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Thread: Neighbors spoilers 18th - 22nd February

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    Neighbors spoilers 18th - 22nd February

    Monday 18th February 2019

    Leo trashes the penthouse and vows to make Paul and Terese's lives a misery. Susan returns from her MS trial. Toadie and Sonya decide to sell the nursery to afford the best treatment for Sonya. Amy and Sheila are at loggerheads over Gary and how best to help him.

    Tuesday 19th February 2019

    Susan suggests holding a fundraiser for Sonya at the Waterhole. Toadie helps Karl with the preparations, but they remain unreconciled. Leo's plan for vengeance hits a snag when he realises the possible repercussions. Gary starts his new job in a warehouse but suffers an accident.

    Wednesday 20th February 2019

    At Sonya's fundraiser, a mystery bidder for an auction item turns out to be Callum, who has returned from Los Angeles. Sonya wants to know who told him about her cancer - will Dipi own up? Amy finds Gary and gets him to hospital, but clashes with Sheila again.

    Thursday 21st February 2019

    Elly realises that Mark is bottling up his feelings about Sonya's illness, unaware that he has found a way to offload them. Callum tells Sonya that it was wrong to keep him in the dark. Bea discovers that Harry, the new boss at the garage, is turning away work.

    Friday 22nd February 2019

    Frustrated that her strategy to make Lucas sell the garage is taking too long, Mel sneaks inside and starts a fire - putting Bea in grave danger. Mark opens up to Elly, but can he keep his promise to her? Yashvi decides to re-take two subjects she struggled with.

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    lol at Leo trashing the penthouse and vowing vengeance. Deja vu!

    Seriously though it's out of character for Leo to act like that but perhaps he was bottling it all up

    Would love it if Paul dumped Terese but it won't happen.

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    More death possibilities... I’m not 100% sure it’ll be Sonya yet. She might not recover but I’m wondering if the death might be someone else... Yashvi maybe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyzaah View Post
    More death possibilities... I’m not 100% sure it’ll be Sonya yet. She might not recover but I’m wondering if the death might be someone else... Yashvi maybe?
    She's leaving and confirmed it in an article

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyzaah View Post
    More death possibilities... I’m not 100% sure it’ll be Sonya yet. She might not recover but I’m wondering if the death might be someone else... Yashvi maybe?
    sonya defo dying

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    Digital Spy's expanded spoilers for 18 - 22 Feb are now available:

    Monday 18 Feb

    Anger consumes Leo as he discovers that Paul and Terese are now together. Paul and Terese are riddled with guilt for how they’ve hurt Leo but are unable to help him. David’s attempt to counsel his brother also ends up making Leo angrier.

    Piper feels frustrated by Terese’s indecision between Leo and Paul. She feels so much sympathy for the heartbroken Leo that she can’t be happy for her mum.

    When Leo sees the new couple kissing in Lassiters Complex, his fury bubbles over and he hurls the large decorative Valentine’s Day heart at them – only to hit elderly citizen Vera Punt instead. Unrepentant, Leo’s anger takes him one step further when he trashes the penthouse and vows to make Paul and Terese’s life a misery. Paul and Terese are left wondering how far Leo will go.

    Meanwhile, Susan returns home from her MS trial feeling better than she has in years, but quickly realises the tension that has developed between Karl and Toadie over Sonya’s diagnosis. Susan provides Karl the support and reassurance he’s been missing, but her heart goes out to him.

    Pragmatic, Sonya and Toadie take stock of their finances, eager to put themselves in the position to afford the best treatments available for Sonya long term. They realise that selling the nursery would give them a financial cushion. Sonya quickly comes around to the idea, but when Susan catches wind of it, she’s privately eager to help.

    Elsewhere, overbearing Sheila is determined to help Gary gain as much work as possible, so he can rebuild his life, pay Amy back, and re-win her heart. Despite both ultimately wanting the same thing for Gary, Amy and Sheila are increasingly at odds over how to help him achieve it.

    Tue 19 Feb

    After Leo trashes the penthouse, Terese naively hopes he’ll cool off and start to heal. She has no idea that he’s just getting started. After moving into the Backpackers and consoling himself by spending the night with a hot traveller, Leo concocts a plan to sabotage The Waterhole… unaware that the community is preparing to hold a fundraiser for the Rebecchis there.

    Leo sets about getting the pub shut down, but when Piper comes to check on him later and tells him about the fundraiser, he realises his anger will punish the wrong target. He enlists a grudging Piper’s help to fix what he’s done. Piper hopes this is the wake-up call he needed, but is thrown when Leo declares that this is not over by a long shot.

    Meanwhile, Gary is determined to pay back Amy as quickly as he can and prepares for his first shift at the new warehouse job. He’s off to a bad start when he turns up late and struggles to remember instructions about how to do the role. Amy becomes increasingly concerned about him burning the candle at both ends and is having trouble dealing with Sheila’s intrusion into Gary’s life.

    Later at work, Gary rushes to finish the job. Alone in the warehouse, he causes a pile of heavy boxes to topple on top of him and he is knocked unconscious. Will anyone find him in time?

    Elsewhere, despite the Kennedys’ good intentions, Toadie continues to be cool towards Karl, much to Sonya and Susan’s consternation. After a talking-to from Dipi, Toadie softens and helps Karl with preparations for the fundraiser, but just when Karl believes they are back on track, Toadie retreats again. Will these two ever reconcile?

