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Thread: Neighbours Spoilers 25th - 29th March 2019

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    Neighbours Spoilers 25th - 29th March 2019

    Monday 25th March

    Leo publicly admits that he and Piper are an item, upsetting both Piper and Terese. Paul persuades Clive to consult Dr Beverly, ostensibly for an expert opinion on Finn, but in reality because he is troubled about his dreams about his late father Jim, her ex-husband. Karl is unhappy when Dr Beverly confirms Finn's amnesia diagnosis, and decides to go out on a limb.

    Tuesday 26th March

    Karl organises a supervised day release for Finn, in the hope of unlocking his memory. Imogen persuades Finn to let her be his defence lawyer. Ned struggles with Finn's continued presence, leading to a brawl with Shaun in the street.

    Wednesday 27th March

    As she tries to save her marriage, Elly gets some unwelcome news at the hospital. Ned faces prosecution, unless Bea and Elly can persuade Finn to get Shaun to drop the charges. Finn turns to Susan for comfort after a visit from the police. Paul suspects that Gary is up to no good again.

    Thursday 28th March

    Will Elly tell Mark the truth? Paul tails Gary and makes an unwelcome discovery. Yashvi organises a farewell pool party as her family prepare to move house. Aaron and David's hopes of home ownership get an unexpected boost from Mark.

    Friday 29th March

    Elly spirals into an even bigger mistake. Finn's mother Claudia arrives, but when she gets to the hospital she loses her nerve and flees, leaving Finn devastated. Aaron and David celebrate the purchase of their new home and take Chloe in as a tenant.

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    elly not up duffy?

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    She probably had a faulty pregnancy test and isn’t actually pregnant.

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    That’s what I thought. False positive.

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    Digital Spy's expanded Neighbours spoilers for 25th - 29th March are now available:

    Mon 25 March

    When Piper tells Leo about Imogen's ultimatum, he wonders if it's best just to come clean about their secret arrangement. Piper agrees to think about it. Later, Leo faces the ordeal of publicly apologising to Vera Punt. Stinging with humiliation, he snaps – and reveals the salacious affair in front of Piper, Terese, Paul and Vera. Piper is furious, telling Leo she needs time to assess whether she wants to continue having fun with him.

    Terese is also horrified, feeling it's a deliberate betrayal. She tears strips off both Leo and Piper, but Paul later urges caution. Despite how pointed the new romance appears, he doesn't want to risk pushing Leo and Piper away.

    Terese doesn't listen, joining Imogen in criticising Piper's choice. However, they only succeed in pushing Piper towards Leo.

    Meanwhile, Susan is haunted by Finn telling her he forgives her for pushing off the cliff. Feeling increasingly empathetic towards Finn, she grapples with the idea of forgiveness, wondering whether it's fair to blame Finn if he has lost years of his life and no longer remembers his crimes. Karl is more troubled. He wants to make sure Finn faces consequences, either by proving that his amnesia is all an act, or – if it’s real – by helping get his memory back so he can face the full weight of the law.

    As Imogen tentatively makes a connection with Finn, curious about his case, Dr Beverly completes a series of tests and gives her expert medical opinion: she's confident that Finn is not faking it. Scared about what this means for sympathetic Susan, Karl decides to take action. He breaks protocol to approach Finn again with a suggestion: he wants to help Finn get his memory back. Is Karl playing with fire?

    Elsewhere, with all his mistakes weighing heavily on him, Paul has another dream about his late father Jim. Troubled, he meets Beverly. When Beverly questions why Paul orchestrated for Clive to call her in to help with Finn, Paul admits she has been on his mind since he had a vision of Jim at Christmas. He's been thinking a lot about what it means.

    Beverly suggests it's because Paul has reached a time in his life when he's deciding what his legacy will be. She thinks he should look at the vision as a call to arms to do better. Paul is struck by this and he resolves to clean up his development's reputation – and thus remove the shadow he has cast on Jim's memory.

