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Thread: Eastenders Spoilers 26th Jan - 1st February

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    Lightbulb Eastenders Spoilers 26th Jan - 1st February

    Sharon makes a return and is shocked at what she finds

    But who else comes home to an unwelcome surprise

    Jay and Ruby's date doesn't go according to plan thanks to some meddling
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    Exclamation EastEnders Spoilers 28th January - 1st February 2019

    EastEnders revisits Ray Kelly's dark murder storyline later this month as Mel and Hunter Owen start to struggle with the pressure of their cover-up.

    Mother and son are currently harbouring a terrible secret after Hunter (Charlie Winter) shot Ray dead in the woods earlier this month.

    When the plot returns to our screens, there's more trouble for Mel (Tamzin Outhwaite) as she starts to worry about Hunter's erratic behaviour since the shooting.

    Things only get worse when Ray's other wives Nicola (Alexandra Gilbreath) and Maddie (Robyn Page) both return to the Square, wanting answers on where he is.

    Will Mel be able to throw Nicola and Maddie off the scent, or is the truth about Ray's fate about to be revealed already?

    EastEnders airs these scenes on Tuesday, January 29 at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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    EastEnders Spoilers 28th January - 1st February 2019


    When Louise puts up a picture of her and Keanu on social media, he fears that Sharon will see it and urges her to take it down. Keanu decides to make amends for his short-tempered reaction by throwing a surprise party to congratulate Louise for passing her driving theory test. However, when he invites Hunter and the teen antagonises him, Keanu loses it again by punching him.

    Later, Louise and Keanu kiss and make up just as Sharon returns.

    Meanwhile, Stacey encourages Jay to ask Ruby out, but Billy thinks it's a bad idea after everything that's happened to both Jay and Ruby. As a result, Ruby's confidence is knocked when Jay wants to meet up just as friends. Things only get worse when Billy and Shirley crash the date.

    Elsewhere, Bex is unnerved by Hunter's behaviour and warns Mel about what he's been up to today.

    Also today, Linda is annoyed when Mick does his back in while messing around with Mitch.


    Mel worries about Hunter, but he doesn't appreciate her concern and sneaks off. Jack decides to help Mel by trying to track down Hunter and finds him trying to chat up girls at the club.

    When Jack brings him back home, Mel confronts Hunter over his recent behaviour but he tries to get out of it by turning on the waterworks. Shortly afterwards, Ray's other wives Nicola and Maddie arrive and demand to see him.

    Meanwhile, Keanu tells Sharon how much he's missed her, but she points out that he's clearly now with Louise. Keanu fires back by reminding Sharon that she was the one who called it off.

    Elsewhere, Billy tries to rescue Jay's doomed date by claiming that he has a crush on Shirley. Later, Ruby discovers that her flat has been broken into while she's been out.

    Also today, Linda is forced to put an injured Mick to bed.


    Nicola and Maddie refuse to leave until they find out where Ray is, but Mel insists that she doesn't know anything. Maddie and Nicola are still hanging around the next day and Hunter is unsettled to spot them watching him.

    Jack tells Mel about Hunter's behaviour at the club last night and she checks the CCTV footage to see for herself. Mel turns to Phil for some advice, but Hunter later assures his mum that he's fine.

    Meanwhile, Keanu is struggling to continue his relationship with Louise now that Sharon is back. Sharon reminds Keanu that it's over between them, but he makes a touching gesture.

    Elsewhere, Jay reports Ruby's break-in to the police and tells her that he'd like to see her again.

    Also today, Mitch arrives at The Vic with an old wheelchair to ensure that Mick gets to his football training course.

    Thursday (2)

    A moping Keanu pays a visit to Sharon, but how will she react?

    Later, Phil lets Keanu slip off to spend some time with Louise.

    Meanwhile, Mel turns to Ian for advice about Hunter, but he gets the wrong end of the stick and assumes she's asking him on a date. Mel also puts her foot in it by questioning Ian about Bobby. When Ian explains what happened with his son, Mel is struck by his words and makes a big decision.

    Elsewhere, Ruby cooks a meal ahead of her latest date with Jay.

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    Besides Keanu pining after Sharon, Louise is his brother Keegan's ex or current crush so why go there, I guess typical man

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    Quote Originally Posted by tammyy2j View Post
    Besides Keanu pining after Sharon, Louise is his brother Keegan's ex or current crush so why go there, I guess typical man
    brothers sharing, mitchells started it

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