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Thread: Neighbours Spoilers 3rd - 7th June 2019

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    Neighbours Spoilers 3rd - 7th June 2019

    Monday 3rd June

    Toadie is angry to see Andrea in town and annoyed to discover that it was Shane who contacted her. Mark investigates Andrea's claims and find some evidence that Dee could still be alive. Roxy devises a plan to get into Paul's good books in the hope of persuading him to buy Vance's racehorse.

    Tuesday 4th June

    Karl tries to find out how much Andrea really knows by putting her under hypnosis. It seems to be working until she suddenly becomes distraught - but is she faking? Paul decides to buy Vance's racehorse as a gift for Terese. Vance tries to conceal his disquiet when Roxy gives him the supposedly good news.

    Wednesday 5th June

    Toadie reluctantly changes his mind and allows Andrea a supervised visit with Hugo. She leaves with a promise to do whatever it takes to make things right, but she has a hidden agenda. Ned finds out that Terese's new horse is stolen. Furious, she calls off the sale and tells Vance to leave town before she calls the police.

    Thursday 6th June

    David and Aaron book a holiday to Japan, but remain concerned about Mark, especially as Shaun is apparently bonding with Elly. Terese strikes a bargain with Vance. Yashvi has an embarrassing moment with Ned, witnessed by Shaun. When Bea hears about it, she feels confused and gets unexpectedly close to Finn.

    Friday 7th June

    Bea and Finn struggle to make sense of their feelings for each other. Aaron warns Mark against letting his personal feelings interfere with his work. Yashvi tries to deal with the consequences of her faux pas. Chloe learns that Pierce has hired out the Back Lane Bar for a romantic evening and jumps to the wrong conclusion.

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    So obvious they were going to put Bea and Finn back together. Really bored of the Finn story line, no one in their right mind would put him up like the Kennedys have. Hopefully it'll be over with very soon.

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    how is andrea out and near toadie?

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    The same way Finn is out after what he did to Susan and Xanthe the first time round. It's Neighbours logic......

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    I can see Terese falling in love with this horse Paul buys her.

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    These extended spoilers are from

    Monday 3rd June

    Toadie Rebecchi can’t believe his eyes when he is face-to-face again with Andrea Somers, the lookalike conwoman, who almost wrecked his marriage to Sonya when she pretended to be his dead first wife, Dee Bliss.

    Toadie feels betrayed by his brother Shane and his wife Dipi, who have secretly been working with policeman Mark Brennan to track down Andrea, who may hold the key to finding the REAL Dee Bliss, who she claims may still be alive, despite being presumed drowned in 2003!

    In exchange for helping to solve the mystery of Dee, Andrea wants access to see her and Toadie’s baby son, Hugo. But the angry legal eagle warns Andrea there’s no way he’s letting her anywhere near Hugo after all the terrible things both Andrea and her mother Alice Wells (aka Heather Schilling) have done.

    So will all hell break loose when Andrea tries to embrace Hugo while he’s in The Waterhole with Toadie and neighbour, Sheila Canning?

    Meanwhile, still unaware her boyfriend Vance Abernethy’s prized racehorse is stolen, Roxy Willis thinks she’s doing Vance a favour by trying to find a new buyer for the horse.

    And she’s set her sights on ‘ol money bags himself, Mr Paul Robinson!

    Tue 4th June

    Despite the attempts of Toadie Rebecchi to send her packing, Andrea Somers wants to stick around in Erinsborough and see her and Toadie’s baby son, Hugo.

    Although he’s aware he could be treading on dangerous ground by getting involved, Dr Karl Kennedy decides to approach Andrea to find out what she may (or may NOT) know about Toadie’s ‘dead’ first wife, Dee Bliss.

    Andrea agrees to be put under hypnosis, and taken back to that fateful day in Hobart in 2009 when a mystery man mistook her for a woman called ‘Karen’, who might really be Dee!

    But the hypnosis session takes an alarming turn when Andrea starts to speak in a child-like voice and has a terrified reaction. WHAT has she remembered? Or could she be faking her whole performance?

    Elsewhere in Erinsborough, Roxy Willis is finally back in the good books of her ‘Uncle P’ (aka Paul Robinson) and she turns on the charm to try and convince the businessman to buy her boyfriend Vance Abernethy’s racehorse… unaware the prized animal is stolen!

    Will unsuspecting Paul agree to buy the racehorse as a surprise present for girlfriend, Terese Willis?

    But little does Paul know that Terese has another man on her mind at the moment, her rugged ex-lover Vance who is now dating Roxy.

