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Thread: Neighbours Spoilers 24th - 28th June 2019

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    Neighbours Spoilers 24th - 28th June 2019

    Monday 24th June 2019

    After everything, Paul might have given up on Terese for good. Meanwhile, Chloe sneaks into Ebony’s office and finds evidence that she is scamming Pierce. Later, Gary sees Kyle and Amy exchanging lustful glances.

    Tuesday 25th June 2019

    Ebony’s explanation leaves Chloe with a tricky decision, while Kyle has an accident at work caused by Gary’s pride and jealousy. Later, Bea and Elly’s mother pays them a surprise visit.

    Wednesday 26th June 2019

    Gary faces the music and Kyle decides to leave when the tram project is complete. Meanwhile, Toadie lets Andrea babysit Hugo unsupervised and later, Andrea discovers that Dipi is searching for Dee.

    Thursday 27th June 2019

    Andrea reveals an incident from her past under hypnosis. Later, she finds Heather in bed with Ian. Meanwhile, Ned is disturbed to see Bea helping Finn make the most of an opportunity.

    Friday 28th June 2019

    Despite Andrea telling her to stop interfering, Heather follows a possible lead on the elusive Karen after obtaining some information from Ian. Meanwhile, Ned joins Yashvi for a fun afternoon, which ends in a kiss.

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    Really? Is it necessary to have another family love triangle? Are the writers struggling that much?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyzaah View Post
    Really? Is it necessary to have another family love triangle? Are the writers struggling that much?
    I do not think they are struggling at all .. they all have had so much experience of these storylines in ALL soaps because that is all they ever do .. with the occasional Who Is The Daddy storyline associated with it ...

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    Here I was hoping this was the last week of Andrea/Heather

    Though Ian in bed with Heather makes me puke

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    Digital Spy's expanded spoilers are now available:

    Mon 24th June

    Paul rejects Terese's proposal, suspecting she's just feeling guilty for running around with Vance. He later admits to Amy that he can't trust her feelings for him anymore. It's only after talking to Leo that he is reminded of everything Terese risked in order to be with him and accepts that she loves him.

    Terese is frustrated at the damage Vance has done to her relationship and takes it out on Roxy, admitting that Vance asked her to leave with him. Hearing once again that Vance gave her up to protect himself and get money for the horse, Roxy grows determined to find him.

    When Ned and Leo both refuse to help track Vance down, Roxy turns to Paul. He agrees to help, as long as she gives Terese a break. Roxy agrees. Terese is shocked when she hears about the plan, but Paul quickly explains. The last thing he wants is Vance back in their lives – he has no intention of following through with a real search. There's a thawing between the two, which cranks up a notch when Paul decides to move back home.

    Meanwhile, still suspicious of Ebony, Chloe keeps close watch on her – and notices how cagey she is around her expensive crystal perfume bottle delivery, paid for by Pierce. Chloe sneaks a peek and sees the boxes are filled with cheap glass bottles. She updates Mark, who tells her to talk to Ebony – she may have a perfectly normal reason for the cheaper bottles. Chloe is about to confront Ebony when she overhears her on the phone telling someone she loves them and will transfer them more money soon.

    Chloe goes back to Mark, convinced Ebony is scamming Pierce. Concerned, Mark tells her to slow down. If Ebony's being dodgy, she's bound to get caught by someone else soon enough. But an impatient Chloe decides to find more proof and sneaks into her desk drawer to find her planner. Ebony busts her, but it's too late – Chloe has found records of bank transfers to a mystery account. She demands to know – who is Ebony paying off?

    Elsewhere, Kyle and Gary continue to show off in front of Amy as they work at the tram site. When Gary goes to buy tools, Kyle challenges Amy to a work-off, which leads to sweaty bodies and surreptitious glances. Gary catches Kyle's look of longing towards Amy and can't help but feel rattled.

    Tue 25th June

    Ebony puts on a show of being hugely affronted by Chloe's subterfuge, but Chloe calls her bluff, citing the suspicious evidence she's found so far and threatening to take it to Pierce. Chloe is convinced Ebony doesn't really love Pierce and is only after his money.

    Cornered, Ebony finally cracks and reveals the real truth: she is skimming some money off the top of what Pierce gives her, but it's not because she's a gold-digger. The money is for her sister, a struggling single mother. Growing emotional, Ebony admits she hasn't been entirely honest with Pierce, but she does love him, more than anything. She begs Chloe not to tell Pierce.

    Chloe is left with a dilemma, which she shares with Mark. Mark thinks it's a no-brainer and Pierce needs to know. But when Chloe later witnesses how besotted Pierce and Ebony genuinely seem to be with each other, she decides Pierce's happiness is more important. She agrees to keep Ebony's secret.

    Meanwhile, Gary continues to feel threatened by Kyle, as well as feeling out of his depth on the building site. He needs Kyle's advice on the ins-and-outs of construction work, but his ego and pride prevent him from asking for it while Amy is around. He later gets caught taking the credit for work he couldn't have done without Kyle's help.

