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Thread: Eastenders spoilers 4th - 8th February

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    Lightbulb Eastenders spoilers 4th - 8th February

    Mel takes drastic action as she tries to keep hunter in check

    Ian is taken aback by some news from his mum Kathy

    Sharon cant stop thinking about Keanu and devises a plan
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    Exclamation EastEnders Spoilers 4th - 8th February 2019


    Mel has decided to tell the police the truth and writes down the events of New Year's Day, but Hunter panics and goes AWOL. Soon afterwards, Maddie reappears and demands money from Mel, who refuses to help her. Maddie crosses the line with a spiteful remark about Hunter, prompting Mel to snap and grab her.

    Later, Mel changes her mind about confessing and catches up with Hunter when he returns home. Although she's relieved to see him, she's shocked to hear where he's been.

    Meanwhile, Ruby gets the wrong end of the stick when she wakes up after spending the night with Jay and finds that he's nowhere to be seen. Ruby feels used by Jay and confronts him, but realises she's messed up when she returns home and finds a note that he left for her on the fridge.

    Elsewhere, Ian seems distracted when Jean tries to flirt with him and he ends up offending her.


    Startled by her discovery, Mel locks Hunter in their home and heads over to the Mitchell house. Mel wants to sell her share of the club, but Phil takes advantage of her desperation by making a low offer.

    Later, the police arrive on the Square after Maddie and Nicola reported Hunter's threats. Once the officers are gone, Mel is increasingly concerned over Hunter's attitude and decides that it's time to move away, so she accepts Phil's disappointing offer.

    Meanwhile, Jean ends her relationship with Ian after their bad date. When Ian's response annoys her further, Jean throws a drink over him.

    Elsewhere, Sharon continues her efforts to avoid Keanu. Not giving up, Keanu follows Sharon into the ladies' toilets at the Queen Vic. His words leave Sharon conflicted, but what does he say?

    Also today, Mo convinces Kat not to give up on her taxi ambitions, Stacey and Martin argue over Ruby again, while the Carters receive a call from Tamwar.


    Sharon makes a decision she quickly regrets.

    Meanwhile, Mel continues to worry about Hunter's behaviour and hides all of the knives in the house to protect him.

    Elsewhere, Ruby tries to ease the tension between Martin and Stacey by inviting them on a double date with her and Jay. Martin is pleased to see how good the new couple are together.

    Also today, Jean starts to feel unwell and looks up her symptoms online.

    Finally, Martin finds Tommy wandering outside after Mo loses him, Kat passes her first round of Knowledge tests, while Kathy returns and tells Masood that she wants them to be a couple.


    Hunter antagonises Phil when he comes over for a meeting with Mel. He also quizzes Mel about the sudden lack of knives in their house.

    Mel is forced to admit that she's been worried about Hunter. Seeing how concerned she is, Hunter agrees they should leave Walford.

    Meanwhile, Mo worries that Kat is getting too attached to Cherry and urges her to see that she can't look after all of the kids on her own. Given food for thought, Kat visits Hayley and tries to convince her to come home and look after Cherry.

    Elsewhere, Ian is surprised by the news that Kathy and Masood are now a couple.

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    Will it be Shirley who overhears Sharon and Keanu in the pub toilets

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