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Thread: Mitchell Deveraux (Imran Adams)

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    Exclamation Mitchell Deveraux (Imran Adams)

    Hollyoaks newcomer Mitchell Deveraux will get a frosty reception after arriving in Chester next week.

    Show bosses brought in Eternal star Kelle Bryan as Simone Loveday's sister Martine last year and we've since been introduced to their dad Walter too.

    Imran Adams has also been cast in the role of Martine's son Mitchell, a trainee doctor who will be arriving in the village next week joined by Walter, who's now moving in permanently.

    It's already been revealed that Walter (Trevor A Toussaint) has a difficult relationship with Martine with tensions expected from the start.

    But that isn't the drama due to unfold after the pair turn up next week, as Lisa Loveday is left furious over their arrival.

    When Mitchell announces that they are moving into the Price Slice flat with Martine, Lisa struggles to hide her annoyance and tells them shes moving out. Has Mitchell made an enemy already?

    Imran Adams recently revealed: "Joining Hollyoaks has been a rollercoaster of a ride so far, but its been a lot of fun and the whole team have been so welcoming. I have a huge respect for Hollyoaks actors and Im proud and grateful to currently be one.

    "Im not sure our amazing viewers know how much hard work everyone puts into each and every episode from both actors and the crew. It really is 'Acting Athletics' but I love it!

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    nana mcqueen hires him as a stripper, he gets with cleo

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    Does he like Scott or his drag act character?

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