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Thread: Emmerdale Spoilers 11th - 15th February

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    Lightbulb Emmerdale Spoilers 11th - 15th February

    Paddy meets Bear Wolf, the man who could be his father

    Jessie continues to try to unite her two sons, but is it too late

    Faith attempts to stop the feud between Debbie and Cain
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    Graham makes an anonymous call to the police about the garage.

    When the police arrive with a warrant to search, Cain wants answers from Graham and murderously threatens him over what hes done.

    Meanwhile, Doug is finding it hard to have romantic time alone with Brenda, mostly due to Laurel's reliance on him.

    Elsewhere, Matty steels himself when Moira arrives to talk about their issues.


    Paddy braces himself to head to the wrestling convention, but he's a bag of nerves as he arrives.

    Paddy decides that he needs to get some air, but as he turns a corner, he bumps straight into Bear Wolf and chokes up as he tries to explain himself. Will Paddy get the answers he was hoping for?

    Meanwhile, Faith is determined to stop the family feuding. Can Faith unite Cain and Debbie, or will her efforts be futile?


    Moira urges Cain to fight for Kyle.

    Meanwhile, Laurel asks Doug for help with the pirate ship, but the timing is awkward as he's arranged to go out with Brenda.

    Thursday (1)

    Ellis and Billy's feud escalates when Ellis suspects that Billy has his eye on Victoria.

    Victoria watches on in horror as Ellis accelerates the vehicle towards Billy with no signs of stopping or swerving.

    Meanwhile, Laurel is grateful for Doug's help.

    Elsewhere, Dan and Kerry face eviction.

    Thursday (2)

    Victoria is shocked as Ellis continues to accelerate towards Billy. Will he run over his brother?

    Meanwhile, Ryan is still hoping for a romantic future with Dawn as they enjoy their evening together.

    Elsewhere, fed-up Nicola avoids the torments of Kerry, and to make things worse, Jai offers Laurel the supervisor job.

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    are we getting andy robert take 2 with billy ellis

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    Quote Originally Posted by lizann View Post
    are we getting andy robert take 2 with billy ellis
    It certainly looks like it.

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    How can Kerry keep custody of Kyle when soon she will be homeless? Has Kim and Graham allowed them to stay?

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