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Thread: Neighbours Spoilers 27th - 31st May 2019

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    Neighbours Spoilers 27th - 31st May 2019

    (Brief plot synopsis from virgin media TV guide)

    Mon 27th May

    Leo discovers that Vance has a stolen racehorse, but agrees to keep the secret for him. When Karl puts the renovation of his tram out to tender, Chloe encourages Kyle to enter a bid.

    Tue 28th May

    Finn discovers that he knew Harry before his 12-year memory gap and Elly has a fresh problem when Shaun returns. Meanwhile, Roxy innocently plans to find a buyer for Vance's racehorse.

    Wed 29th May

    Elly is concerned that Shaun wants to be involved in the baby's upbringing and Mark serves Elly with annulment papers. Meanwhile, Gary bids for Karl's tram project and Amy has an answer for Gary.

    Thurs 30th May

    Elly decides not to contest Mark's annulment application and to concentrate on being a single parent. Meanwhile Mark receives some news about Andrea and leaves Shane with a decision to make.

    Fri 31st May

    Shane brings Andrea back to Erinsborough but Toadie spots them before he has a chance to explain. Meanwhile, Finn attempts to play peacemaker between Bea and Ned and also David and Aaron.

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    I’m sure Chloe and Elly will end up raising the child together. If it’s actually born, that is.

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    Digital Spy's expanded Neighbours spoilers are now available:

    Mon 27th May

    After their intimate late-night run in, the unspoken heat between Vance and Terese continues to simmer. Terese is determined to force Vance out of town and hopes that cutting his ties to the Back Lane Bar will give Vance a push to leave. Terese urges Leo to reconsider his new business partner, but Leo is hostile to her advice and after his own investigation, decides not to oust Vance.

    Thwarted, Terese takes a direct approach with Roxy, hoping that an honest heart-to-heart will lead her to end the relationship. But Roxy remains utterly devoted to Vance and there seems to be no escape for Terese.

    Later, Leo grows suspicious about what his new business partners are up to, trailing the pair and discovering that Vance is in possession of a race horse – and unbeknownst to Roxy, it's stolen. Vance had a rich buyer lined up to take it off his hands and the deal has fallen through. Now he's scrambling, desperate for a new patsy to offload it to. He vows that his illicit activities won't impact Leo or the bar, and Leo reluctantly agrees to keep it a secret for now.

    Ned becomes concerned that Terese can't shake her past. When he catches her hot under the collar as she gazes at the old photo of herself and Vance, Ned confronts her. Have Terese's feelings for Vance been awakened?

    Meanwhile, after the debacle of Gary's surprise wedding, Chloe feels guilty that she's the one who outed Kyle's feelings for Amy and is eager to make amends with Kyle. When Paul convinces Karl to put his tram renovation out to tender, impatient to establish a new business there, Chloe encourages Kyle to apply.

    While helping Kyle prepare a pitch, Chloe encounters Pierce and ropes him in to help lend some business-savvy advice. But Kyle ends up feeling patronised, and when Pierce leaves, Chloe sheepishly admits to Kyle that she mostly asked Pierce to get involved as a way to fish for extra proof of Pierce's interest in her. While Kyle is increasingly hopeful of winning Karl's tram tender, Chloe is utterly convinced that Pierce is back in town to win her favour.

    Tue 28th May

    With Mark shutting her out, Elly is grateful to have Susan take over as her birthing partner but is ashamed to reveal the secret of Dean's blackmail. Susan is disappointed, but focuses on showing support – including taking Dr Dietrich to task for her son's invasion of Elly's privacy. Elly is grateful and repays the kindness by assuring Susan she'll give a full statement to the Department of Education and take a voluntary leave of absence.

    Keen to now focus on someone other than herself, Elly is a confidante for Finn as he struggles to crystalise his memory of Harry. Hearing that he remembers an older red brick building, she's perturbed that the description doesn't match the school they taught at.

    Elly and Finn take their findings to Harry, who confesses the memory is from the first time they met – when Finn was an 18-year-old teaching student visiting Harry's former workplace. Finn is relieved to realise it falls outside the 12-year window of memories his coma erased – which likely means there won't be a second hearing.

    Elly is happy to have helped, but her good spirits are shattered when Shaun Watkins reappears.

    Meanwhile, although Terese is confronted by her resurgent sexual tension with Vance, she's fairly sure it's just nostalgia. They were each other's first loves and seeing him transports her back to the passionate affair they shared 25 years ago, which Terese put an end to when she realised they were on different paths.

    Terese admits all this to Ned, but guiltily keeps it hidden from Paul. She's further confronted when she and Paul find Roxy and Vance in a compromising position on the couch. He apologises, but it's a charged moment for Terese. Could there be more to Terese's feelings than she'd thought?

    Elsewhere, Vance is becoming more desperate to sell the horse, knowing it's a ticking time bomb and only a matter of time before Roxy realises it's stolen. Roxy can't understand why he's so stressed, sure it can't be that hard to find the right buyer. When she pauses to contemplate exactly how loaded her Uncle P is, she starts to formulate a plan.

