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Thread: Neighbors spoilers April 22nd to 26th.

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    Neighbors spoilers April 22nd to 26th.

    Monday 22nd April 2019

    Amy and Gary try to promote a romance between Kyle and Chloe, but Kyle realises that Paul is behind it. Sheila discovers that Kyle left Georgia because he still loved Amy and confronts him over his secret. Aaron tells Paul that David was injured in a fight at Backpackers because Leo was not there.

    Tuesday 23nd April 2019

    Shaun agrees to keep Elly's secret but exacts a heavy price. The Kennedys are stunned by Elly's sympathetic testimony on the final day of Finn's hearing, and more shocks follow when she tries to persuade them to house Finn if he is not sent to prison. Kyle begs Sheila not to reveal the contents of Georgia's letter to Gary.

    Wednesday 24rd April 2019

    Ramsay Street reacts to the Kennedy's decision to house Finn. Ned is angry with Elly, causing tension with Bea. Elly is weighed down with guilt but is unable to admit the truth. Toadie, back from the USA, forbids his kids to visit the Kennedys. He is even angrier to find that Shane and Dipi have packed Sonya's things away.

    Thursday 25th April 2019

    Finn tries to ingratiate himself with the community by offering Karl's home-grown produce around, but Susan finds a razor blade in an apricot. David decides that he wants to specialize in neuropsychiatry, intending to use Finn as a case study. Toadie apologises to Shane and Dipi.

    Friday 26th April 2019

    The Kennedys retrieve the contaminated fruit, but not before Aaron gets a nasty cut. The entire community immediately suspects Finn, but Bea and Susan are not so sure and ask Mark to look into the matter. Still hoping to break up Gary and Amy, Paul offers Chloe serious money to stay away from Kyle.

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    kyle is back as "he loves amy", he dumped her how many years back for georgia, the love of his life

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    Quote Originally Posted by lizann View Post
    kyle is back as "he loves amy", he dumped her how many years back for georgia, the love of his life
    Yeah don't buy it either. Doesn't make sense.

    And really how far do you need to look for the fruit saboteur - it's Ned!

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    I think that the saboteur is Shaun. We are going to find out that hes always been bad and used to frame Finn as a kid and that is why his parents thought Finn was a bad seed.

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    oooo that sounds like a good story line, but how do we explain Finn's other bad deeds, since Shauns not been in the picture all this time - is it just his brain tumour?

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    after all he has done sorry but finn can't be redeemed

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    Neighbours expanded spoilers for 22-26 April from

    Mon 22 Apr

    Just as things are getting super-smoochy between new housemates Kyle Canning and Chloe Brennan at the Easter pool party at Number 32, Kyle’s gran Sheila arrives with a real passion killer… divorce papers from Kyle’s wife Georgia in Germany!

    Kyle still hasn’t fully explained the reasons behind his break-up with Georgia and his return to Erinsborough. So Sheila decides to do some snooping and is alarmed when she finds a personal letter in the envelope with the divorce papers, revealing Kyle broke-up with Georgia because he is still in love with his ex-girlfriend Amy Williams, who is now dating his dad, Gary!

    Could Kyle’s secret feelings spell trouble for Amy and Gary. And where does that leave confused Chloe who is unsure if Kyle’s hot/cold behaviour means he is interested or not?

    Meanwhile, there’s an emergency hospital dash for Aaron Brennan after his hubby David Tanaka is caught in the crossfire of a punch-up at the Backpackers and ends up with a black eye.

    Aaron is angry that David got injured while dealing with his brother Leo’s business, who was too busy getting drunk at the pool party.

    But when Leo and David’s dad Paul Robinson finds out Leo has been neglecting his duties at the Backpackers, will it be the cause of another BIG fallout between father and son?

    Tue 23 Apr

    As the final day of Finn Kelly’s hearing arrives, Elly Conway is in a spin after coming face-to-face with her recent one-night stand, Shaun Watkins, and discovering he is Finn’s half-brother!

    Shaun reels from the revelation he is the father of Elly’s unborn baby – a secret she has been keeping from her husband, Mark Brennan. But Shaun unexpectedly agrees not to make trouble, if she agrees to help Finn in court…

    So, everyone’s surprised when Elly takes to the stand in court and instead of laying into one-time lover Finn, she practically excuses all the terrible things he’s done to her, sister Bea Nilsson and their family.

    There’s anger in court, when the judge rules Finn is no longer a threat and will not be sent to prison. Instead he’ll be released into ‘supervised housing’.

