 19 July

    Arriving home to see Bea cornered by an intruder, Finn's protective instincts go into overdrive and he pulls Alfie away violently. Learning he was on Yashvi's dark tour of Erinsborough, Bea blasts her friend and insists they call the police.

    Alfie warns Finn that if the police learn how aggressively he lashed out, people may start to wonder if he is returning to his old ways and his living arrangements at the Kennedy house could be compromised. Fearing he's right, Finn lets Alfie go. Yashvi also asks that they don't tell anyone what happened, fearing Ned will dump her if he knew her actions put Bea in jeopardy.

    Bea is conflicted over the whole situation, until Finn finally admits he was overly protective because he's in love with her. Bea wanders to The Waterhole to process and runs into Yashvi, who wants to make sure she's okay after the Alfie disaster. But Bea can't stop talking about her concern for Finn and she realises how much he means to her. She returns to Finn with a confession of her own. She's falling for him too.

    Meanwhile, nervous about meeting Toadie's kids, Dee wonders if they should wait a little longer – but he insists that now they're spending more time together, it's time to bite the bullet and bring her into his new world. Dee and Toadie discuss her past and whether she'd ever thought about having kids, and Dee is overwhelmed at how much Hugo looks like both Toadie and Andrea.

    Later, Dee confesses to Susan it made her feel wistful for the baby she and Toadie never got to have. Karl returns home and is delighted to see Dee seamlessly returning to her old life, bantering with Toadie over dinner. But Susan is troubled when Dee confesses her feelings for Toadie have returned. She cautions Dee to stay quiet, reminding her Toadie is still grieving for Sonya. Dee assures her she won't be saying anything – but when the pair make plans to continue spending time together, Susan begins to worry things are about to get even more complicated.

    Elsewhere, knowing how much Pierce is hurting, Chloe tries to get a moment alone with him at work, to apologise again and check he's okay. But when he continues keeping her at arm's length, even turning down her suggestion he sign up for the Bachelor auction, a frustrated Chloe vents to Kyle, who points out Pierce is a professional. She needs to get him off the clock if she's going to have any chance of getting through to him on a 'friend' level.

    Spying an opportunity, Chloe encourages Terese to get Pierce involved in the auction by reminding him it's to raise money for Sonya's charity. Chloe manages to rope Pierce in and reveals her plan to Kyle – she's going to buy Pierce at the auction and take him on the best date ever. That way, he'll be forced to forgive her for Ebony leaving town and realise they're meant to be. It's flawless… or is Chloe kidding herself?

    Digital Spy

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