    After another charged encounter between Terese and Vance in the kitchen at Number 22, in which they reminisce about their past romance, Terese remains alarmed by the possibility she’s still got the hots for Vance!

    Wed 5th June

    Toadie Rebecchi is all mixed-up after walking into the Kennedy house and witnessing Andrea Somers have a terrified meltdown at the end of her hypnosis session with doctor Karl Kennedy.

    As far as Toadie is concerned, his first wife Dee Bliss is dead and lookalike Andrea is just playing more twisted games by claiming she has information that could lead to tracking Dee down. However, policeman Mark Brennan points out that Andrea could also lead them to her wicked mother Alice Wells (aka Heather Schilling), and they can finally bring her to justice for the ordeal she put Toadie’s wife, Sonya through.

    After a heart-to-heart with neighbours Karl and his wife Susan, will Toadie agree to grant Andrea her wish and let her see Hugo?

    Andrea vows to do whatever it takes to make things right for her past crimes, including helping the police track down her runaway mum. But little do any of them know, Andrea is up to her old tricks when she makes a secret phone call. But to WHO?

    Meanwhile, Paul Robinson is now the proud owner of a (stolen) racehorse, which he gives girlfriend Terese as a surprise gift.

    But Terese’s excitement at re-visiting her horse riding days is short-lived when Terese receives information from family relative Ned Willis that her new horse is stolen. And the scene is set for a dramatic showdown between Terese and Vance, with her giving her ex-lover a SHOCK ultimatum…

    Thurs 6th June

    What a difference a year makes. Finn Kelly previously tried to kill his ex-fiancee Bea Nilsson, her older sister Elly Conway and their aunt Susan Kennedy. But now he’s living under the same roof as them at Number 28!

    Bea has certainly started to see Finn in a new light, since he awoke from a coma with retrograde amnesia and claimed he was a changed man. And, so far, former teacher Finn does seem to be trying to right some wrongs.

    But while having a laugh together in the backyard at the Kennedy house, there’s a charged moment between the ex-es and it looks like Bea and Finn are about to lock lips…

    There’s more unexpected smooching going on in Erinsborough, when teenager Yashvi Rebecchi’s crush on neighbour Ned Willis is re-awakened.

    Yashvi is thrilled that Ned has been coming along to see her play in her footy matches and he’s grateful that she stood by him in the aftermath of the SHOCK poison gas attack.

    While hanging out with Ned, Yashvi jumps to the conclusion Ned is staring at her lips. So she moves in for a kiss! But has Yashvi horribly misread the situation?

    Elsewhere, as pregnant Elly Conway invites baby daddy Shaun Watkins to her 12-week scan, Elly’s estranged husband Mark Brennan remains distrustful of Shaun and decides to investigate the possibility that Shaun was behind the fire that destroyed police evidence which could have incriminated Shaun’s brother, Finn.

    And Vance Abernethy faces a dilemma after Terese Willis’s SHOCK ultimatum for him to leave town… or she’ll call the police and report his involvement in the stolen racehorse scam!

    Fri 7th June

    Ever since Chloe Brennan’s ex-lover Pierce Greyson returned to Erinsborough, she’s been wondering whether the businessman still has feelings for her, despite the way she originally broke-up with him.

    However, so far Pierce hasn’t given a whole lot away, instead just focusing on his business involvement at Lassiters where Chloe works as hotel manager Terese Willis’s executive assistant.

    But when Chloe discovers from her Ramsay Street neighbours that Pierce has been spotted with a ring and has also hired out the Back Lane Bar for a romantic evening, she becomes convinced he’s planning to propose to her!

    Chloe races to the bar to find out about Pierce’s romantic feelings for her. But she’s in for a SHOCK when another woman walks in… Pierce’s fiancee, Ebony!

    Elsewhere in Erinsborough, Bea Nilsson and her ex-fiance Finn Kelly are both feeling confused by their near kiss in the backyard at the Kennedy house. But it seems ONE of them would be happy to take things further!

    And Yashvi Rebecchi is feeling rejected after her attempt to kiss hunky neighbour Ned Willis went horribly wrong and he dropped the dreaded bombshell that he just want to be friends. Poor Yashvi!

    Meanwhile, Aaron Brennan is concerned when his policeman brother Mark seems to be letting his vendetta against Shaun Watkins cloud his judgement. Mark is on a mission to prove Shaun was responsible for the fire which destroyed vital police evidence that could have incriminated Shaun’s brother, Finn. Will Aaron warn Mark to back-off in targetting Shaun?
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