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Thread: Hollyoaks Spoilers 18th - 22nd February 2019

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    Exclamation Hollyoaks Spoilers 18th - 22nd February 2019

    Coming up on Hollyoaks, an important fundraising event in the village looks set to be overshadowed by the latest tension between Sienna Blake and Laurie Shelby.

    When Hollyoaks High hosts an 'inspiration' charity ball, the villagers all dress up as iconic and inspirational people.

    Sienna (Anna Passey) is expected to give a big speech at the event, but she's distracted and concerned after sleazy Laurie tried to kiss her the night before.

    To make matters worse, when Sienna tries to talk to Laurie (Kyle Pryor) about it at school, he's adamant that she's the one who tried to kiss him.

    Sienna firmly rejects this false claim and threatens to tell headteacher Sally St Claire what really happened, but it seems it could be a case of one person's word against another's.

    Later on, as the event gets under way, one resident crashes the party and reveals a huge secret in front of all the guests. Will it be bad news for Laurie, Sienna, or both?

    Hollyoaks airs these scenes on Monday, February 18 and Tuesday, February 19 at 6.30pm on Channel 4.

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    Hollyoaks High is hosting an inspiration fundraising ball, which sees the village residents dressed up as iconic and inspirational people.

    Sienna is planning her big speech at the event, but she is mortified after Laurie kissed her last night. In school, she goes to talk to Laurie about it, but he is adamant that it was her who kissed him. She protests, saying she’ll have to tell Sally what really happened.

    Meanwhile, Sinead is in a panic trying to come up with a new costume idea, after Laurie expressed his hatred for her Superwoman one. While Ste is helping her get ready, she tells him that she’s thinking of changing Hannah’s surname to Shelby. He’s against it, and not convinced her and Laurie will last.

    Later, one resident crashes the inspiration ball and reveals a huge secret in front of the guests...


    Brody tells Sienna that he loves her for the first time.

    Laurie and Sinead kiss, but Laurie is forceful and Sinead feels uncomfortable. Later, Sinead takes painkillers with a bruise on her wrist. Did Laurie purposely hurt her?

    Meanwhile, Liberty is under pressure when Sally tells her to save the night with her performance. Her MP3 player was crushed in the earlier commotion. Liberty goes onto the stage and freezes under the pressure.

    Elsewhere, Misbah and Farrah discover that someone has uploaded a picture of Misbah online, attacking her as a doctor and accusing her of killing Tegan.

    Also today, Tom and Harley have a heart-to-heart while locked up.


    Sinead shows Laurie her bruise and tells him that he hurt her the night before. He acts shocked.

    Meanwhile, Tom comes clean to Peri about his kiss with Harley.

    Elsewhere, Misbah and Farrah confront Ste about the ‘killer doctor’ social media post, but he’s adamant that he didn’t upload it. Tony invites the Maaliks to the unveiling of Tegan’s park bench, without telling Ste.

    Also today, Nana tells Damon and Brody that their hours have to be reduced. When Scott hears this and Lisa moaning about running the Love Boat, he suggests for Damon to buy the boat, so he does!


    Brody is furious when he finds out that Damon spent all of their New York savings on Lisa’s Love Boat without consulting him first.

    Later, Damon has to rush off when he gets a distressing text from Maxine. He finds her at Sienna’s flat lying on the floor. She says she can’t feel her legs.

    Meanwhile, Mac is cruel to Donna-Marie after she sees a client. Juliet overhears and is furious at him. He tries to win them over by giving them money to have her hair done. When they’re back, he takes a picture of them.


    Donna-Marie reveals to Cindy that Mac is making her work as a prostitute again. Cindy tries to convince her to go to the police, offering that she can stay with her.

    When Donna-Marie comes home, Mac tells her how much he wants to be a family, insistin gthat only makes her work to pay for that. Later, Donna-Marie rings Cindy screaming for help and saying that Mac is hurting her.

    Meanwhile, Maxine is being kept in hospital for tests.

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    did laurie force himself on sinead, rape her?

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