    Wed 29th May

    Elly is horrified that Finn asked for Shaun to return to Erinsborough without giving her a heads up, but the blow is softened when Bea thaws towards her. She's reticent to speak to Shaun, but he's determined to work things out about the baby now that her situation with Mark has changed.

    With encouragement from Susan and Karl, Elly has an uncomfortable conversation with Shaun. She pushes against his desire to be involved in the child's life, but Shaun is patient.

    Meanwhile, Bea is empathetic towards Mark, admitting that she felt betrayed by Elly as well. However, she has since forgiven Elly and wonders if Mark can find it in his heart to talk to her, for the sake of the baby. When he receives a similar push from David (in direct opposition to Aaron), Mark bites the bullet and seeks Elly out… only to find her talking to Shaun.

    Wanting to apologise, Shaun catches Mark to give his side of the story, but things escalate when Finn drops the news that he also knew about the secret before Mark. The air on the street becomes charged as the three of them almost come to blows. The news pushes Mark to the limit and he makes a difficult decision, visiting Elly again… to deliver annulment papers.

    Elsewhere, knowing Gary is anxious for Amy to return with a decision about their future, Sheila encourages him to put in a tender for Karl's tram business to keep him occupied – unaware Kyle has already working on a bid for the very same project. Putting their recent acrimony behind them, Karl's happy to hear Gary's ideas.

    Kyle is also awaiting word from Amy and is disappointed when she avoids him upon returning. As Jimmy stonewalls Paul's attempts to get information on Amy's decision, Amy finally talks to Gary to reveal that their engagement is still on. But when they head to The Waterhole to celebrate, Gary clocks Amy sharing a loaded look with rejected Kyle. Are their issues really resolved?

    Thurs 30th May

    Shocked by Mark's decision to seek an annulment, Elly weighs up whether to fight for her marriage or give in to his request. After a conversation with Shaun, in which Elly remains unsure whether she wants to include him in the child's future, Elly announces that she's not going to stress herself fighting for a marriage she has broken, choosing instead to focus on creating a healthy environment for her unborn child.

    After delivering the completed application to Mark, Elly finds unexpected support in Toadie, who allays the growing fear she has about potentially embracing life as a single parent. Both Mark and Shaun see Elly holding Hugo, leaving them ruminating on their respective futures.

    Meanwhile, Sheila requests a reluctant Amy forego helping Gary drum up ideas for his tram tender to instead speak with Kyle now that he has learned of Amy and Gary's reunified status. Amy's apology leaves Kyle heartbroken and willing to give up on his own decision to tender for the tram and leave town altogether.

    Wanting to keep Kyle close, Sheila encourages him to stick with his bid for the tram in order to build a future for himself—and instead tries to ward Gary off his own tender plans to make sure Kyle doesn't have any competition. But when Gary stays firm, Sheila is left feeling as though another collision between her two boys is unavoidable.

    Elsewhere, a heartbroken Mark allows himself to be comforted by Chloe after his decision to annul his marriage, tentatively letting Chloe back into his life ever so slowly. But he forgoes further time with his sister after he receives a mysterious phone call. He calls Shane over to tell him he has received word from a contact about Andrea's location. Turns out she's not far away, in Geelong. What will Shane do with this information next?

    Fri 31st May

    Reeling from Mark's news that Andrea has been tracked down, Shane makes the decision to visit her himself, before saying anything to Toadie. She agrees to speak to him, but Shane is not sure what to make of her story about the mysterious man she met at the Salamanca Markets, who claimed he recognised her as 'Karen'.

    Shane finds Andrea seemingly together, supporting herself with a cleaning job and working towards getting her life on track. But Andrea claims her memory is cloudy and gives only limited information to Shane about the crucial incident.

    Drawn in by Andrea's hope that Dee might be alive and that it could help make her own sordid history right, Shane seeks Andrea's help in investigating further. Andrea agrees, on the condition Shane helps her see Hugo.

    Making the deal, Shane brings Andrea back to Erinsborough, planning to prepare Toadie before he announces Andrea's arrival — but they're caught off-guard when Toadie accidentally springs them together first. Toadie is not happy.

    Meanwhile, guilty over his role in the heartbreak between Bea and Ned and the ongoing tension between David and Aaron, Finn seeks Yashvi's assistance to find a way to make things right. Yashvi agrees to help, and the pair send all four to an afternoon at the day spa, hoping a tension-free environment will help bring about productive conversation between the two couples.

    Lingering animosity causes the couples to separate, so Bea ends up in the sauna with David , while Ned gets a massage with Aaron. As each pair ruminates on the effect Finn has had on their lives, Aaron realises he needs to pull his head in, lest his relationship go the way of Bea and Ned's, and he proceeds to make things right with David.

    On the other hand, Ned reflects on the error of his ways and assures Bea she was right to break up with him. As Bea laments the end of her relationship, she thanks Finn for his efforts nonetheless and takes comfort in him. These two are drawing closer together.

    Digital Spy

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    It must be in Rebekah's contract that Terese has a new love interest every year, regardless of where the character finds herself at the time. At least there is a backstory to this.

    Looking forward to the resolution of the Andrea story. Not really looking forward to the Elly/Shaun thing though.

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