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Thread: Neighbours spoilers June 17th to 21st

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    Neighbours spoilers June 17th to 21st

    Spoilers June 17th-21st

    Monday 17th June:
    Andrea puts the next phase of her plan into operation, but matters take a tricky turn when heather shows up at her apartment. Meanwhile, Chloe voices her suspicions of ebony to pierce.

    Tuesday 18th June:
    Against her better judgment, Andrea allows heather to stay. Meanwhile, Toadie organises a place at erinsborough high for willow, and Elly is given reason to hope for a reconciliation with mark.

    Wednesday 19th June:
    Andrea ingratiates herself with Terese and is offered a job, but heather is clearly not prepared to stay in hiding. Meanwhile, Shaun keeps his distance, as mark reaches a decision about Elly.

    Thursday 20th June:
    Toadie finds Andrea and Ian talking and demands to know what is going on. Meanwhile, as roxys partying get out of control, she tries to drive a wedge between Paul and Terese.

    Friday 21st June:
    Roxy continues to make trouble for Terese, who goes to drastic lengths to reassure Paul. Meanwhile, Andrea manages to allay toadies suspicions, but heather is hellbent on interfering.

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    I am slowly getting sick of this Andrea/Heather storyline. Just lock them both away and move onto Dee already

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    terese can send roxy home

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    Digital Spy's expanded spoilers are now available:

    Mon 17th June

    Andrea is privately pleased when she learns Toadie is not looking for Dee and she puts the next phase of her plan into action. She manifests a series of made-up misfortunes: she gets fired from her cleaning job, struggles with the anxiety about Heather being sighted nearby, and claims her lease is up and she's about to be homeless.

    Seeing how affected Willow is by Andrea's struggles and her worry this will set back her mother's mental health, Toadie offers to loan Andrea a small amount to stay at the hotel.

    Later, Heather is sighted checking into a hostel in the city and only just gets away from the police after Andrea warns her to run. It looks like Heather has vanished again… until Andrea finds her loitering in her apartment.

    Meanwhile, Chloe is incensed after Ebony tells her to back off. She looks for advice from Kyle, who tells her to keep out of it, but Chloe can't let it go. Worried that Pierce is being taken for a ride, she warns him to look further into Ebony and not be so quick to accept her at face value. After Pierce speaks with Ebony about the tension between her and Chloe, Ebony makes a show of apologising to Chloe. But Chloe can see right through her passive aggressive olive branch.

    Wanting to mend her relationship with Mark and needing his brotherly advice, Chloe approaches him for help. He suggests she bide her time – if Ebony really is a gold digger and isn't being genuine, she'll slip up eventually. Chloe takes his advice and changes her attitude, acting as the perfect EA to Ebony – leaving Ebony confused by Chloe's about-face. But will Ebony really slip up and reveal her hand?

    Tue 18th June

    Andrea scrambles to hide Heather from Willow, while Heather begs Andrea to let her stay. She's on the run from the police and has nowhere else to go. Andrea explains it's not possible as she's moving out of the Geelong apartment, and besides, the two of them can't be seen together ever.

    After Heather overhears Willow expressing dismay at the way Heather supposedly treated Andrea as a girl, she confronts Andrea about the stories she's spreading about her childhood. Andrea explains it's all part of the plan, but Heather's left unhappy. Feeling guilty, Andrea reluctantly allows her to stay in the apartment until she figures out her next move. However, she can't help but be concerned that Heather isn't going to stick to her promise to keep out of sight.

    As Andrea moves into the hotel, she makes a show of being dismayed that Willow will soon have to go back to Port Macquarie and school. Toadie again sees how much Willow wants to be near her mother to make sure she's okay, so he organises for her to re-enrol in Erinsborough High. As the family, plus Andrea, celebrate the good news, it's clear that Andrea's scheme to ingratiate herself into the Rebecchis seems to be working.

    Meanwhile, Shaun and Elly are getting along well and when he sees a conversation between her and Mark, he believes there may yet be hope for them. But to confirm his theory, Shaun goes to Mark to ask him if he still loves Elly. He offers to leave town if it would make it easier for them to reconcile. Despite being affronted by Shaun's questions, Mark can't give him a straight answer and Shaun relays this to Elly.

    At first she's doubtful, but he manages to convince her. Shaun decides to leave so the spouses have a chance to rekindle things without him in the way. When Susan and Karl warn Elly not to get her hopes up, Elly realises she needs to find out the truth for herself. She goes to speak with Mark and is thrown to learn he hasn't yet filed their annulment papers.