    Tue 26 March

    Karl organises for Finn to have a supervised day release from the hospital. Karl hopes that by taking Finn to visit familiar places from his past, memories will be triggered. Ned is appalled when he hears about the plan, advising Bea not to get involved. Bea decides she'll do anything she can to help Finn get his memory back if that means he's more likely to face consequences.

    As Karl, Susan and Shaun take Finn to the Willis house, the garage and the school, he becomes increasingly agitated. Finn breaks down, wondering how he could have changed from the person he is today, into the man capable of such horrific crimes. Susan and Shaun are finally forced to explain Finn's ordeal in Colombia, and his family’s rejection. Finn is desolate, but he still claims he doesn't recall anything. Karl is disappointed, but confident his back-up plan will work. He convinces Shaun to get moved Finn away from Erinsborough…

    Meanwhile, Imogen visits Finn again when he asks for legal advice. He needs to know what he should do if his memory comes back. Imogen suggests she'd advise anyone in that situation to say nothing, to avoid incriminating himself. When she later witnesses Susan softening towards Finn, she comes to a decision. She proposes to Finn that she should become his defense lawyer, and her first piece of advice is that he doesn’t leave town.

    Finn takes Imogen's advice to heart and Shaun agrees that Finn will stay in Erinsborough. When Ned learns of the decision, he fumes. He demands Shaun go through with getting Finn out of their lives, for everyone's sake – especially Bea's. When Shaun refuses, Ned snaps and punches him in the middle of the street.

    Wed 27 March

    It isn't smooth sailing between Mark and Elly as they work to save their marriage, but Mark is showing concern for the wellbeing of his wife and the baby, which Elly sees as a sign they're making progress. Despite this, Mark is still refusing to be intimate with her and he’s determined to take things slowly.

    Amy worries that Elly is using her pregnancy as the glue that's keeping her marriage together. Elly admits it's definitely made the reconciliation easier. At the hospital, Elly gets a blood test to formally confirm the pregnancy, but she's stunned and dismayed to learn her home pregnancy test must have given a false positive reading. She's not having a baby, so what will Elly do now?

    Meanwhile, Shaun reports Ned to the police over their altercation. Bea is horrified that her boyfriend is facing charges, when Finn is still to face justice for far more serious crimes. Susan believes she can convince Shaun to withdraw his complaint but has no luck. Karl is becoming increasingly concerned by Susan's relationship with Finn and Shaun. He's worried she's becoming a pseudo mother to them.

    Bea asks Elly to help guilt Finn into making his brother drop the charges. They manage to win over a remorseful Finn. As Ned learns he is no longer being charged, the police finally lay charges on Finn – having accepted his amnesia diagnosis, they still intend to prosecute him to the full extent of the law. Finn doesn't cope well with the development, turning to Susan for comfort. Karl decides he needs to do something about Susan's growing involvement with the brothers and calls Finn and Shaun’s real mother - Claudia.

    Elsewhere, Paul tries to convince Amy to stay on as his ‘right hand woman’ at Robinson Pines. Amy is frustrated that Paul is refusing to accept her resignation. Gary is proud that Amy is sticking to her guns, much to Paul's annoyance. Paul believes Amy is only quitting because of Gary's influence.

    When Paul overhears an intriguing conversation between Gary and Sheila, he suspects that once again Gary is up to no good. Paul is certain it's only a matter of time before Gary stuffs things up with Amy and she'll dump him. Then Amy will come to her senses and withdraw her resignation. Paul plans to keep a close eye on his daughter's boyfriend.

    Thurs 28 March

    Elly reels at learning she isn't pregnant, despairing to Leo that the prospect of having a baby was the only reason Mark took her back. He suggests she should buy some time to rebuild their relationship by pretending to be pregnant for a month, but Elly refuses. He then suggests she should seduce him and hope to get lucky. Not wanting to be manipulative, Elly decides to simply be honest, but her resolve weakens in the face of Mark's happiness over the baby.

