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Thread: Eastenders spoilers 15th - 19th July

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    Exclamation Eastenders spoilers 15th - 19th July

    Can Max and Jack manage to locate missing Rainie and Abi

    Phill gets suspicious over who might have his stolen money

    Phil grows tired of Bens irresponsible behaviour
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    EastEnders Spoilers 15th -19th July 2019

    Monday 15 July 2019 at 20:00 on BBC One

    Jack's money woes are getting worse, so he asks Adam if he can exchange on the flat this week. While doing so, Jack spots a half-dressed Habiba in the background.

    Later, Jack's day grows even more concerning when his police friend Muski arrives, warning that his name has come up in an investigation he's been caught out for attacking Fraser.

    Meanwhile, Max is pleased when Jack recognises the hotel logo in a picture that Rainie sent. They head to the hotel together but end up being thwarted by Michael, another hotel guest who has befriended Rainie. Later, when Rainie prepares to leave the hotel, she realises that all of her money has gone.

    Elsewhere, Ian is forced to tell Kathy the truth over what's going on.

    Also today, Keegan is frosty when Chantelle asks him about his feelings for Tiffany, Mo asks for Robbie's help with cleaning at the club, while Phil gets suspicious and asks Shirley for her help with finding out whether the Slaters have his money.

    Tuesday 16 July 2019 at 19:30 on BBC One

    After Muski's visit, Jack is forced to come clean with Tiffany about what happened with Fraser. Jack tries to get Denise to be his alibi, but when he won't tell her why out of respect for Tiffany he doesn't get anywhere.

    When Jack continually refuses to be honest with Denise, she decides to end their relationship. When word reaches the Square that the police are on their way, Max suggests that Jack should go into hiding.

    Meanwhile, Shirley warns Phil about Ben's behaviour after spotting him return home from an all-nighter. After insight from Lola and Keanu too, Phil makes a drastic decision. Shirley also spots a clue to the Slaters' money secret when she spots Jean with new clothes.

    Elsewhere, Rainie tries to Thursday 18 July escape the hotel without paying, while Kathy confronts Max about why he hasn't called the police.

    Also today, Keegan quizzes Gray on his career and gets invited to spend a day in the office.

    Thursday 18 July 2019 at 19:30 on BBC One

    Ben's irresponsible behaviour annoys Phil after another all-nighter. Lola manages to get Ben to reveal what's really going on.

    Later, Ben antagonises two men who've been sneering at him, leading to a fight outside.

    Meanwhile, Martin admits to Stacey that he's sorted things out with Kush and she should do the same with Kat. Stacey refuses, much to the concern of Martin and Jean.

    Later, Jean speaks to Shirley and hints that money is a cause of the feud. Shirley provides Phil with this information and makes him a tempting offer.

    Elsewhere, Stuart goes to find Rainie after he receives a message from her, wanting his help. Rainie goes to desperate lengths to earn some money, but when things get out of hand, Stuart arrives to help out just in time.

    Also today, Caren flirts with Karen at The Prince Albert, while Bobby offers Kathy some advice about the bar.

    Friday 19 July 2019 at 20:30 on BBC One

    Shirley warns the Slaters that Phil knows they have his money and they only have until today to give it back. Jean is horrified to realise that Shirley has betrayed her.

    Most of the Slaters refuse to back down, although Jean pleads with Stacey to give the money back. Later, Shirley returns again and gets annoyed when Kat and Mo refuse to hand the money over.

    Meanwhile, Rainie shocks Stuart by coming up with a dangerous money-making scheme. Stuart wants to protect Rainie, so goes along with her plans.

    Elsewhere, Kathy urges Ian to go to the police about Rainie taking Abi, but he wants more time to think about it.

    Also today, Sharon prepares to send off her paternity test, Karen is shocked when Caren invites her on a date, while Tiffany tries to defend Jack to Denise.

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    why is shirley helping phil?

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