Emmerdale is lining up life-or-death drama for Cain Dingle and Amy Wyatt's son Kyle.

In scenes set to air next week, Amy will agree to go on a date with Nate, but they'll be interrupted by Tracy and Kerry, who express their disapproval at Nate for dating Amy so soon after sleeping with Tracy.

The next day, Nate attempts to make it up to Amy at the playground. However, Amy discovers that Kyle, who was in her care, has gone missing, leaving her and Nate to search for him.

The real danger occurs later, however, as Dan is called away from the garage and, with his back turned, little Kyle sneaks in and sits in the car with the engine turned on.

A panicked Nate realises that Kyle is locked in the garage, which is now full of smoke. With Kyle trapped, Nate urgently tries to find something to break open the garage door to save Kyle from the fumes.

Meanwhile, a fearful Amy tells Moira how Kyle has gone missing, and Moira is quick to jump into action.

Will Nate be able to save Kyle in time?

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