    It gives her hope that there is still a chance for them, and when she becomes emotional in his presence, Mark's heart breaks for them both and the tender moment leads to a kiss. Will these two be able to find their way back to each other?

    Wed 19th June

    Ensconced in Lassiters with Toadie footing the bill for now, Andrea manages her mother's expectations, using all her powers of persuasion to keep Heather safely out of sight in the Geelong apartment despite Heather's growing restlessness. At the same time, she tries to stall Ian, who is intent on gaining more "rewards" from her.

    When she learns Toadie tried to arrange a job with Terese but was rejected because of worries regarding her trustworthiness, Andrea endears herself to Terese and successfully lands herself a job offer. Thrilled with herself, she believes she's got everything under control. What she doesn't know is that Heather has got sick of waiting in hiding and has come to Erinsborough to see how things are progressing for herself.

    Meanwhile, Elly hopes she and Mark are on the verge of reconciling after their kiss, but Mark asks for time to sort through his feelings. Elly gladly gives it, but Susan and Bea are concerned her hopes are unrealistically high. When Elly tells him a reconciliation might be in the works, Shaun makes good on his offer to leave to give them space.

    But at the same time, Mark confesses to Toadie that he doesn't know if he can get back together with Elly. When she comes to him with hope in her heart, Elly's crushed when Mark tells her he's finally filed the annulment papers. Their marriage is over.

    Thurs 20th June

    As Heather lurks around the complex, Andrea's rattled to be pestered by Ian. Dipi and Sheila continue to distrust Andrea, but Dipi is confronted when Toadie suggests she not be so hard on her. Karl encourages Andrea to continue her hypnosis with a specialist colleague, but Andrea's reticent.

    Things are going well for Andrea, but when Ian arrives on the scene, she knows her plan is in danger. With Heather listening in the shadows, Ian reveals to Andrea he wants to explore a relationship, but Andrea rejects him. Their arrangement is finished, and now she wants nothing more to do with him.

    Undeterred, Ian threatens to spill all to Toadie if she doesn't give him what he wants. Andrea considers her response, but before she can give it… Toadie appears, demanding to know what's going on. Is Andrea caught out?

    Meanwhile, Terese despairs as Roxy and Paul continue to give her the cold shoulder. Paul is sleeping at the hotel, and Roxy's partying so hard she's barely ever home. A frank conversation about their feelings reassures Paul, but Roxy's suspicions about Terese continue to spiral after Sheila lets slip that Vance and Terese shared an intimate dance in the Waterhole.

    Roxy acts up at the Back Lane Bar, forcing a frustrated Leo to kick her and a wild group of drinking buddies out. Kyle and Gary discover her in the tram the next morning… with all their tools stolen. Angry Terese persuades Karl not to call the police, but that's little comfort to Roxy, who proceeds to spill the beans about Terese and Vance's slow dance to Paul.

    Fri 21st June

    Paul is hurt by Terese's dancing dalliance with Vance and puts off moving back in with her. A fuming Roxy is also staying away. She's convinced Terese had an ongoing plan to steal Vance and is determined to prove it. Eventually she finds what she considers evidence. Just as Paul and Terese start to thaw, she confronts them with the photo taken of Terese and Vance when they were younger. Roxy believes the fact that Terese kept it hidden amongst her work documents speaks volumes.

    Terese attempts to explain it away as a nostalgic memento, but Roxy's not appeased. Leo takes pity on her and invites her to temporarily move into Number 32 while Aaron and David are away.

    The photo revelation is also a challenge for Paul. He is forced to admit that after everything they've been through, he's begun to question whether their love is genuine and long-lasting. Desperate to prove he's the only one for her, Terese takes a drastic step… getting down on one knee and asking him to marry her.

    Meanwhile, caught talking to Ian, Andrea makes up a cover story, telling Toadie that Ian was heading to catch up with him and she was warning him away. Toadie accepts the story and agrees he needs no reminders of the search for Dee. In damage control, Andrea sends Ian on his way, promising him they will be together soon. Ian reluctantly agrees to keep quiet, but not forever.

    Another issue arises when Andrea realises Heather hasn't been staying put in Geelong as promised. Andrea warns her mum to pull her head in to avoid blowing everything up as the search for her is widening. Heather agrees, but is still eager to help. Sneaking a look at Andrea's phone, she copies Ian's number, with clear plans to interfere.

    Later that day, Andrea returns to Melbourne and manages to get closer to Toadie again by claiming she wants to use another hypnosis session to help find Heather. Toadie's grateful enough to offer to be there during the appointment.

    Digital Spy

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