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Thread: Neighbours Spoilers 20th - 24th May 2019

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    Neighbours Spoilers 20th - 24th May 2019

    Monday 20 May

    Finn visits Harry Sinclair, who blackmails him into becoming a regular prison visitor. Finn confides his fears that his memory may be returning to Elly, but Finn's behaviour has increased Mark's suspicions. Terese worries that Vance will reveal her chequered past. Ned prepares to face charges for his role in the poison gas incident.

    Tuesday 21 May

    Finn admits his fears to David, distracting him into forgetting about lunch. Instead, Aaron comes to his office and discovers Finn's secret in his medical file. Meanwhile, anxious to preserve her own secret, Elly persuades Mark to shelve his suspicions of Finn. Chloe tries to find out why Pierce Grayson is back in town.

    Wednesday 22 May

    David is furious with Aaron over his breach of confidentiality as the Kennedys, with Finn's full co-operation, arrange to have the conditions of his release reassessed. Elly finally cracks under the pressure and tells Mark that he is not the father of her baby. Kyle discovers the exact nature of the surprise that Gary is planning for Amy.

    Thursday 23 May

    Mark and Elly's lives are torn apart as she confides all her guilty secrets to him and her family. Mark listens in horror then kicks her out, while her family are rocked to discover about her agreement with Shaun to take in Finn. Gary unveils his big surprise as Amy turns up for her birthday party, but how will she react?

    Friday 24 May

    Amy's reaction to Gary's surprise encourages Kyle to declare his own feelings for her. Unsettled, she leaves town for the weekend to think. Terese continues her attempts to influence Roxy against Vance, but is she falling for him herself? Chloe feels guilty about her role in Mark and Elly's break-up, but finds a sympathetic ear in Pierce.

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    i was sure elly would not fess up at least this soon

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    Friday 24 May
    Chloe briefly reflects on her role in Mark and Elly's break-up, but gets distracted by something shiny and decides to go over there instead.

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    Is poor Gary ever going to get a happy ending?

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    Thank god that’s over. Don’t know how much more I could take of Elly’s drama.

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    So was Terese's checkered past like , on the streets ? or like what Chloe done but without her clothes on ?? Unbelievable!!

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    Digital Spy's expanded spoilers are now available:

    Mon 20th May

    Finn is disturbed that he recognised Harry, leaving him desperate to find out if his memories are actually returning. He turns to Karl for help to arrange a visit with Harry in prison. Finn uses the guise of wanting to apologise for what he has done, but secretly wants to get to the bottom of why he remembers him.

    A sad and lonely Harry opportunistically turns the tables on Finn he knows Finn remembers him, and this could jeopardise Finn's freedom. Harry blackmails Finn into becoming his regular visitor, which arouses further suspicion from Mark when he learns of the arrangement. Something about Finn's behaviour isn't adding up for Mark.

    Burdened by his fears that his own mind is changing, Finn opens up to Elly who, with Finn as her own secret-keeper, reluctantly agrees to keep his confidence for now. But with Mark increasingly convinced Finn's hiding something and realising Elly is somehow involved Elly feels the walls closing in.

    Meanwhile, Roxy is full of excitement that her man Vance is getting cozy in her world. Terese is on edge, confronted by this unwelcome blast from the past. Terese and Vance share a chequered history that she does not want exposed. Although Vance insists he's a reformed man, excited by a fresh start in Erinsborough, he delights in pushing Terese's buttons.

    As Vance makes himself known to Paul and the family, Terese fears what he might reveal and becomes determined to end his relationship with Roxy. But Roxy is utterly devoted to Vance and Terese realises she has got a dangerous situation on her hands.
    Confiding in Ned, who knows how bad the Abernethys are from his own Darwin days, Terese sets herself on a mission to rid Vance from their lives.

    Elsewhere, Bea and Ned navigate their heartbreak, while Ned prepares to face charges for his role in the community centre debacle.

    Tue 21st May

    With Finn causing unspoken tension between them, Aaron and David try to dance around the awkwardness by promising to make time for each other. At Finn's neurological check-in session with David, Finn admits there may be a chance his memory is returning.

    David explains he has a responsibility to report it, and the authorities would have to question his release and freedom. When Finn pleads with him, David accepts the situation isn't definitive and resolves to call Beverly Marshall for advice.

    Distracted by his focus on Finn, David realises he has stood Aaron up for their dinner plans. Aaron is understanding and they enjoy a picnic dinner in David's office until David is paged away.

    Aaron, whose suspicion over Finn has been piqued by Mark, accidentally comes across Finn's file and decides to snoop. He is shocked when he catches a glimpse of the possibility that Finn's memories may be making a comeback. Aaron is deeply torn, but ultimately takes the information to Mark. Will Aaron's actions inadvertently blow both Finn and Elly's secrets wide open?

    Meanwhile, Elly attempts to subdue Mark's suspicion of Finn, but she remains deeply torn. If Finn's memories really are coming back, he could become a danger to her family. However, if Finn's secret gets revealed, hers could be too. Elly decides to do some investigating of her own but her anxiety reaches breaking point as she begins to fear the consequences of keeping it secret.

    Elly snaps at Mark, convincing him that his constant obsession with Finn is causing her a dangerous level of stress. Apologetic for his bullheadedness, Mark promises to make Elly his priority and leave Finn alone. Relieved but sickened by the way she has manipulated her husband, Elly confronts Finn and lays down the law if his memory is returning, then he needs to turn himself in.

