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    Exclamation Wayne Hayes (Adam Barlow)

    ROY Cropper is in for a shock in Coronation Street when his former foster son Wayne Hayes returns to the cobbles.

    The cafe owner and his late wife Hayley fostered Wayne when he was just a child and Roy hasn't seen him since he was 10 in 2001.

    He was a runaway who fled home in 2000 after being beaten by his abusive step-father.

    The Croppers took him in after he was caught stealing from the cafe, but he eventually had to return home, leaving Roy and Hayley devastated.

    But now it has been revealed he is making a comeback but it won't be good news for Roy or his surrogate daughter Carla Connor.

    Now a health and safety inspector, Wayne is going to be instrumental in the upcoming terrible time Carla will have after the shock death in the factory.

    A source told the Daily Mirror: "Little Wayne had a really tough time before, but now he’s all grown up and has a decent job. It’ll be interesting to see how he and Roy get along..."

    Corrie boss Iain MacLeod promised the identity of the health and safety inspector who probes the upcoming death in the soap would be mysterious.

    And now viewers know who it is, it's going to put Roy in a position where he may have to choose between his foster child and the woman he thinks of as a daughter.

    The soap boss revealed Carla would face a mental health battle after the killing, which she is blamed for, but isn't responsible for.

    He previously told The Sun Online: "The factory collapse will impact massively on Carla’s mental health. We’re doing something stylised on this. It’s like the type of episode we did with Ashley in Emmerdale but not quite as extreme.

    "We will do a standalone episode that focuses on Carla and her mental health. It’s going to be a serious piece of drama.

    "Everyone will lose their jobs for the time being and Carla feels she’s being blamed. At first they think it’s an accident and people are pointing the finger at her. She spirals into a battle with her mental health.

    "Paranoia, yes, but I don’t want to put a label on it. The identity of the health and safety inspector is very interesting."

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    Nick burning down factory I expect

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    I got confused by Adam Barlow

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    Coronation Street airs exit for Wayne Hayes

    Roy's former foster son bows out again.

    Coronation Street's Wayne Hayes has said an emotional goodbye to Weatherfield and Roy Cropper.

    Roy's former foster son has been back on screen since March, originally coming to the cobbles to investigate the Underworld roof collapse and later helping to solve the mystery of Sylvia Goodwin's ring.

    Wednesday's double bill (June 19) saw Wayne's return stint come to an end after he'd helped Roy to tie up the loose ends over his late mum's secret past.

    Wayne introduced Roy to a woman called Alice, who revealed that her father Raymond Parrott had an affair with Sylvia.

    Alice backed up her story by handing Roy a bundle of love letters, helping him to realise that there was a loving side to his mother that he never saw himself.

    Alice's revelations finally explained who the "RP" engraving referred to on Sylvia's ring, although the date next to it – 01.03.59 – remained a mystery and Roy insisted he was happy to keep it that way. Could this lead to another future chapter in the story?

    With the main purpose for his recent visits now resolved, Wayne thanked Roy for the kindness that he and Hayley showed him as a child and promised to keep in touch.

    Digital Spy understands that while this is the last we'll see of Wayne for now, he remains a character who could pop in and out of the show in the future.

    Actor Adam Barlow has been playing Wayne for his latest stint in the show. Gary Damer originally portrayed the role in 2000 and 2001.

    Digital Spy

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