    But there’s another shock in store, when Shaun blackmails Elly into convincing the Kennedy family to allow Finn to move in with them in Ramsay Street until he’s properly back on his feet! If she does, Shaun promises he’ll leave town and nobody will ever find out he’s her baby’s father.

    Can Elly convince her aunt Susan Kennedy and her husband Karl to take in Erinsborough’s most hated man?

    Wed 24 Apr

    Ramsay Street is a neighbourhood divided, as Finn Kelly turns up to move in with the Kennedy family at Number 28, after avoiding a prison sentence for his previous crimes.

    However, there are those on the street who still believe Finn belongs behind bars – including Bea Nilsson’s boyfriend, Ned Willis.

    Ned doesn’t believe Finn is a changed man at all, despite his claims of amnesia when he awoke from a coma in hospital a while back.

    So when Ned walks in on Bea with her hands on her freshly showered ex-fiance Finn, who is wearing only a towel, he immediately jumps to the conclusion Finn still has designs on Bea… and snaps!

    Meanwhile, Elly Conway is struggling to deal with her guilt over convincing the Kennedy family to give Finn a home. But it was either that or risk Finn’s brother Shaun Watkins revealing the truth about their one-night stand and the fact he’s the father of her unborn baby – and NOT Elly’s husband, Mark Brennan!

    But with Shaun soon heading back to Switzerland, it looks like Elly’s secret will remain safe… for now.

    Elsewhere, Toadie Rebecchi and his kids return to Ramsay Street after their family trip to the US.

    But the legal eagle is in for a shock when he finds out what’s been happening while he’s been away, and that his well-meaning brother Shane and his wife Dipi packed up the belongings of Toadie’s late wife, Sonya.

    Flipping out, Toadie turns his fury on Shane and Dipi and wants them to move out of Number 30 by the end of the week

    Thurs 25 Apr

    There’s a late-night kerfuffle at the Kennedy house when Ned Willis angrily confronts Finn Kelly over his intentions towards Ned’s girlfriend, Bea Nilsson.

    Ned is not impressed after catching Bea helping a near-naked Finn and warns the Kennedys’ new house-guest he’d better back off!

    Bea makes it clear there’s nothing going on between her and ex-fiancee Finn. But she’s unaware of Finn’s growing feelings for her…

    Meanwhile, with the street divided over Karl and Susan Kennedy’s decision to give troublesome former teacher Finn a home, Finn comes up with an idea to distribute some of Karl’s delicious homegrown apricots to the neighbours as a peace offering.

    However, does Finn have sinister intentions in mind? Soon after the bags of apricots have been delivered to all the neighbours, Susan makes the shock discovery there are razorblades hidden inside the fruit…

    Meanwhile, after Toadie’s blow-up at his brother Shane and his wife Dipi, Susan helps grieving Toadie see that his family were just trying to help when they packed up his late wife Sonya’s belongings.

    Not wanting to lose the support of his family so soon after Sonya’s death, Toadie has a change of heart and asks Shane and Dipi to stay on at Number 30 with their daughters.

    Fri 26 Apr

    As the day of Amy Williams and Gary Canning’s engagement party approaches, Amy’s dad Paul Robinson is secretly seething he still hasn’t managed to wreck their relationship.

    Paul thinks Amy can do a lot better than Gary and has no intention of seeing the pair make it down the aisle!

    However, with Amy’s ex-boyfriend Kyle Canning now hooking up with housemate Chloe Brennan, it looks like there’s no way Kyle will now help Paul with his original plan to break-up Amy and Gary.

    Annoyed that Kyle is now otherwise distracted, Paul decides he needs to remove Chloe from the equation and offers her big bucks to stay away from Kyle! But will she give into his bribe?

    Meanwhile, it’s panic stations on Ramsay Street as the Kennedys rush to warn their neighbours that the care packages of apricots they have each received contain dangerous razorblades!

    The community instantly suspect the Kennedy’s new houseguest, Finn Kelly, whose idea it was to distribute the fruit. After all, Finn’s done far worst in the past.

    Will Karl and Susan be able to continue defending Finn when the evidence suggests he’s up to his sinister old tricks?

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    'However, does Finn have sinister intentions in mind? Soon after the bags of apricots have been delivered to all the neighbours, Susan makes the shock discovery there are razorblades hidden inside the fruit…'

    real world inspiration here. Last summer, huge batches of strawberries had to be destroyed because sewing needles were found inside some of them. Made for some great savings near the end of the season but still a risk. Disgruntled ex-employee of one of the farms was the cause. Not a recently-released nutcase suffering from amnesia.

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