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    Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) article. The new owner of Salt, Mackenzie Booth, played by Emily Weir (& Dean's half sister/sister?)

    Home and Away: Meet Summer Bay's fiery new addition
    Shaking things up!

    Chatting to Home and Away’s newest star Emily Weir during a break in a busy day on set, it quickly becomes clear to New Idea that the gorgeous actress is about to make her mark on our screens in the best possible way.

    Bursting with excitement, Emily couldn’t be more thrilled to have landed the career break of a lifetime – the pivotal role of mysterious Summer Bay newcomer Mackenzie. And Emily, who has been making a name for herself in the world of stage and film, has every intention of making the most of her first major TV gig.

    Born and raised in Brisbane, Emily studied her craft at Queensland’s University of Technology before moving to Sydney three and a half years ago.

    And through it all, Emily’s family have been avid fans of Home and Away. Safe to say, they were over the moon when she landed a major part in the drama the clan has fondly dubbed ‘Homey’.

    “They couldn’t believe it,” says Emily with a laugh. “Hopefully, I’ll be able to get them into the studio soon and they can meet some of the cast.”

    As for Emily herself, she’s happy to report she was welcomed with open arms.

    “I know people say it all the time, but there is something about the entire Home and Away organisation,” she says. “It really is such a fantastic place to work and there’s a real sense of family.”

    At present happily single, Emily smiles as she says: “It’s just me, and that’s actually been sort of perfect at this stage of my life. With everything going on, it’s been really nice to rely on myself and get to know myself even more with all the wonderful things that are coming.”

    In the meantime, Emily appears in the Bay for the first time as Mackenzie, the new owner of Salt.

    “Mackenzie is a very fierce and independent, smart woman,” says Emily. “We don’t really know what her motivation is for coming to the Bay – there is quite an element of mystery there.”

    Indeed, it quickly becomes clear that running the popular restaurant is far from Mackenzie’s sole reason for setting up home in the coastal town. Stay tuned!

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    TV Week article:


    Ringing Reminder.
    Mackenzie Shuts Down Colby's Kiss.

    There's no denying sparks have flown between Colby and Mackenzie since she moved to the Bay. Despite their trepidation, however, Colby makes a bold move, which doesn't quite go to plan...

    After shocking Dean (Patrick O'Connor) last week with the news that she's his sister, Mackenzie (Emily Weir) seeks him out, looking for help - she wants revenge on their manipulative dad. But Dean wants nothing to do with it.

    Dean's strong words on the subject leave the owner of Salt with plenty of food for thought. When Colby (Tim Franklin) finds Mac deep in thought, the pair chat and bond over their complicated families. Before long, the cop leans in and kisses her. But, after a moment, she pulls away.

    Mac explains that she likes Colby, but can't get involved while he's still wearing his wedding ring...

    "It's a strict moral thing that she won't excuse," Emily tells TV WEEK. "She knows he's separated, but she needs that official symbol to be gone so that he's a single man."

    Will Colby be able to let Chelsea (Ashleigh Brewer) go for good?

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    Digital Spy article:


    Home and Away to reveal Mackenzie Booth's hidden agenda
    What does she really want from Dean?

    Home and Away newcomer Mackenzie Booth reveals her true agenda on UK screens next week.

    Mackenzie (Emily Weir) was introduced to Channel 5 viewers earlier this month when she took over the Salt restaurant, and it'll soon be confirmed on screen that she's Dean Thompson's half-sister.

    Dean (Patrick O'Connor) and Mackenzie have the same father – Rick Booth – and this shared connection is a major factor behind the new arrival's decision to come to Summer Bay.

    Scenes airing on Channel 5 next week see Mackenzie tell Dean that she wants his help with bringing down their dad, who is currently trying to embark on a new career in politics.

    Mackenzie explains that she wants Dean's support as she knows that she'd be viewed with scepticism if she went public with her grievances against Rick on her own. With Dean's back-up, she may be taken more seriously.

    An unimpressed Dean insists that he wants nothing to do with it, but when Mackenzie continues to push the issue, she makes the mistake of bringing up his troubled mum Karen.

    Mackenzie's incorrect assumptions about Karen's history with Rick irritate Dean further, leaving him more determined than ever to stay out of this revenge plan.

    Despite this, Mackenzie sticks to her guns and still thinks she can win Dean round. Who'll win this battle of wills?

    Home and Away airs these scenes on Wednesday, July 31 and Thursday, August 1 at 1.15pm and 6pm on Channel 5.

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