    Wed 20 Feb

    The fundraiser for Sonya and Toadie is under way, with the community getting behind it and money being raised. Wanting to heal the rift between himself and Toadie, Karl does a great job as the auctioneer. When the final item is on the block, bids go through the roof. A mystery bidder puts in a huge bid – and much to everyone’s shock, it’s Callum.

    Callum is vague about why he’s back home, claiming it was a surprise and he only found out about Sonya’s cancer when he got off the plane. But when he slips up and reveals that he knew before he left LA, Sonya realises someone told him.

    Furious with the tattle-tale, Sonya is convinced it’s Toadie. When Dipi sees trouble brewing, she steps in and reveals that she’s the one who let Callum know the truth. In the heat of the confrontation, Sonya gets light-headed and Callum rushes to catch her. Will she be okay?

    Meanwhile, Amy is relieved to have found Gary in time and when he wakes up in hospital, he’s touched at her obvious care for him. Sheila is unaware of Gary’s accident and only finds out when Clive calls her from the hospital.

    With both Sheila and Amy wanting Gary to be his best self, the women find themselves clashing once again. They have a showdown at the fundraiser and sheepish Amy later lets Gary know that she might have made things worse. Gary is heartened, believing that her investment in his wellbeing shows that she still has feelings for him.

    Thurs 21 Feb

    Elly uses Sonya’s fundraiser to prompt a conversation with Mark and get him to express how he feels about Sonya's diagnosis, but Mark continues to remain stoic and upbeat. However, when David gives Mark a dose of reality about Sonya’s outlook, Elly becomes increasingly aware that Mark is bottling up his thoughts and feelings. She confides in Chloe about her concern, but remains confident in her knowledge that it takes Mark time to process and he’ll talk when he’s ready.

    When Elly accidentally learns that Mark briefly considered postponing their wedding, she suddenly starts to worry something more serious is wrong with their relationship. Little does Elly know, Mark is already finding somewhere to open up... at Kate’s graveside.

    Meanwhile, a regretful Dipi is stung by Sonya's harsh words. Callum takes his mother off for a picnic to dissipate the tension. Sonya maintains Dipi’s intervention was unfair, but Callum challenges Sonya by asserting that she is being the unfair one, explaining the depth of his upset at being kept in the dark about her diagnosis.

    Sonya comes to understand she was wrong to keep Callum away, appreciating the love and support he’s brought with him. She apologises to Dipi and affirms her gratitude over having Callum in Erinsborough to help fight her illness.

    Elsewhere, although Bea appreciates being given an easy ride at the garage under Heath, she starts to become a little concerned by a sudden spate of cancellations. Aware Mel is circling the business in the hope Lucas will sell the property to Robinson Pines, Bea worries the downturn in income may convince Lucas to sell the garage after all. But Bea becomes even more troubled when she learns Harry is actively turning away work. What is he up to?

    Fri 22 Feb

    Convinced that Heath is dodgy, a gutsy Bea is determined to counteract his attempts to undercut the garage’s business. As Bea prepares for an all-nighter, Ned admires his girlfriend’s grit. But Bea’s resolute work ethic causes a roadblock for Mel, the instigator behind Harry’s efforts to squander the garage’s business.

    To impress Paul, Mel needs to make Lucas to sell the garage, clearing the way for a greater Robinson Pines development. But Mel’s current strategy is taking too long and she realises she needs to up the ante.

    Taking things into her own hands, Mel sneaks into the garage and sets a fire… completely unaware that Bea is on site, enjoying a power nap in one of the vans. Will Bea wake up before it’s too late?

    Meanwhile, as if the news that Mark wanted to postpone the wedding wasn’t stressful enough, Elly’s concerns are mounting now that Mark has gone AWOL. While Elly worries, Mark spends time at Kate’s graveside, slowly opening up about his fear of losing the people he loves most.

    Conversely, Chloe and Mel are a blissful new couple, as Chloe goes above and beyond to help Mel launch her new real estate business. Little does Chloe know that Mel hasn’t put her ruthless business tactics behind her and she’s making life difficult for people Chloe cares about.

    When Mark returns to Elly, he finally opens up to her about his difficulties turning to her – and although Elly understands why he went to Kate, she urges him to confide in her from now on. Mark assures Elly that he won’t be visiting Kate anymore, but privately wonders if it’s a promise he can keep.

    Elsewhere, having decided to re-take a couple of core subjects that she struggled with last year, Yashvi gets advice from Susan on re-enrolment. But Susan’s guidance and the pressure for her to succeed is a little more confronting than Yashvi had anticipated. It’s a challenge for Yashvi, who isn’t one for making serious plans. Although Shane tries to ease her worries, it’s Callum who offers the advice Yashvi needs.

    Digital Spy

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    OMG!!! How good would it be if Ash Brewer came back as KATE!!! She was Mark’s soulmate!! That would be perfect for Mark. Leaves Chloe to mend Elly’s broken heart. Now these two storylines would be PERFECT , yes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bossy7 View Post
    OMG!!! How good would it be if Ash Brewer came back as KATE!!! She was Mark’s soulmate!! That would be perfect for Mark. Leaves Chloe to mend Elly’s broken heart. Now these two storylines would be PERFECT , yes?
    No, that would be terrible. Kate's dead. The only way I'd be happy with her coming back is if she was a vampire, and got dusted by Mark.

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