In many ways, itís your typical Casualty stunt: robbery at a cashpoint, thieves falling off a moped, elderly woman caught up in the drama. But the person at the scene claiming to be a paramedic has no qualifications at all Ė itís actually Rubyís stalker, Dani. And sheís about to perform a tracheotomy with a scalpel.

As far as set-ups go, itís a winner. But some of that initial tension does dissipate as the episode progresses, despite Dani later getting involved in a separate smash-up. Back in the ED, we get a callback to a past plotline. Unfortunately, itís the one about Jade and Dylan treating wounds with maggot therapy.


Ruby finally plucks up the courage to admit her mistakes to the rest of the team, and Iain offers her his support. Ciaran is tested by his colleagues when he is left to run the department on his own for the day, and Jade starts to believe in herself. Meanwhile, Archie and Will bond as they make fun of Ciaran's productivity charts.