    While assembling scaffolding around the tram, Gary hurriedly insists he has checked it properly. But when Kyle climbs the scaffolding, one of the rails gives way and Kyle takes a plunge to the ground.

    Wed 26th June

    Kyle is rushed to the hospital. Everyone is relieved to learn he only has a concussion and bruising. Gary is racked with guilt, but when he apologises, he gets short shrift from an angry Kyle, who is worried about the repercussions of the safety violation.

    Amy's feelings have been piqued by the accident and she keeps trying to find ways to help Kyle, only to be thwarted when Chloe and Sheila beat her to it. Sensing her growing interest, Paul tests the waters, only to have Amy deny anything other than platonic friendship for Kyle.

    Sheila is increasingly worried about the rivalry between father and son and is dismayed to learn that Kyle has had enough of the constant tension between himself, his dad and Amy. He plans to leave Erinsborough as soon as the tram project is complete.

    Meanwhile, Shane is dismayed to learn Dipi is quietly continuing the search for Karen without Toadie's knowledge, while Andrea's quest to win Toadie over takes a step forward when he finally agrees to let her babysit Hugo unsupervised. Dipi tries to block her, but Toadie wants Hugo to have a relationship with his mother and holds firm.

    Andrea uses the time with Hugo to Facetime Heather, who is delighted to see her grandson, but is also keeping a secret from Andrea. Why has she bought champagne and sexy lingerie, and why does she have a crystal not unlike the one Ian left for Andrea?

    While in Toadie's house, Andrea finds Dipi's dossier on Karen and realises the search for Dee is not over. Workshopping the threat with Heather, she realises she needs to know who is behind the search in order to stop them. Deliberately causing a confrontation in Number 30, she "accidentally" makes sure Toadie sees the dossier. Dipi is left sheepish as Toadie demands an explanation.

    Thurs 27th June

    Dipi tries to explain the dossier and her continuing search for Dee, but Toadie is fuming. He orders her to shut down her efforts, leaving Andrea relieved. Later, Sheila sees the closeness between Andrea and Toadie as Andrea keeps working to gain his trust and sympathy. Having been told off for continuing to go behind Toadie's back to keep the search for Dee going, Dipi shares her woes with Sheila, who is equally suspicious.

    Toadie accompanies Andrea during her hypnosis appointment with Beverley Robinson. Confident she'll be able to stay in control like last time, Andrea hopes to drop another false memory to keep winning Toadie over.

    In the session, Beverley guides Andrea to go deeper and she goes into a hypnotic trance for real, recalling a genuine incident from her childhood. Needing to speak to Heather about the unsettling event, she rushes to Geelong… and discovers Heather in bed with Ian.

    Meanwhile, Ned is relieved by his light sentence of community service for his role in the Community Centre poisoning. But when he arrives for his first day, he's dismayed to come face-to-face with Finn. Finn has volunteered to take on some adult education classes as part of the Sonya Foundation.

    As Bea supports Finn through his first-day nerves, Ned's confronted by their growing closeness. Seeing Finn struggling with his first class, Bea gives a heartfelt speech about how Finn's tutoring helped her to get her mechanic's apprenticeship.

    Ned watches as Bea goes out of her way to boost Finn's confidence and is disturbed. However, he's shaken out of his mood by Yashvi's playful teasing when she comes to him for help with a school assignment. She's certainly a good distraction.

    Fri 28th June

    Livid, Andrea sends Ian packing. Heather downplays the situation, insisting that she was only looking out for Andrea and now she's realised he could be useful – he can help them find Karen. But that's the last thing Andrea wants, and she strongly warns Heather to stop interfering.

    Toadie feels bad for pushing hypnosis on Andrea. Susan wonders if Andrea's efforts to help have changed Toadie's perception of her, and he admits it's hard not to be sympathetic. He invites Andrea over for a play date with Hugo, knowing her son calms Andrea down when she's anxious.

    When Willow finds Andrea spending time with Toadie and Hugo, she's surprised and questions her motives and feelings for Toadie. Andrea backtracks, but Willow's left suspicious.

    Back in Geelong, Heather's with Ian again. Fishing for information, she learns Karen works as a nurse and lives in Byron Bay and decides she'll hunt down "Karen" to ensure she won't be trouble for any of them.

    Meanwhile, inspired by Ned's graffiti tours, Yashvi and Willow decide to work on a hypothetical tour business for a school Business Studies project. When Ned and Terese are dubious about the appeal of an Erinsborough tour, Yashvi decides to take Ned on a fun trial. She and Willow try to interest him in local stops, but Ned's preoccupied.

    Watching Bea grow increasingly close with Finn, he cuts the tour short and asks Leo for advice on moving on. Leo encourages him to think about Yashvi, pointing out that now Ned isn't preoccupied by Bea, he might start seeing her differently and Ned agrees.

    Ned joins Yashvi for a fun afternoon, and when Bea suggests a friendly night walk to Ned, he finds himself saying no. Going back to Yashvi, he decides it's time to take things to the next level. They share a kiss… but where will it lead?

    Digital Spy

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    ned is using poor lovesick yashvi

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    Looking like a matter of time before Kyle and Amy get back together.

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