    Unable to tell him the truth, Elly attempts seduction, but he rejects her. While Mark is happy they're making a go of things, it will take him some time to get physical again. Elly continues to bemoan the situation to Leo at a neighbourhood pool party, where she struggles to pretend everything is fine – especially when Mark reveals the pregnancy to Aaron and David.

    When Chloe arrives, it all becomes too much for Elly. She starts stealthily drinking and is tipsy by the time Leo and Piper escort her home. But as she stands on the street outside the Brennan house, she can't bring herself to go inside. She orders a taxi to the Back Lane bar for happy hour… spiralling her way into a bender.

    Meawhile, as Gary and Sheila furtively discuss Gary's secret plans, Amy is oblivious but Paul is sure something dodgy is going on. With Amy having quit work at Robinson Pines due to Gary's influence, Paul is in the mood for some revenge – and when he gets wind of Gary arranging a clandestine meeting at The Waterhole, he sneakily follows him. Seeing Gary procure a box, Paul strides over to demand Gary show him the ill-begotten goods – but stops at the last minute when he realises it contains an engagement ring.

    Unaware of Paul’s presence, Gary continues on his way, leaving Paul horrified that Gary is planning to propose to Amy. Paul later makes a mysterious phone-call. Is Paul out to thwart Gary's plan?

    Elsewhere, Aaron and David are seriously dreaming about purchasing Number 32, but Aaron doesn't feel comfortable asking Mark to buy him out of their place. Nonetheless, Mark overhears and puts a different spin on the situation. Revealing Elly is pregnant, he’s happy to buy Aaron out, so he, Elly and the baby can build a proper family home. Aaron and David are thrilled.

    Fri 29 March

    Elly stumbles in after a big night of drinking, glad to find Mark is not yet home from work. Later she uncomfortably goes along with his assumption that she is suffering morning sickness, rather than a hangover. Later, Mark struggles to get intimate with Elly. He wants to, but when he tries and takes a hopeful Elly in his arms, he's confronted. Elly is mortified when Mark abruptly stops. He can't do it… and doesn’t know if he'll ever be able to touch her again.

    Gutted, Elly once again heads to the bar. Drinking to forget and desperate for a friend, she is pleased to be approached by a kind-looking man who has also had a bad day. They settle in for a drink, but Elly has no idea the person she is getting cosy with is Finn's brother Shaun.

    Meanwhile, Susan is concerned to learn that Karl has summoned Finn's mother to take charge of the situation. Karl is unrepentant, arguing that Finn's family should be responsible for him, not Susan.

    When Claudia arrives, she's overjoyed to see Shaun but refuses to visit Finn. Shaun delivers an ultimatum: if she won’t see Finn, he won't go back home with her. Reluctantly, she agrees to his demands. But when she gets to the hospital grounds and sees Finn waiting, she loses her nerve and flees. Finn is devastated by her rejection.

    Elsewhere, as Aaron and David celebrate the purchase of their new house, their attention turns to finding tenants to help them pay the mortgage. Chloe is the obvious choice as she can't go on living at the hotel, but she's wary of living opposite Mark and Elly. Aaron and David urge that seeing them in the street might be a good way to break the ice. Chloe decides to give it a try – it’s time for her to start moving forward with her life again.

    Digital Spy

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    terese not approving, perhaps if she parented better and showed her kids a better example

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    The only guy Terese approved of for Piper was a psychopathic killer

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    I don't like the Elly/Mark story, is it too much to ask for some happiness for a change? Too many depressing storylines at the moment....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirjam View Post
    I don't like the Elly/Mark story, is it too much to ask for some happiness for a change? Too many depressing storylines at the moment....
    I always thought maybe Amy with Mark would work

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    Quote Originally Posted by tammyy2j View Post
    I always thought maybe Amy with Mark would work
    I could see that too.

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