    Elsewhere, Chloe is surprised to hear that Pierce Greyson is back in town, and is immediately curious of his motives. Chloe seeks out a chance meeting with Pierce, only for him to leave after a brief catch up. Pierce's enigmatic behaviour leaves Chloe feeling he may have been playing hard to get, which leaves her even more curious could Pierce have come back for her?

    Wed 22nd May

    With news spreading that Finn's memories may be returning, Elly fears that Finn may now reveal her own secret. Despite Elly's spiralling fears, Finn reassures her that he will continue to keep her confidence, no matter what.

    However, Finn can see the toll Elly's secret is having on her. He believes she can no longer carry the burden without doing serious harm to herself. Elly wrestles with the truth of this, knowing Finn is right. Coming face-to-face with Mark, Elly breaks down and finally reveals the terrible truth he is not the father of her baby.

    Meanwhile, the Kennedys and David prepare Finn to face the music, determined to do things by the book. They arrange for Finn's supervision to be increased, and for his release conditions to be reassessed. With a new hearing now pending, Finn knows this may end up with him being sent to jail but remains determined to do the right thing.

    Elsewhere, when Gary starts acting strangely, Amy realises he is planning a surprise birthday party for her. Little does she know, Gary has a much bigger surprise in store. He has flown Jimmy in from New York and asks Toadie to hide him overnight. However, Kyle discovers Jimmy is in town and learns about the birthday party. He realises he hasn't been invited and confronts Gary about it.

    Gary is forced to reveal that what he's planning isn't just a birthday it's a surprise wedding for Amy. As Kyle reels, Gary admits he didn't invite Kyle because he knows he is still in love with her. Kyle is stung that Chloe blabbed his secret to Gary but focuses on trying to convince Gary his plan is a huge mistake he shouldn't blindside Amy. Gary arks up, claiming that Kyle is only trying to wreck the idea because he wants Amy for himself.

    Also today, David is furious at Aaron for breaching the sanctity of his job, and the couple are more at loggerheads than ever.

    Thurs 23rd May

    As Elly comes clean about all the terrible things she has done to hide the truth from Mark regarding the paternity of her baby, he is gutted by every terrible blow. He's appalled to hear the real father is Shaun and that he knows the truth. However, the biggest punch in the gut comes when Elly tells him she passed off Caitlin's 12-week scan as her own baby's. Horrified and devastated, Mark demands she get away from him.

    Elly is forced to reveal all to her family, while Mark confides in a fractured Aaron and David. Bea and the Kennedys are rocked to hear about the deal Elly made with Shaun to get Finn into Number 28.

    Unable to comprehend who Elly has become, Mark snaps and kicks her out of the house for good, with one parting shot. He only took her back after the Chloe saga because she was pregnant, not because he loved her. It seems like the end of the road for these two but with a baby on the way, Elly's troubles are only just beginning.

    Meanwhile, Amy's surprise party gets under way and Paul is thrilled to see Jimmy. However, he's confused by such a huge gesture from Gary and starts to smell a rat something else is going on.

    Sheila wonders why Kyle isn't at the party and slips off to suss it out. She finds Kyle at home, who reveals that Gary is planning a wedding and told him not to come. Though shocked, Sheila demands Kyle stay out of it, even when an unhappy Kyle admits the thought of Amy marrying Gary is killing him.

    Later, when Kyle turns up at the party and wants a private word with Amy, edgy Gary puts his wedding plans into motion. He announces to Amy and the rest of the gathering that they are not actually at a birthday, but a wedding. Amy is speechless, as a conflicted Kyle slips out unnoticed. How will Amy react to Gary's big news?

    Fri 24th May

    Mortified by Gary's attempt at a surprise wedding, Amy quickly shuts down the entire event, leaving Gary feeling even more insecure about Amy's feelings for him. While Gary comes to realise the error of his actions and scrambles to come up with ways to make things right, Kyle decides his secret has lingered long enough, and declares his feelings for Amy.

    To his surprise, Kyle is left with a faint glimmer of hope when Amy doesn't immediately shut him down. After Paul challenges Amy over a potential future with Gary, Amy decides to go on a break to think and takes Jimmy away for the weekend, leaving both men feeling unsure about what the future holds.

    Meanwhile, Terese asks to spend time with Roxy, hoping to influence her into turning against Vance. But a savvy Vance interrupts the pair's time together, playfully stirring Terese with flirty comments and reminders of their youth. Still, Terese is determined not to let Vance push her off course that is, until a nighttime run-in with him leaves her breathless. Is it only a matter of time before Terese falls for her former flame?

    Elsewhere, Chloe struggles to deal with the fact that she can't comfort Elly and Mark during their break-up, due to her involvement in it. But surprisingly enough it's Pierce who makes her feel better about this when they run into each other and he gets her to open up about it. But when Chloe expects a follow-up text from Pierce and it doesn't appear, Chloe starts to wonder whether she has it all wrong about him being back in town for her.

    Digital Spy

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    Poor Gary, Kyle needs to back off and leave the two of them in peace.

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    Old Bubbles Terese trying to shag another bloke on the show hey. No wonder Lou Carpenter stays away from the place....

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